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Why Is This Dog Standing on a Teepee?

Written by PETA | January 30, 2009



Because it’s the only way he can get out of the mud! Fortunately, this South Carolina dog and two dozen others are now high and dry—literally—thanks to the intervention of a concerned citizen, a plucky animal control officer, and PETA.

The dog’s owner—the word “guardian” wouldn’t fit the bill here!—kept 15 dogs in mud-filled pens and another 15 on top of each other inside his mobile home (seen in the background of this photo). We think he fits the description of a hoarder—a person who compulsively collects animals in the same way that someone might collect newspapers or stuffed toys. Most hoarders claim to be “saving” animals from euthanasia at animal shelters—some even call themselves “rescue groups” or “no-kill shelters” and have catchy, appealing names for their hellholes. All hoarders have a compulsion to collect (and usually neglect) animals and a total inability to recognize the horrific misery and often slow death that they are imposing on the animals.

This man claimed to be trying to create a new “designer” breed, but there’s no indication that he ever planned to sell any of the dogs, and he didn’t have a breeding license. Nor did he provide the dogs with anything close to adequate protection from the elements, as you can see in the photos below.



Catch this: South Carolina authorities claim that the only law this man was breaking was in failing to provide the dogs with clean water, which is a misdemeanor. South Carolina’s cruelty laws are so vague that the broken pallets, rags, tarps, and pieces of plywood that were the dogs’ only “shelter” were deemed to not be in violation.

After a delicate round of negotiations, PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Division was able to coordinate a meeting between the man and an animal control officer (who had previously been barred from the property by the man—under threat of being shot). At the meeting, the man agreed to relinquish most of the dogs.

If you’re moved by this story please take a moment to help with other cruelty cases by participating in PETA’s Action Alerts.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • sal says:

    this isn’t even creul

  • neelmani bhatia says:

    I think Peta should also attempt to get included a subject at school level which will teach the children to be more humane…..only then will the cruelty to animals will stop…time consuming but sureshot result

  • Brad says:

    Even PETA’s home state of Virginia is rife with callous people. Some school districts even have mandatory hunter’s safety courses in high school curriculums. I still remember how the instructor brought a game in which the goal was to kill as many rabbits as possible.

  • Dawn says:

    How horrific! Why are people so cruel?!

  • Jodi Jacobs says:

    Please do something about ARKANSAS. It is bad. It is so very bad. “God gave us dominion over animals. We can do what we want”. Please come.

  • Ally says:

    As a reisdent in York SC this comes as no surprise to me. In my town there are a bunch of ignorant punks who think that veggies are “freaks” and animals have no feelings or rights. Hunting is a freefor all sport and people proudly display their kills in thier homes and talk about it in front of me in my office. As a matter of fact I have seen several dead deer haging out of these people truck beds in broad daylight. The police down here could care less about what happens to a helpless dog. I have always reported abuse in vets that I have worked for or things that i have seen as usual nothing happens. I am SO GLAd and that it brings me joy that PETA is finally here to help us “radical” south carolinans get some wrong doings undone please contact me so I can inform ya’ll about this town. Thanks to you all and everything that you do. Please help me in my fight for my right to be different and save thousands of poor neglected animals and innocent deer fish and every beautiful living being.

  • Paws says:

    The poor dogs! I don’t live in America but Sometimes I wish I did so that I can show some of those so called ‘nonkill shelter’ people and a few other types what happens to them when they ruin others’ lives for their personnel selfishness! Love you PETA!

  • carly says:

    Good job on the negotiations PETA! Your work is so important. Thankyou for all you do.

  • kelly says:

    There are more situations like this and worse where people are claiming to run No Kill “sanctuaries” or shelters. They will watch an animal die in the cold or starve then will brag that they “didn’t euthanize.” How have we come to this? The people trying to push this No Kill lie are just encouraging the mentally ill and sick to hoard And there are public pounds that are just handing out animals to people like this in the name of No Kill without even inspecting the places first! We all need to really look into these No Kill places make sure they are ok and haven’t gotten overloaded or are just hoarders. Take secret pictures. Take video. Let the world see so they can’t cover it up with lies or shifting animals And we need to make sure our pounds aren’t handing animals out to people or groups like this Get nosy! Go check places out! Animals may be waiting for you to get them out of living torture

  • vegancoin says:

    Ghastly once again another sad tale of animals being treated as mere commodities and how wrong it can go. Good work PETA at least someone is courageous and caring enough to step in for these mistreated and lonely animals.