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Dog Returned Like Mail-Order Sweater

Written by PETA | October 12, 2011

After buying a dog over the Internet sight unseen for a staggering $7,500, a Long Island man added insult to injury by sending the dog on a terrifying 3,000-mile journey back to the breeder in Washington state less than a week later. The dog, who was likely confused and disoriented after the initial cross-country flight, had failed to adjust immediately to her strange new environment, so the man essentially returned her like a sweater he’d ordered from L.L.Bean, despite the fact that the breeder refused to take the dog back and reportedly said that he would not pick her up at the airport. (The breeder did eventually claim the dog but only after she’d been forced to spend the night at an airport boarding facility.)

The dog buyer could have saved himself a lot of trouble—and the dog a lot of trauma—if he had just taken his family to the local animal shelter, where they could have chosen from among a plethora of great dogs. But considering that he was dumb enough to hand over an exorbitant amount of money to a breeding operation that exacerbates the animal homelessness crisis, allowed the dog only six days to settle into her new home, and was inconsiderate enough to ship her off to an unknown fate in an airplane’s dangerous cargo hold after tiring of her, any responsible shelter worker would now lock the doors to this man.

But for those of us who don’t view animals as disposable accessories, animal shelters are the perfect place to make a permanent love connection.

Written by Michelle Sherrow 

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  • Rev. Meg says:

    This gentleman needs to be reminded that Emmi (the dog) is a creature with a soul who was taken from the home she knew and thrown into a alien enviornment where she knew no one. Apparently she is not a puppy who can adjust easily to such situations (the article states she is 5). Add to that she was thrown into a home with a cat and a child, both major triggers for an already traumatized dogs bite, and you have a recepe for disaster. The buyer should cut his losses and go to a shelter the next time.

  • Irene says:

    There’s a pretty good chance that within the next few years I’ll be moving to Hawaii and I have every intention of taking my dog. I know the procedure for getting her cleared before going over there for rabies, but I’m worries about transport. Any recommendations besides flying?

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Both the breeder and the buyer are not good enough to even own a goldfish. Both have the brain cells of pond life and both should be cautioned for animal abuse at the very least. I hope the puppy goes on to find a loving, caring forever home with loving, caring people unlike the two ignorant morons who ‘owned’ it originally, shame on them. I also hope the breeder gets put out of business and the buyer decides to never own a dog again as he’s clearly not intelligent enough to.

  • Trish says:

    The breeder should be ban from AKC, CKC and should surrender all his dogs. Refusal was not an oppition for either party. If it wasn’t what you wanted you should have seen pictures before payment and then sued the breeder. They are both guilty of torture.

  • angela says:

    i am disgusted people could be so cruel to do this to an innocent animal but i am not suprised unfortunatly there are people out there like this. I couldnt imagine buying a dog from a breeder knowing how many dogs are suffering at shelters or on the streets i also hope that karma comes back to the loser that originally ordered a dog.

  • soprano922 says:

    What a jerk! You could buy a used car or go on vacation or- hmm, maybe SAVE hundreds of shelter pets!- with that money! WHY would you spend that much money on a dog in the first place? Never mind why buy when you can adopt? Then, why buy from someone all the way across the country – what do they think they are getting that is that special? Guess what? EACH dog is special. Go to the shelter – go to several & keep going until you find that special dog or cat or whatever animal for YOU. Like we did with baby Lily – 5 month old Shih Tzu. Our Lily was abused by her breeder, filthy, flea ridden & emaciated & only 2 pounds at 12 weeks old when we got her from a rescue here in Florida. Now she’s growing & running around with her 2 brothers at 6 pounds just 2 months later. And yes, someone turned in her breeder & she was sent to jail for animal abuse! The momma & the 2 baby girls were taken in by the shelter, cleaned up, spayed & adopted into loving homes.

  • Jackie says:

    This is disgusting. I get sick to my stomach when I think about what that poor puppy went through and how scared she must have been! So Heartbreaking!!

  • Lisa says:

    How disgusting Mr Dublin was in the wrong for ordering a dog off the internet blaming that the dog was uncontrollable and agressive what without even meeting her first? what did he think he was doing? ordering clothing or something? And as for the Breeder i dont know who is worse, he just sold ananimal online sent him thousands of miles away to someone he has never met or vetted. The innocent victim here is the poor dog.

  • A says:

    What a d-bag loser. I hate to think of what the breeder did w/ the dog if he/she didn’t even care enough to go pick him/her up.

  • Marysia says:

    Perhaps he will soon tire of his wife or partner or his children. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Guess what buddy? You would not be yourself too if you were flown cross country as cargo and then dumped at some jerk’s house. It’s bad enough that this winner had to purchase a dog from a breeder but the least he could have done is gone in picked the poor thing up. All I can say is karma awaits you Long Island dude! As for the dog, I wish it finds a wonderful home with an amazing person. As to the breeder, I canot used such explitives online out of respect for others.