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Disney Gets Sketchy

Written by PETA | April 9, 2007

I love me some Disney—hell, it still brings a tear to my eye every time I watch that little redheaded mermaid thing turn into a real live human girl and walk onto the beach—so, as you can imagine, it pains me more than anyone to hear bad things about the company. But Disney’s latest project, Snow Buddies, which used a number of purebred dogs in the production, sends kind of a different message than the “save the animals” stuff you get from most Disney movies. In fact, the whole thing was such a mess that PETA is now calling on Disney to dump distribution plans for the movie after dozens of the puppies fell ill and several died from parvovirus during production.

Apparently, the puppies were imported for use in Snow Buddies from an unlicensed commercial breeder in New York, even after the dogs started getting really sick, and most of them have died or become badly ill at this stage. Our stance is that Disney is being a bit disingenuous by distributing cute little movies about adorable, cuddly puppies when they’ve been working behind the scenes with sketchy-ass breeders who evidently have no idea how to properly care for dogs in the first place. You can learn more about the whole business here.

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  • Karen Ash says:

    How do I look up if a breeder of puppies has a license and is paying taxes on the money they make from selling puppies? I live in Ohio. TOledo area. I want to report every single address I see where there is a sign out front and every single ad I see selling puppies as they are not paying tax on them while I pay tax on the lousy $100 bucks I make on my savings not to mention the cost of a dog tag for my dog my 8 cats all strays the strays I feed and take in and the taxes I pay to the local dog warden to pick up strays in the area.

  • Coyena says:

    The sad thing is that Parvo can be easily prevented with a simple shot. Why weren’t thess puppies vaccinated? The shot costs only 20$ at the vet where I work. This is a problem that could’ve easily been prevented. Whats even worse is that it happened to so many puppies. Its appalling that such a huge company can’t even vaccinate a puppy.

  • RabidLeroy says:

    I like Disney too especially Stitch fave character. Heck I heard the news about the dying puppies so… heck to it I know you guys I know not all of you Stitchfans are appalled by the news too.

  • Emory :-) says:

    peta has no right to complain about disney they gave us bambi they love the cuddly little guys and are generally propeta animals and people should be really close and maybe even interbreed sometimes that way the cruel slaughterhouses would be killing people if there was a way I would be on it like white on rice. fabs!

  • kelly says:

    I hope that the word will get out that ANY breeder that ships young pups or ANY pups or dogs through websites sales is a puppy miller!!! Most people now know that ALL pet stores sell puppy mill puppies but many people are unaware that the puppy millers are now selling DIRECT to the public through websites. Through loopholes they don’t even have to get inspected! so these website sales mills are the worst of the worst! I might also note that many of them are evading local licensing laws and TAXES by selling deviously through websites! All of these websites that advertise they’ll ship pups to you next day or whatever ALL puppy mills. They will try to mask the cruelty by providing photos of happy puppies dogs in outfits or puppies with children. But it’s all a front to dupe the gullible public into believing they are small reputable breeders instead of abusive horrifying commercial kennels. Many of these website sales dealers have mountains of complaints cruelty complaints even criminal convictions and are hiding the businesses under fictitious names or relatives’ names. NO reputable breeder ships puppies to you through a website sale. NONE. No matter what the website people tell you! Reputable breeders demand inperson meetings and you are allowed to see their homes and where the pups are raised. Website dealers do not let people visit their kennels. They are hiding the cruelty and illegal activity. They will use false excuses such as not wanting to “bring disease in.” It’s a con. PLEASE PLEASE anyone out there spread the word. NEVER buy a puppy from a pet store OR a website. Not to mention that most of the classified ads are now millers pretending to be small private breeders. Another con! And track down and report web site sales you see to local authorities the IRS state tax authorities etc You can easily determine if they have local licenses and are registered businesses including issues such as sales tax requirements and payments. The puppy millers may use the internet to hide their activities but the web also exposes their activities.