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I Didn’t Even Know We Had a Kangaroo Costume!

Written by PETA | May 20, 2007

Turns out we have this great kanga costume, which came in really handy in California on Thursday when our Skins Campaign Coordinator Melissa Karpel and six activists (including Rory Friedman, the author of Skinny Bitch) took to the streets to protest the anti-kangaroo bill SB 880, which seeks to make the sale of kanga skins legal in the state. Seriously, you have to be a real jerk to vote for a bill designed to facilitate kangaroo skinning. The incredible hulk certainly seems to think so, at any rate …

Kangaroo Hollywood demo 5-17 007.jpg
Kangaroo Hollywood demo 5-17 012.jpgKangaroo Hollywood demo 5-17 017.jpg

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  • Haley says:

    When Peta and other animal advocacy groups take painstaking tasks to stop the cruel furtrade this is the last thing anybody with a heart and a sane mind would ever want.

  • Sylvia says:

    Hope the people in the law come to their senses and understand the tragedy behind this if its going to be made legal.

  • Jack says:

    Yeah I had trouble figuring that out too Drew. I think the former …

  • drew says:

    So was the Hulk just walking by and joined in? Or did he come to specifically for the protest? I don’t quite get it…

  • Angel says:

    Having the sale of kanga skins as legal is the last thing an animal lover will ever want It will be a shame if the bill is passed. Angel

  • Sonia says:

    The government in Australia makes billions of dollars from the kangaroo industry they set huge quotas for the shooters and at the moment according to the shooters there just aren’t enough roos to shoot now yet the government still doesn’t reduce the quotas. The quotas don’t include the damage mitigation licences they give out or of course take in to account the illegal shooters or the roadkill fence hangers and drought. Australia is as bad as Canada with their seals but it isn’t advertised so they get away with it.

  • Caroline says:

    Gosh ! This is so cruel! Without long we will hear these jerks asking for the skins of dogs cats rats and anything else they can find to be made legal. Its only a matter of time. It will be extremely horrific and disappointing if the Government gives their consent to this. Caroline

  • Sarah says:

    Kangaroo skinning? Thats a horror. Its like they are saying lets make poaching legal.

  • Maya says:

    Good job Kanga and Hulk! I wouldn’t say no to the big green man! lol It looks like you got people’s attention on this one! I also hope that the illegal sale of “pet” wildlife gets a crackdown. You wouldn’t believe the stories I hear about people keeping tigers and alligators in their basements. It must be torture for those poor animals.

  • windwalker says:

    thank you PETA for this!!!!