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Update: NYC Carriage Driver’s License Yanked in Blondie Case

Written by Alisa Mullins | May 30, 2014

Debbie Harry from Blondie©

Update: Just days after rock icon Debbie Harry spoke out for the abused horse named Blondie, news broke that the horse’s driver, who has a history of violations, had his license yanked by city officials. NYC carriage driver Saverio Colarusso was charged with cruelty to animals after a police officer observed him forcing Blondie to work despite a visible leg injury that made it painful for her even to stand. Colarusso admitted to the officer that Blondie had been hurt for four days, but he still forced her to haul passengers.

In 2010, Colarusso was charged with drinking while on duty, and he has also been fined for driving his horse through city streets at unauthorized times. As Harry told New York City Council members, “Blondie’s case and its many implications show why I and so many other people support Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to get these overworked horses off the streets and retire them to sanctuaries.”

Originally posted May 21, 2014:

“I’m writing to you about Blondie—not my band, but the horse at the center of a carriage driver cruelty case.” So wrote Blondie lead singer and New York icon Debbie Harry to the New York City Council. She urged the council members to heed Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to pull the horses from Manhattan’s chaotic streets.

Blondie (the horse) was forced to work for four days by a carriage driver despite suffering from a painful and potentially lethal hoof disease. Her driver was charged with cruelty after a police officer noticed the horse limping. The driver’s court date is scheduled for next month.

In her letter, Harry points out that Blondie came from Clinton Park Stables—the same stable that Liam Neeson visited and showed off to council members with a blanket assurance that the trade is humane.

“The carriage trade has shown repeatedly that it won’t abide by the few regulations that are intended to protect these animals and the public,” Harry wrote. “Blondie’s case and its many implications show why I and so many other people support Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to get these overworked horses off the streets and retire them to sanctuaries.”

Harry joins numerous other New Yorkers and celebrities, including Lea Michele, Peter Dinklage, P!nk, and Jillian Michaels, in calling on the industry to stop forcing horses to drag people around, to paraphrase Blondie’s latest single.

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  • Gail says:

    Besides yanking his license, get Blondie away from this less than human man. How can people be so cruel? Send Blondie and Pumpkin to a sanctuary — in fact all these beautiful animals should be taken away from these inhumans!,,,,,

  • blakmira says:

    God bless you Debbie Harry. Thanks for speaking up for these poor abused “work” animals.

  • Shirley McKamey says:

    Bless your heart Debra Harry!!! Shame on you Liam Neeson!!

  • Patrice says:

    You rock Blondie! (both of them)

  • emma rugari says:

    Thank you Debbie Harry – Musical icon with a heart of gold – Horses have a right to peaceful lives too. Liam Neeson should follow your example – maybe he could pull some carriages for a day or so whilst ill, just to get a ‘taste’ of misery and suffering.

  • salbiah says:

    plz do stop it!!! the horses deserve to be happy like us!!! why must torture them???? plz feel the pain of horses!!!

  • Gabriela Klacansky says:

    What to say about Blondie( Debbie Harry) gorgeous talented phenomenal heart of gold….. Can we get more music Blondie???? Love you now more than before. Thank you for landing your beautiful voice to a voiceless Blondie. Much love

  • sabnazzy says:

    Well i guess if people stop using the horse and carriage ride’s and realized why it’s not okay,then the message would get out there,right? it’s pretty simple,stop going on the ride’s.

  • sharon chang says:

    Liam Neeson needs to go back to his country and stay there!he’s not welcome in the USA by me!

  • Michelle Steil says:

    I always did like Debbie Harry & Blondie! Now I like her even more. Thank you, “Blondie” for helping Blondie. 🙂