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Dear Michael Moore…

Written by PETA | June 22, 2007

Michael_Moore_Sicko.jpgMichael Moore, for those of you not familiar with him, is a fat, bearded dude who makes political documentaries and occasionally angers conservatives. His latest work is a film called SiCKO—which exposes the inadequacies of health care in the U.S. and played to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s going into wide release on June 29. Well, PETA’s president, Ingrid Newkirk, has a few words of advice for him: As she points out in the letter she sent him this week, the best way to fight the U.S. health care bureaucracy is to take some personal responsibility and make positive changes that will lead to a healthy lifestyle—and there’s no better way to do that than by adopting a vegetarian diet. As Ingrid puts it,

“Although we think that your film could actually help reform America’s sorely inadequate health care system, there’s an elephant in the room, and it is you. With all due respect, no one can help but notice that a weighty health issue is affecting you personally. We’d like to help you fix that. Going vegetarian is an easy and life-saving step that people of all economic backgrounds can take in order to become less reliant on the government’s shoddy healthcare system, and it’s something that you and all Americans can benefit from personally.”

PETA is challenging Michael Moore to reduce his risk of fat-related illnesses by taking PETA’s 30-day Veg Pledge. The idea is that if people didn’t make themselves unhealthy in the first place by eating meat products that are known to cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes, the situation would easier for everyone. As Ingrid puts it, “Yes, America’s health care system needs to be fixed, but personal responsibility is a big part of why people look and feel as ill as they do.” Here’s hoping Michael Moore puts his money where his mouth is.

You can read Ingrid’s letter to Michael Moore here. I’ll let you know how he responds.


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  • Lucia says:

    In reading some of the comments I noticed that some here are not linking healthy eating to lower healthcare cost and you are taking Moore’s side vs. Ingrid’s in saying that the film is not about “that”. While I applaud Moore please realize that Ingrid is correct in linking the two we are a fat fat nation and we need to lose weight. Cuba has done wonders but they have more to work with in that they are probably more proned to eating more produce fish and chicken not a member of PETA sorry rather than doritos and fruit rollups. HFCS is going to be the death of our country not terrorists and it is even in our basic whole wheat bread. We must examine our food. When my son was diagnosed with a food allergy I had never examined food so closely in my life and realized just how much garbage we put into our bodies and how much healthier we are as a family by cooking more of our own food fresh and eating out less and not eating stuff from the “middle” aisles. It really is no secret that eating better no matter what your organic body type can help you have less doctor visits thus putting less burden on doctors and hospitals and more money in our pockets. Michael Moore is bold so I am sure he is not afraid of bold being directed at him either. I applaud Ingrid there is no need to worry about Michael Moore’s feelings he probably doesn’t worry about others as a rule and he has a thick skin I am sure. Perhaps you should spend more time worrying about the young American kids eating twinkies and snickers as a snack rather than some homemade cookies made with ingredients you can always pronounce. Further I am sure that cutting out red meat in addition to a No Middle Aisle diet would affect an even healther lifestyle as is Ingrid’s greatest point to Michael Moore directly.

  • Bk says:

    FINALLY. I must say I’ve never to my memory even visited the Peta website before. But I read an article on another site about this letter to M Moore. And I must say as politics so I tend to lean Libertarian more so and fall conservative on many issues. But I think Peta has shown it’s not a biased oneparty leaning Org. They’re just saying what everyone already thinks. Why can’t people just say what’s right without being attacked or insulted? If he’s advocating health I’d much rather he stop eating so unhealthy which is the cause of most obesity in the US today to begin with. His message isn’t lost on me but I’d rather he stop the excess first. It’s like saying McDonalds is bad but knowing someone is going to Burger King a few times a week. Let’s not be a hypocrite Michael! I commend PETA and would support anyone who doesn’t mind taking flack from both sides of the political spectrum to do what they think is right.

  • A says:

    The fact is that a lot of health problems are caused by being overweight and they’re the kind of health problems that either kill people or require longterm treatment. Losing weight may be hard but living with the kinds of problems excess weight can cause is a lot worse no matter what kind of medical care is available.

  • Sunshine says:

    I’m not a fan of Michael Moore’s work or of many of his opinions but I really think that calling him fat is childish and unprofessional. Honestly if PETA wants people to take them and their views seriously then try having a little tact. The man could never eat a piece of meatin his life and still be overweight. I am generally am a supporter in all of PETA’s efforts to better the world for animals but this time shame on you!

  • Kirsten says:

    This is the third time I’ve tried to post this… I agree with Maya and most of the posters on here. It was very inappropriate for Ingrid to call Michael an elephant. Not to mention the judgemental tone of the letter was a very lame attempt to get a filmaker to stand behind PETA’s cause. Not all vegetarians or vegans are skinny. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 3 years now. Although I’ve become more healthy and lost some weight I’m still very curvy. There’s nothing wrong with that! Are we less valued in the cause because we don’t portray the typical poster children of vegetarianism? Mr Moore has a lot of courage to confront corruption going on in our system whether in the government or in the healthcare industry. “Going vegetarian is an easy and lifesaving step that people of all economic backgrounds can take in order to become less reliant on the governments shoddy healthcare system”. In reality there are many healthyeating and vegetarian people who suffer from cancer diabetes andor alzheimer’s who still need adequate care. This does not set aside the greed of our healthcare system. It would have been a more respectful approach for Ingrid to say “I am pleased with the fact that you are addressing corruption going on in America’s healthcare system. However it would be an excellent idea and vital for you to point out in another film of yours how the meat and poultry industry is profiting from animal cruelty and the detriment of people’s health. Like the tobacco industry the meat and poultry factories have contributed to American’s dependancy on a diet which can lead to obesity high blood pressure and heart disease as opposed to lung cancer.” Being patronizing and insulting is no way to get someone on your side. I for the most part stand beside what PETA does but they need show compassion for people as well as animals.

  • Lauren says:

    There may be an elephant in the room but I happen to like elephants I do not however like mean people.

  • anne says:

    I think kind words get through to people with detailed information. He obviously doesn’t know how to eat well like most americans and it’s not just about meat. There are a lot of very fat vegetarians eating crappy processed food too many chips and not enough veggies and whole grains. Teaching people how to eat well including cutting out meat is the way to go…

  • Sarah says:

    Okay I absolutely agree with Ingrid’s message going veg promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps prevent the biggest health crises in America obesity diabetes cancer heart disease….but casually mentioning to Michael Moore in a publically released letter about how great faux fried chicken is? Calling him an “elephant in the room”? That’s no way to talk to another person especially one you don’t even know personally. If you want to stop cruelty to animals maybe we should work on cruelty to people too!

  • Lauren says:

    Sorry but I don’t support making fun of anyone. While I am a vegetarian I do not believe in forcing my beliefs onto anyone.

  • Clinton says:

    Although alot of the things Ingrid said were very valid I think she could have been a little more tactful. I know I wouldn’t respond well to that letter or at all.I understand that the point was trying to get him to go vegan but he already is on a weightloss program. 20 pounds still dropping.

  • D--Ho says:

    Wow PeTA actually goes after a liberal everyone gets all huffypuffy about it. Ingrid makes such a great point. Michael makes a movie about the terrible health care problems of our country yet he’s a big part of the problem. Maybe if we took better care of ourselves there would be more help available for the people that need it most. But I am glad someone is getting the word out about health care. Good for PeTA for not being one sided politically. Makes me love PeTA Ingrid even more.

  • Ben says:

    Um I love PETA but I really think you crossed the line with that letter. It just was not a very nice thing to say. The letter you wrote sounds like it came from a pissed off republican not a nice vegan. You just called a guy fat and bashed him now you expect him to do what you say? If I were you I would have wrote it like this “Although we think that your film could actually help reform Americas sorely inadequate health care system There are many ways to stay healthy! Going vegetarian is one of them! And it is an easy and lifesaving step that people of all economic backgrounds can take in order to become less reliant on the governments shoddy healthcare system and its something that you and all Americans can benefit from personally. See you should have said that

  • Ariel says:

    Just like some others I’m still wondering where some people read that Ingrid called M.M. an elephant.?????? ONE MORE TIME AS SOMEONE EXPLAINED “AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM” IS AN ENGLISH AXIOM FOR THE OBVIOUS TRUTH THAT IS BEING IGNORED. Then the ones who lack reading comprehension and the one who are NON selfrighteous here are making all kinds of judgemental ignorant and sarcastic comments about Ingrid. Once again involvement in animal rights is not for everyone if you cannot handle the slightest comment that is not so sweet and niceynice! If some of you can’t handle the truth about an axiom mere words then how do you handle the truth the HORRIBLE ACTIONS about what happens to the abused animals? As a member of PETA for 10 years I’m not ashamed of Ingird her dedication her approaches or M.M. but I am disenchanted with fellow animal rights’ activists here who misconstrued Ingrid’s comments therefore are not able to see the potential of Ingrid’s approach that she is more experienced at than all of us put together!

  • Kristi says:

    I think the letter would have been an okay way to get the message across to him but was it really necessary to post it for everyone to see? To me that is what makes the difference between having the letter be a subtle nudge in the right direction and public criticism.

  • Jean says:

    Moore is the problem. Thanks Ingrid for stating the obvious and true facts regarding that sub human who most likely consumes a record number of everything and every ONE. Moore could not be MORE hypocritical. His diet and weight are the cause of most of the health care expense in our Country. Take a look in the mirror Moore. You just mocked yourself!! How ironic and not real brighthow about a movie about the most serious aspect of health in this Countryall the children who are being brought up to be just like you. Our Country WILL go broke taking care of them later in life and we responsible Americans will pay the price.

  • Jolie says:

    While I agree that Moore needs to lose weight I think it’s really tactless of you to use him as a means to push your provegan agenda. Do you really think he doesn’t know he is overweight? And is it fair to call him fat for everyone else to hear it? Also it should be noted that being vegan does not always guarantee that a person will be thin.

  • jonathan says:

    Michael Moore is a valuable ally for PETA. I am just shaking at the thought that he will turn his lens on the vegetarianveganantianimal cruelty cause as a result of the letter. Sure he could lose a few pounds but that will be something that he will work out on his own. It’s one thing to urge someone to do healthy things for the sake of their preservation but when you callously and flippantly refer to him as a “fat bearded dude elephant” you are inviting him to turn his cameras on you and pull down your cause with a film that degrades and demonizes a wellintentioned organization. Sure I am guilty of sending emails or commenting in a “shoot first and ask questions later” and shooting from the hip style…and it has hurt me in the short and long runs. There is still time to send a followup to Mr. Moore to put your comments into perspective and keep the olive branch extended WITHOUT losing face. I respectfully remind Ms. Newkirk to remember that her cause is supported by a wide demographic and there is the potential that some may pull back their support on account of the attacking epistle to Mr. Moore. I’ve made a short comment long but to summarize and restate the core point Mr. Moore holds a lot of sway and PETA and all the fabulous and righteous efforts made on behalf of the animals could very easily be put into his crosshairs… Let’s keep our efforts positive and focused where we can all make a difference. Let’s keep carrying the big stick but remember that speaking softly is the other important part of the equation. I remain a friend to the animals vegan and loyal to PETA and ourtheir causes.

  • Wendy says:

    This makes me think of how I felt when I had two really good freinds at odds with each other. Michael Moore impresses the hell out of me but it also baffles me that he has not taken in the meat or dairy industries. I admire the work that PETA does though I feel that at times PETA’s approach can turn off people before they have a chance to get their point across. Personally I feel that I need to be careful with how to speak up for my beliefs without offending a person I respect. I am afraid that if I offend them I lose any chance at “coverting” them. I believe that being a kind and caring person toward people and animals is my best bet at winning people over. Both Michael Moore and PETA have my respect and attention. However on a larger scale Michael Moore has a much larger audience. I would think that it would be in PETA’s best interest to try to appeal to Michael Moore’s sensibilities rather than challenge him. In challanging him PETA may lose the portion of Michael Moore fans that they could have gained by being more tactfull.

  • Chelsea Kendle- PA says:

    Ive always thought that Michael comes off as the stereo typical “Fat American”. Since he is so dedicated about making movies that will “change” American maybe he should try to stray from the American stereo type. I think he is a slob and he annoys the hell out of me. After reading Ingrid’s reponse to the blogs and her reasoning for saying that to Michael I think it was totally appropriate. He needs to take a good look at himself before he trash talks the beliefs of other people.

  • Chelso says:

    I do think he should take better care of himself but so should a lot of other people. Ingrid should have worded her statement different. Words can be the worst weapon at times. If Michael can laugh that comment off then more power to him. But considering his history of producing movies that influence such a large number of people Ingrid better hope he doesnt get pissed and make a movie dissing PETA.

  • Fat Vegan says:

    This site did not post my previous message as also happened for many others. Hmmm… Anyway I’m a vegan and FAT and I haven’t ingested animal products for 15 years. There are SOOOOOO many of us who are vegetarians and vegans who are also FAT!!! And it’s not because we just went veg yesterday or sit on our asses all the time! Please you all who are fatphobic and sizeist GET EDUCATED and show some compassion for the species of animal that YOU are along with the other animal species. I’m so sick of the fatphobia I keep seeing in PETA. We need to focus on the most important issue of vegetarianism and veganism ANIMAL RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!! The species that we share this earth with are the most important thing!!!!!!!

  • Jackie Searle says:

    Many comments here…I didn’t see mine posted…In addition to all our concerns about the cruel food industry and human health A VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE THAT IS NOT GETTING ENOUGH ATTENTION IS GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMSGMO’S. This “Frankenstein science” has invaded most everything we eat and drink and some of the scientist who invented this technology have expressed regret and concern for having created a potential health crisis. This issue GMO hardly gets mentioned in the USA but is talked about in other parts of the world. I would like to see Michael Moore really bring this issue to the american people. The food and health care industry would REALLY be shaking in their shoes!!

  • MKF says:

    Just imagine if MM went veg and he lost 150lbs. that would be great!! I think that would speak for itself no movie necessary… But calling him “fat” is kinda mean even though he “is.” I am sure he is not as pissed about is as 12 of these people but whatever!!! THE POINT IS FOR HIM TO GO VEG!!! and if reminding someone that they are “UNHEALTHY” is what it takes then so be it! I LOVE HIM ANYWAY WEATHER HE IS OBESE OR NICOLE RICHIE STYLE BONE CARCUS!!! xoxo

  • Sylvie Groleau says:

    This reminds me a bit about Paul MacCartney who had fired some of his past musicians years ago because they were NOT either vegetarians nor vegans. RESPECT OTHERS’ CHOICES AND THEY WILL RESPECT YOUR CHOICES IN LIFE TOO… As a now 15 years vegan COMPLETELY that is no dairies no animal corpses in anyway NOTHING! I do respect the fact that there are STILL and WILL ALWAYS BE some meat eaters and either chubby fat people in this world… Some of my personal friends will eat meat in front of me I will certainly NOT like that but I will NOT back off from the table… Some of my friends will smoke pit in front of me and I do not do it but I will not back away not necessarely anyway.. If Ingrid KNEW her music she would notice that Poison’s Rikki Rockett a COMPLETELY VEGAN too for MANY years also is indeed quite CHUBBY for a vegan and FAR from being as thin as nonvegatarians nor vegans like Peta’s long time enemy everlasting enemy? Cline Dion or not sure about how Peta feels about them though or for example Calista Flockhart or Twiggy remember her?. I’m always amazed to see that Rockett is a vegan but then again chubby… Maybe Ingrid should get into Poison and look at their most recent pictures… But then again I AM ALSO chubby myself and a 100 VEGAN too! Treat others like you want to be treated… Or else what you say about others might come back at you… We all have seen this happened before anyway. Let’s all hope that Ingrid will NEVER be obese… I repeat… Some vegans ARE obese and chubby… It is not in my very wn personal case what I eat but I do eat large portions and I admit it… 100 VEGAN FOR LIFE Sylvie from Canada P.S. To Ingrid Poison is currently on tour this summer why don’t you buy yourself a ticket amd meet Rikki Rockett backstage after the show and get on his case for being “chubby and a vegan”? Then let us know what he will have told you… Thanks! Sure Mr. Moore may not be a vegan but maybe your getting on his case because you love George Bush and he does not? If this is the case everyone is allowed to have his or her own political opinions…

  • Amber says:

    I just wanted to say that I am a supporter of PETA but not a full supporter of Ingrid’s comments to Micheal Moore. He is not the problem and in fact he has helped to open people’s eyes to the many injustices this world faces everyday. People have changed their lifestyles and beliefs because of Micheal Moore and I think that throwing a comment at him about his weight in a less than professional matter was more damaging than helpful. You do not know his past or his diet and believe that that should have been left out of the letter. Being angry and hurtful towards Micheal Moore might make you feel better right now but we have to remember that the issues he and others believe in are not the same issues we stand up for but they are just as important.

  • Angelica Sanchez says:

    I do think that we should take responsibility for our own health but I dont think that being vegetarian has nothing to do with his new film. I mean he talks of urgent needs. He shows this one guy who lost his fingertip and the doctor does something horrible to him. So as much as I love Ingrid for doing what she does she did call him an elephant she admits it when she says with all due respect” she was disrespectful and thats that. I know she meant no harm but she was impolite! Anyways I think she’s great and god blesses her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And all of you for caring!!

  • Sue says:

    Michael is one person to get on his GOOD side. He is one film producer that can create a disturbing or political film that many will rant or rave over but the majority will support him. Asking him in a kinder way would be a better way. I feel that some people who do not really know what and who PETA are may be disamused and have an immediate HATE towards us and that is NOT what we want because we are here to do good to the earth WE should ask Michael to watch EARTHLINGS and tell him to create something like that. It is a movie that everyone should see hard to watch but empowers us PETA and others who just want to do good.

  • Ana says:

    Where did Ingrid call him an elephant???? That expression is an idiom for all of you that don’t know that. Whew!! Many of you are ignorant of this so your letters made no sense. IMO Moore can really attack “the system” by filming what goes on in vivsectors’ labs on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. These labs have lied to the public about its scientific insights to improve human health all paid by taxpayers and the government subsidizes the meat and dairy industries and should be held accountable for this the cruelty filth and their promotion of ingesting animals. Eating cadavers has directly resulted in illness and in many cases obesity. Your contempt for Ingrid’s letter is OVERKILL and you also are being judgemental. Ingrid did Not call him an elephant. Rafale Fontes and Timothy Nymanthank you for your words you are both a breath of fresh air. I suggest this blog be changed to “Why I love Michale Moore”. Leslie you have the wrong blog.

  • michelle says:

    Ummm…Not quite the right way to go about things there Ingrid..Maybe that’s why PETA has a bad reputation in the eyes of I don’t know if Michael Moore is the person you should be’re just throwing daggers at anyone at this point..

  • millie mertens says:

    Good job Ingrid. Only I would use the term pig rather than elephant. Elephants are way too cool..and he is much more of a donkey!

  • Anonymous says:

    Stop sticking up for that piece of garbage..He needs to loose weight and what better way than to go veggie..and save some animals lives..and since all he can do is complain about this county and its healthcare he should want to see doctors as little as possible. And since he loves France so much ill buy him a one way ticket…

  • Trevor says:

    When I first read about Ingrid’s letter to Michael Moore I was soooo excited!!! I thought for sure that she would ask him to make the issue of “animal rights” or “animal cruelty” his next project. When her letter was to get ONE man to become a vegitarian and to insult him I couldn’t believe it. Her letter could have served millions of animals all over the world instead of the ones that only Michael Moore will eat. Don’t get me wrong Ingrid is a great person but so is Michael Moore. Hopefully she did not burn that potentially important bridge.

  • Kathleen says:

    I find it rather disappointing sometimes how Peta addresses issues. There is usually a more positive route that can be taken by Peta to get the point across but it isn’t often taken. I don’t like how Peta relies on the “shockfactor”…not necessary. The truth is shocking enough and plain facts speak for themselves.

  • Teresa Russo says:

    While I agree that Americans would be a lot healthier if they went vegetarian and it would be a kinder and more decent world I thought that it was mean to get on Michael Moore about his weight. He isn’t the enemyreally he isn’t. He’s done some very important work in his documentaries at the expense of making a lot of enemies in government. I hope he does go vegetarian for his own sake but it could have been said much more politely. He didn’t deserve that. Also we want him on our side don’t we? Yes it would be great if his next documentary exposed the animal cruelty that we’re all fighting. Let’s not alienate him with insults.

  • M.S. says:

    I agree with Maya and Christine.

  • Geneva Perez says:

    Perhaps Ingrid could have said “Compassion heals don’t eat meat.”

  • Helen Bish says:

    I agree with PETA most of the time but in this instance I did not like the personal attack on Michael Moore. Please refrain from doing this as it helps fuel people even further that are already against PETA.

  • Daniel Mullanaphy says:

    I wouldn’t be dissing liberal icons because frankly liberals are more likely to sympathize for animal rights. Make fun of Bill O’Reily. He scares me.

  • Lindsay says:

    Michael Moore is a fat lazy loudmouth who would rather sit back and criticize higherups to make himself a buck than actually go out and do something to make a REAL difference. He obviously knows he’s fat but does nothing about it I don’t think that calling him out on that is rude but truthful isn’t that what he’s supposedly all aboutunearthing problems that face America and bringing them to the surface? When you make a living attacking others I believe then that your own code of ethics and morals and way of life are fair game to be scrutinized and it doesn’t take much scrutiny to discover that he leasds an unhealthy livestyle just look at him! Mikey needs to take a look at the fat hypocrite staring back at him in the mirror before he makes his next dollar attacking the policies of others. Kudos to Ingrid for giving Michael Moore a dose of his own medicine he prefers loud rude and inyourface when dealing with things that he feels are of importance so he should expect the same in return.

  • Lynne Schulte says:

    I admire Michael Moore. He has the courage to stand up and confront some of the blatant injustices of our society. His personal life is just thatHIS PERSONAL LIFEand I don’t think we should judge him. If he chooses to go vegan or not that’s his choice.

  • Lindsay says:

    This is is sent partly in response to Christine’s response that can be found near the top regarding diabeties as well as for general information that I believe we should consider. In University I took a course titled “Health and Illness in a Cross Cultural Perspective” at one time we watched a documentary film by a Harvard professor I appologize I forget his name but the Film was titled “the Shamans Apprentice”. During this porfessors studies in a particular place in South America he discovered that few elders could lable and describe the use of every plant individually and in combinations. So the point was that in this remote place too biomedicine was becomming more popular than traditional healing knowledge and it was partly his mission to reinstate the knowledge of the elders into the young people hence “the Shamans Apprentice”. While he was there he had seen people cured of diabeties. He brought the remedies back to Harvard to be tested in obvious hopes of bringing a cure of diabeties to North American people. After testing the plants individually it was concluded that the remedy was not a cure as they refused to look at the holistic properties they only looked at the individual properties. Vegeterianism or veganism is fighting the same issues as the North American health care advocates such as Michael Moore or the author of the book “Natural Cures The Things They Don’t Want You to Know or the above Harvard Professor the POWER of CAPITALISM and PROFIT. Cures are out there just as there as there are great tasting and healthy soy supplements it is really a matter of specialized knowledge that has to be released to the mass public. For instance every single supermarket I have ever been into sells a rediculous ammount of slaughtered animals that are out on display like running shoes. You have to search to find a soy supplement. And while you are searching you are likley to see posters of what you should make for dinner centering some sort of animal on a plate. In the same notion everyone has a local hospital everyone knows of insulin or other biomedical chemically engineered “remedies” but how many people know of the natural cures these days or even the documentary I listed above. On the same note I am my only vegan or vegeterian friend I like to consider myself healthy physically and morally but I know that if I was with all of my meat eating friends and family and someone asked ‘who is the most unhealthy in the group’ no matter how obese or ill anyone else may be I guarantee all fingers would point at me. Many people believe that a vegan diet or a vegeterian diet is unhealthy. I try to inform people but they will not listen to me because I am not a nutritionist or PHD of science. When I became a vegeterian my doctor laughed at me and to this day he still asks me if I am and shakes his head. The knowledge is out there and PETA is doing a great job at trying to circulate it but in a sense it is still specialized knowledge. If anything I think the best thing we can do is team up with health care advocates such as Michael Moore as Ingrid has tried. But the last thing we need to do is criticize poeple for not making the choice on their own. In our society everything has become way too easy and for the majority of families slaughtered animals is easy. It is advertised it is prepackaged in a way that the average North American does not have to think that it was even once a live being the only indication is the package lable to inform one of what kind of animal. PETA is doing great at getting behind the scenes and informing people of the injustices and immoralities that are happening and trying to put an end to it. These are the ways to get across to people. I believe that rather than sending a letter calling a person fat and unhealthy because of their meat habits it would be better to ally suggest that we share something in common explain a little and then proceed to send hard core facts of the meat industrys injustices and immoralities and health related issues. The more people learn the more they can make their own independant choices aside form greedy capitalists profits motives. The power of knowledge is all the poeple need and right now there is just not enough of it in comparison to packaged prepared slaughtered animals and biomedical doctors who think vegeterianism is a sham and unhealthy.

  • Maya says:

    Tessara how funny. I did not notice the note from Jim until you pointed it out. Jim and others have said that only overweight people sympathize with Moore and since as I have stated I’m only 115 lbs that I must have some kind of fetish for overweight people. Oh yeah that must explain it. Hysterical. Let’s put this argument to rest. Ask a real doctor or nutritionist if you can tell by someone’s weight if they’re a vegetarian. Either do this scientifically or don’t bother. In any event I have been impressed with the many eloquent comments pointing out why the letter from Ingrid was so very inappropriate. I’d just like to add one more point. It seems like PETA has wanted to somehow be “cutting edge” by being controversial. But many campaigns like this one have simply been childish insults. Not only was this letter not eloquent it was not even humorous. It was just immature. If PETA really wants to be controversial I suggest you HIRE someone like Moore or Lewis Black who can be racy and shocking and also FUNNY and INTELLIGENT at the same time. Because PETA can’t seem to pull it off. Either go all the way and hire better writers or stick to what you know. You know how to care for animals and you know what they need. I know you know how to speak compassionately. Letters like Ingrid’s just make us ALL look like unfunny playground brats.

  • Chantal says:

    I think Michael Moore does so much to provoke thought about serious issues that need to be dealt with. I think it’s really sad that Ingrid has to superficially attack a person that could really help a cause like PETA. Time would be better spent on helping the animals on fur or factory farms rather that pointing out how large someone is. This letter has personally angered me and it could really put some people off of supporting an otherwise great organization. Please concentrate on the things that really matter. I think a BIG apology is in order!

  • Amie says:

    Why will you not post the comment asking if Ingrid is going to send another letter? I know we have to wait to b approved but I have written other comments after that and they have been posted?

  • Seuuu says:

    Wow. I am so surprised at Ingrid’s candor. Although I really do feel it was not necessary to say it quite that way. Fat or thin Michael opens our eyes and ears to many issues that need attenion. I am not sure his weight should be an issue for anyone but him. Thanks for letting me share my point of view.

  • Jennifer says:

    But my original point was that he HAS already addressed this issue. From Ingrid Although we think that your film could actually help reform Americas sorely inadequate health care system theres an elephant in the room and it is you. With all due respect no one can help but notice that a weighty health issue is affecting you personally. Wed like to help you fix that. From Michael via the New Yorker available at httpwww.nymag.commoviesfeatures33143 “At some point I felt that I was being somewhat disingenuous when I wasnt taking care of my own health… In three months I lost 30 pounds.” So since he’s already said that he’s on the path of doing exactly what people have mentioned Ingrid’s letter is a bit…late? Perhaps we should all take a moment to gather all the facts before we make statements that make all vegetarians look bad. I for one want to live a better lifestyle not just an alternative one.

  • Kim Fabri says:

    Try being nice the next time. It’s a much better way to get the point accross. Calling someone “fat” isn’t the way to do it! Be NICE!

  • veronica says:

    I think that letter was appropriate. I didn’t see anything offensive about it. All Michael Moore does is offend people all day. I’m sure that didn’t bother him at all! Think about it!!! I love Michael Moore. I think what he does is fabulous and I believe Ingrid did an honorable thing asking him to take his argument one step forward.

  • Kelly says:

    I thought I would point out to all of you I have to stick up for Michael Moore. While Mr Moore has a weight issue I recently saw him in an interview promoting his new movie which I can’t wait to see he has lost quite a few pounds. He mentioned in this interview that how can he point out what is wrong with the healthcare system when he himself is overweight. I thought all of you ought to know….

  • michael says:

    two things will win the animal rights battle 1cash 2influence Moore has both so he could be a useful ally he may appreciate Newkirk’s direct approach we can’t be sure.