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Dear Kylie Minogue…

Written by PETA | February 27, 2008

Before singling her out on PETA’s Worst Dressed List last week, we contacted Kylie Minogue a number of times to let her know about the cruelty she was supporting with her weird proclivity for wearing reptile skins out in public, but so far she hasn’t even bothered to reply. Well, as Kylie is doubtless figuring out at the moment, we don’t exactly give up around here. The hope is that this latest letter—along with the accompanying video of exactly how reptiles suffer in the exotic-skins industry that she’s been promoting—will appeal to her conscience, while the press she’s getting over her Worst Dressed List appearance continues to do its work on her vanity.



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  • Vic says:

    Kylie needs to “come on and do the LocoMotion” in her brain to get it working. Cho told Kylie millions of times to stop supporting the skins industry not to be confused with the skin magazine industry which is another story… and yet Kylie being the blonde Aussie she is didn’t take the advice.

  • Sebastian says:

    I have concerttix for kylie perhabs i will write a sign to her i hope she will never wear pets as fashion anymore…

  • Anonymous says:

    “non”commonsense steve get a fucking grip there were technical problems over the past few days as you may have noticed that there were almost NO new comments being posted by anyone. You are paranoid!

  • Ronan Armani says:

    Why is it no one said anything about Kylie’s costumes when they are made from feathers. Why is it that only when Kylie carries something that could be snake that then PETA steps in. I am all for cruelty free for animals however why doesn’t PETA show a humane way. People will always eat animals and wear leather. Why not find a way to do this humanely instead of abusing people and guilt tripping them into being like you and into doing something that you want them to do. I support most things that PETA do however it is extremely one sided. Educate people however shaming someone is also not okay. Leave Kylie alone you have made your point. There are laws against what PETA do and what they may do to Kylie and they should abide by them.


    DEAR JACK…. YOU DID NOT PRINT UP MY BLOG ON THE ARRONGANCE OF PETA AND WHY SHOULD ANYONE HAVE TO ANSWER THEM IF THEY DON’T WANT… and if they don’t why should they have to be afraid of the peta machine….. YOU HAVE NOT PRINTED A FEW THINGS LATELY WHICH WOULD LEAD ME TO THINK A YOU ARE TIRED OF HEARING THE OTHER SIDE Bor i’m hitting too close to home on a lot of my comments c or the powers that be told you to lock up my lips….

  • George Sterpka says:

    We hurt when we skin our knees. How unimaginally painful it must be to be skinned completely alive. Who are these people?

  • sara says:

    why could she be wearing fake snake skin? i doubt most celebraties would wear fake skin she’s not trailor trash and obviously even if it’s fake it still promotes the wearing of skin. if she’s against it she needs to be fully against it

  • katie says:

    what a superb letter by michelle cho!!! i applaud PETA’S efforts to wake up so many high profile fashionistas. let’s HOPE that with education and outreach more pple will turn away from skin and fur. PETA’s already helped other celebs change let’s hope kylie follows their lead.

  • James says:

    Erin and Flora I’m sure you see yourselves as loving caring and compassionate people….so I don’t understand why you would automatically assume that Kylie does wear animal skins when there is clearly no proof this is true. I find your comments really extreme do you need some medication?? Or are you just jealous that you are not able to afford designer clothes and accessories? Hugs to you both x

  • Flora James says:

    Clearly Jeff doesn’t care that very few celebrities truly share our cause. Those who kill are scum plain and simple. Stop defending the celebrities and join the fight to make them all give up these things they hold so dear! If we can force all of the famous people to quit wearing the things they like to wear then we might actually win for a change! But people like Kylie are the rule not the exception right now. So quit helping her!

  • Jeff says:

    Erin are you serious? That’s neither a nice nor humane thing to say. For one we don’t even KNOW that Kylie is wearing real snake skinsfor all we know they could be fake. For two if you are going to get upset and preach about cruelty towards animals it doesn’t come off exactly “sane” to say you wish you could have pulled the plug on a cancer survivor… Seriously…

  • Erin says:

    Everyone hails you for being a survivor of cancer but personally to hell with you for supporting the slaughter of anything living. I wish I could have pulled the plug on you and wear your skin as a purse.

  • sarah says:

    did anyone ever stop to think kylie might have had fake snakeskin purses or accesories not the real thing ?????

  • Lee says:

    How do you know the articles in question really are snake? This is a great letter if it is definitly snake and i fully support it but do you have any evidence.

  • Anonymous says:

    Whilst I totally agree and am against wearing animal furs and skins I think outright witchhunts like this are on a par with ‘ridiculous’. Kylie is unlikely to wear real animal fur and skin as she’s very much against it herself. Peta are assuming it’s real snake skin without any proof based on a photo. It could be a replica. Let’s not all get hysterical start accusing people of things without proof especially someone like Kylie who is probably the least likely person to be involved in such activities.

  • lynda downie says:

    A very respectful letter. I hope it moves Kylie to really think about the true cost of her fashion accessories.

  • erica says:

    this is great! i hope that now she’ll understand were her reptile skins are coming from or who they are coming from!

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautifully written letter! I admire Cho for her eloquent writings! PETA is a great organization for showing as much compassion towards snakes and lobsters and crabs as they do towards those “adorable” kittens and puppies. Cheers!

  • litsa-anna-cassie says:

    plz have a heart there is no point in wearing them plz get it fake if you honestly have to. THANKYOU