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Dear ASPCA: Please P Some CA in NYC. TY.

Written by PETA | December 20, 2007

The ASPCA was founded in 1866 because of overworked horses in New York City. You have to figure that if the ASPCA’s founder, Henry Bergh, were alive today, he would have made damn sure that his group took some enforcement action last weekend, when New York was hit by a major storm that brought bitterly cold temperatures to the city and filled the streets with ice. But the ASPCA of today seems to have pretty much forgotten the city’s horses.

Donny Moss, an enthusiastic young New Yorker who has just made a documentary (Blinders) about the shady, cruel carriage-horse business, was out on the streets last weekend, taking photos and documenting the miserable conditions that the animals were forced to suffer through while their handlers wrapped themselves tight against the biting cold. Have a look at his photos and compare his descriptions to the ASPCA chief’s statement: “Our agent … does not agree with Donny’s opinion of the conditions.” Was their agent in the Bahamas, or was he just not looking out the window at the time?

Please take a moment to let Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Quinn know that you would like them to support the proposed ban on the carriage horse trade, a sleazy cash business that sends the horses to the glue factory after they’ve slipped on the ice, collided with motorized vehicles, collapsed from the blazing heat of summer, or, in one case last year, endured a public beating. This cruel business needs to stop now, whether the “A” (which gets an “F” on this one) chooses to do something about it or not.

Donny Moss reports that the water troughs were kept empty except for unbroken ice for the horses, despite their being worked hard to maximize tourist dollars and trips.
The drivers were wearing face masks, hats, hoods, knee blankets, etc., because of the cold. The horses trudged on with no protection, no water, no concern whatsoever



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  • Kat says:

    I have just sent a letter to my city demanding the end to horse-drawn carriage rides. Why don’t the people of NYC step up and do something about this? It’s terrible 🙁

  • Liv says:

    You have no right to even begin to attack the A.S.P.C.A. PETA needs a boost its self if you ask me. the stats are saying that youare not doing nearly as much as you should for any animals at all!

  • LJP says:

    The ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement does a great disservice to the animals of NYC! Why? For many years the ASPCA ran the City’s shelter and also served as the animal control officers. When there was an animal issue they were called. They had to respond. Over the years they dropped these functions and the taxpayer support and but still have the HLE group featured in Animal Planet Animal Precinct Show. If you call 311 or even 911 with an animal cruelty complaintthey still refer you to the ASPCA. Here’s the rub the ASPCA does not respond to phone calls after hours and is not appropriately staffed to respond in real time. And the ASPCA does not have to show up because they are voluntarily performing this function and they choose when and if to respond. Since no tax dollars are involved there is no public accountability or transparency. The sad thing is that the local precincts won’t respond to animal issues because the ASPCA is there. Law enforcement professionals know that deterrence is the most effective police tool. If there is spotty enforcement there is no deterrence. If you want to abuse animals in NYC just do it in evening. There will be no response!

  • Caboose says:

    People who type in caps lock are nubs. Please do not interfere in Chile’s and Argentina’s affairs PETA or you will be iced

  • carolyn says:


  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Chrissy hello! I have a great deal of respect for your experience I’m a vet tech and am in grad school for conservation biology we have a lot in common! From what I understand while the cold may not be a big deal the big problem would be shin splints. No animal especially not domestic ones are adapted to run on pavement. It’s brutal. When I visited my mom out of state I jogged around her neigorhood on the pavement for just 25 minutes and got shin splints for the first time the pain was excruciating. I can’t imagine running around NYC all day even as a strong horse. Read what this vet has to say about it I’m pretty sure that if an animal has legs horse human or otherwise running on pavement can cause pain and injury. Also there is no question in my mind that breathing in the pollution from car exhaust is terrible for the lungs if you’re a living being. The job is also dangerous I know for a fact that horses have been injured doing this. I realize people make a living off of this but I would hope that when these folks retire they would encourage their kids to have a riding stable instead. All due respect and good wishes to you. Peace!

  • animal pride says:

    Chrissy you are a very bad zoologist etc. indeed shame on you! don’t you even know that running on asphalt ruins the horses’legs! fuck off and go to vomit elsewhere stupid hag!

  • Caboose says:

    Aleasha PETA’s lies?

  • Aleasha says:

    Unfortunately it would be more effective coming from the ASPCA. There are a lot of people who are antiPETA sadly. They are just stupid enough to believe all the lies.

  • Chrissy says:

    Are you kidding me? I can’t even read this with a straight face. You seriously are trying to tell the general public that the horses which are the livelihood for these folks are being mistreated? Do you even know what animal cruelty is? Horses outside in the elements is NOT cruelty. Its nature! Are you going to put three sided sheds up for every single wild horse herd in the world? If not then why are these horses being focused on? You do realize that horses do grow a winter coat that aids in retaining body heat right? You do realize that for many many many years prior to human existance these animals were quite capable of surviving?!?!? As for the water troughs do you know for a fact that these were the ONLY water troughs for these animals? Did you follow each horse all day to be sure that they were indeed being deprived of food and water? If not then how can you say for sure that they were being treated cruelly. You best be cautious about your words before you insight those that should be commrades in your fight to become your enemies! And before anyone questions my ethics I am a zoologist who was a certified Pa Humane Law Officer for some time.BTW Pa and Wi are the only two states that require their human law officers have any formal training wanna talk outrage how about getting behind legislation that requires all US cruelty officers have specialty training? That’s logical and doable legislation! I know what I am talking about from both experience and education. Can anyone working for PETA rival the experience andor knowledge I’ve acquired?

  • Ana says:

    Read Black Beauty! Michele and Holly I agree totally with your comments. I also do not believe horses should be suffering under any conditions. The term “beasts of burden” is a horrible one and aptly applied to both horses and donkeys. Quinn is noted for her specific hatred of animals in general and any type of law that would aid any animal is adamantly opposed by her. Totally nasty female. NYC is so congested and having these horses forced to work under these conditions is totally unethical and cruel. The ASPCA has not been doing much to alleviate the situation either. Very sad situation for both the horses and their advocates.

  • Curtis says:

    Glad we don’t have such a thing here in L.A.

  • Anonymous says:

    “The drivers were wearing face masks hats hoods knee blankets etc. because of the cold. The horses trudged on with no protection no water no concern whatsoever” You do realize the horse in this picture has a full winter coat right?

  • Monika says:

    Well if those horses wouldn’t be in NYC than would they be dead? I’m sorry but in Eastern Europe they sell hourse for meat. They transport them live from Poland to Italy . That’s horrible. I save myself 10 horses! All my friend do that! So maybe the NYC thing when they ARE fed is better than dyIng for a meat ?I used to live in NYC and those horses were looking pretty good. But maybe I just don’t know……….

  • Michele says:

    Caboose just like it is considered disgusting when children are forced to work in sweat shops for the sake of $$$ it is equally disgusting to force animals to pull people around in carriages for $$$. It is simply NOT necessary for horses to be used like this and tourists can darn well walk or take other transportation like the subway or the bus. If you read the post carefully you will see that PETA is suggesting that we “Please take a moment to let Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Quinn know that you would like them to support the proposed ban on the carriage horse trade”. BTW I do not believe in using horses for anything whether it is for financial gain or not I am specifically commenting on the carriage horse industry on this particular blog

  • Caboose says:

    Well what would you suggest

  • Holly says:

    Yes Shame on N.Y.! The people who go for rides on these carriages at least most of the people dont think of the poor horse who is pulling them around in all kinds of weather. The people are thinking only of how romantic it is to feel the nostalgia of a time long gone. Her in Pennsylvania The Amish have their horses on the road every day of the year no matter what the weather is. Here there are very big hills to pull in the worst of weather. I see them soaked with sweat on the hottest days in the summer pulling those big hills and in the worst snow ice rain and storms with high winds the horse works. Car and truck traffic all around passing them because they move slowly. Cars pass the carriages even when they cant see far enough a head which causes accidents. The Amish say they love their horses and take good care of them and the horses dont mind the work. They say the horses are excited to work and enjoy it. I am sure they believe that is true. Its an awful life for the horse. They are not asked how they feel when the wake up in the morning they pull when needed. They plow the fields pull carriages and never complain at least not in a language that these people understand.

  • jason says:

    I saw a horse slam onto his or her side in Chicago once. The driver made the horse get back up and pull the carriage. He didn’t even check on the horse. People actually screamed when it happened because the sound of the horse’s side smacking the pavement was so loud. I wish I had known more about this at the time because I didn’t even think to get the license plate number or complain to animal control. Can you imagine how many horrible things go unreported?

  • chris richardson says:

    oh great job peta. do you know what happens to hens when there eggs can’t be harvested? they get sold to places like starkle poultry in puyallup wa. then the real horor starts at the hands of illeagle aliens. trust me i worked there. so where do you think the hens you saved from the monks will go. low end teryaki or campbells soup.

  • jill says:

    Unfortunately the ASPCA are enablers. They voluntarily monitor the horses yet they don’t really as proven by Donny Moss’s photos and all of the other violations I and others see on a regular basis. For those of us who have followed this issue for a while it looks as if the A is in cahoots with the carriage horse industry. Mr. Sayres you are in this business for one reasonthe animals. Take your HLE officer off Central Park South and tell Bloomberg and Quinn that this industry cannot operate humanely. Every day every minute every second you wait may not matter to you but it matters to the horses. They continue to suffer as we speak. They need your voice.

  • silvia says:

    hello we’re not in the 1800’s any more live the pooor horses along and get your self a car!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Well said Carla!

  • la montanara says:

    these ruthless rascals let the horses run on asphalt when every normal person knows that this ruins the horses’ legs! cruel and insane business making must be outlawed!

  • Cynthia Smith says:

    Can you purchase the DVD?

  • Jaclyn says:

    I think Kate has some great points. However Kate just because the ASPCA has already done great things doesn’t mean that they should stop. This could be another great accomplishment. No one is asking the ASPCA to get into every little case of animal abuse as you said. This is huge deal. I think most cities have these horse carriage businesses. I have NEVER seen a healthy vibrant horse pulling one of these carriages. I have also NEVER seen proper shelter and food for these workers “business hours.”

  • Rex's mom says:

    I watched an episode of Animal Precinct on Animal Planet a few years ago where two ASPCA agents who had an air thermometer sent back any horse carriages once the summer temperature reached 91 degrees. They actually sent the drivers who were still out there back to the stable. I hope this wasn’t because they knew they were on tv and that’s why they sent the horses back. Seeing that frozen water trough is troubling. I hope special investigator Ann Marie Lucas is aware of this and will make the drivers provide the horses with fresh clean unfrozen water. I want this to become a law. NO MORE HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGES!! and the horses retired to a reputable sanctuary!

  • Fiona says:

    If these photos weren’t enough to convince the City to ban horse carriages along with the deaths of 4 horses and innumerable accidents where animals and humans were injured then I don’t what will. I can’t imagine the catastrophe of a horse carriage slipping on those icy streets.

  • Brittany says:

    Ugh i live in Sugar Land in Texas and i saw carriage rides in town square and i was disgusted ugh i cnt stand those people!!!!!!!!1

  • Carla says:

    What a shame!! I’m sure it’s just the tourists using these “forms” of transportation! When I went to New York 8yrs ago these horse carriage’s were everywhere and I didn’t stop shy of telling these people that I was a tourist from Canada and I’d rather save a horse and ride in a taxi!!We have to start standing up in letting them know we won’t “use” the horse carriage’s and put more money into the pockets of taxi’s and subways and eventually there will be fewer and fewer untill none at all!!

  • John Carmody says:

    This should become illegal these poor creatures suffering will it ever end? Here in Ireland they have the same thing going on in Dublin but of course we have laws dating back to 1911 how bad does it get?

  • kate says:

    I totally support the ASPCA and feel that they cannot get to every case of animal abuse and etc. I think its wrong to judge them and stuff on that one thing when they have helped animals in lots of other ways. PETA has not gotten to every case about animals. Whenever I come here I never see one thing about the death to lots of elephants and gorillas in africa. You guys have no clue what the ASPCA did and did not do because you guys were not there with them watching there every move. So slow your roll and deal with your own stuff and stop worrying about what other animal groups are doing. Why not come together and support each other because you guys are all after the same thing?

  • Pip says:

    shakes her head Horses can do very well in the cold but they need blankets plenty of water and frequent rest. This is inhumane.

  • liliana says:

    The most of the humans think that they are more important than animals so for this reason they don’t care about them they do wthatever to hurt the animals this world is full with this kind of mounsters

  • Maya, Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    What a lousy sight to see before the holidays. They have a long winter ahead of them here’s hoping those gorgeous beasts have real homes by January!!

  • Jaclyn says:

    These horse carriages make me sick. I can’t stand it when it’s summer time and the riders are in the shade sipping on a nice iced drink sitting down waiting for business while the horses are standing up in the hot beating sun. What I do is I reach in my purse get some cash out I pretend that I’m about to pay for a ride. Then I look at the water its always always dirty and nasty and act all shocked. I ask the guy would you drink that water? No? Well neither should your horse. You make a living because of him the least you could do is provide clean fresh water. I then let them know that I can not give them any business. Oh… I also make sure there are people around to hear me! I know this won’t make the guy quit his business and go into something clean and honorable. But aleast he knows that people care about the condition of the horses.

  • vegan4animals says:

    Gads that is insane. Horses don’t want to be on NYC streets or freezing their butts off with no water to drink. The stress for a horse in those conditions with honking car horns and toxic car exhaust has got to be huge. Horses should be living freely in quiet green fields with other horses. Carriage rides are hell for horses but nobody cares as long as they get to “look at the horsey and go for ride”. STUPID. Any time humans interact with other animal species they always screw up.

  • JACKIE says:


  • Susannah S says:

    The carriage horse industry HAS to come to an end. I love NYC and go there often and my heart aches for these horses every time I see one of them. I have written to the Mayor before about this AND to my senators and congressmen and although ASPCA supposedly monitors the horses there seems to be little that’s really changing for them except that they are strictly kept to a specific time schedule so that they’re not working more hours than they can handle a matter of opinion in itself…. It’s a totally unnecessary and difficult life for a horse.