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Dead Naked Seal People

Written by PETA | February 27, 2007

Nothing says “Stop the bloody seal hunt” like a pile of dead, naked seal people outside your front door. We’re hoping that the Canadian Prime Minister got that message loud and clear last week when these brave souls stripped off, covered themselves in fake blood, and held a “die-in” outside his office to symbolize the bloody seal-killing that happens every year on the ice floes off Newfoundland. Canada, I really do love you guys: the hockey, the maple syrup, the kickass national anthem—all that great stuff—but WTF with the baby-seal bludgeoning? Seriously: worst idea for a national tradition ever.

Ottawa seal protest 006.jpg

Ottawa seal protest 004.jpg

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  • Lauren says:

    I admire you for standing for what you believe in. Right on.

  • brandon says:

    so what do you think of the pigs being killed and chickins totheres nothing differnt

  • Amy Johnson says:

    Good for those people but maybe they could at least put swimsuits on. People are probably more drawn to their…nakedness…than anything else! But I’m glad they’re doing something to try to stop this cruel thing!!!

  • diam0nd says:

    hey i love

  • demster says:

    your insane put some clothes on

  • Kat says:

    I’m sorry but this just annoys me you people just don’t have all the facts seals tend to quickly get overpopulated and end up basically depleting their own food source especially this year because the fish are coming in late killing some will save the rest they aren’t only killed for their fur they are mostly harvested not that taking the fur isn’t so bad seeing as it reduces waste. If you’ve seen videos of white coat pups being killed then it’s over five years old the government wouldn’t go against a law as serious as that why haven’t they given it up for the money being offered because money doesn’t buy us another source of food and we probably make more money for the province by keeping it up let’s see millions offered the prospect of millions for years to come hmm.

  • ihatepetafags says:

    all you peta fags are exactly that fags you cry about how animals are slaughtered and in such a bloody way oh boohoo boohoo you fags and i mean gay fags have never been in a combat zone you have never defended your countries in a war cause war is bad its a slaughter ooh you don’t know what it’s like to have real problems like the peoples of iraq when is the last time you had shells reigning down in your backyard everyday coming from your own iraqi brothers never. but you cry for the poor little moths and the baby seals and these animals that are so unable to defend themselves ahhhhhhh fuck you you don’t know jack shit about what survival is when you live in your little regulated house on the coast and you watch the fishermen slaughtering little cute fishies who the fuck do you think you are you never done nothing and you are still doing nothing for your little fag buddies don’t you relize your voice means nothing? people will continue to eat animals gasp ah no not that most of you faggots are jumping on every band wagon you can get just because it’s the in thing to do. how many of you bitches mak less than 50000 cn a year and still feed the homeless? you make me sick you’re more worried about the goddamned seals than the people that bearly make enough to feed their families on 6.00 an hour oh it’s so unethical to kill a seal yet you sit on your porch and watch cable tv and make computer parts that come from a singapore sweat lab employing 12 year olds to make you fat and happy and look at most of you you eat subway at least twice a week ahhh the poor seals ahhh the poor deer ahhh the poor whales wah shut the fuck up and do some work learn what lifes aboutforget the fact that pamela anderson supports peta and learn about shit yourselfshit 12 of you stupid rick fucks haven’t even left your provincecounty whatever you just know what’s been forcefed down your throats

  • Caroline says:

    Its extremely saddening on the part of the Canadian government to let this massacre happen time and time again with no concern whatsoever. How come these morons who gave permission for this unspeakable cruelty to take place don’t seem to understand the plight of these poor animals who are sadly at the mercy of us to save them? And all those people who think butchering is a job think again it never was. Murder never amounted to a job. Caroline

  • Margarita Cisne says:

    I don’t know what are we waiting for to start sending via email letters etc. to the proper authorities our views and concerns about the slaughter of baby seals. I am too also surprised after all these years that they haven’t been able to find the ways to make this cruelty stop. I used to be involved with PETA a long time ago and now I decided to find me some time to start getting involved again.

  • kris shulfer says:

    please do what ever necessary to stop this horrific slaughter no matter how it is done !! they are so beautiful defensless and this time of the month sad to say it but the canadian seas run bloody and it gives much sadness across the nation for those of us who try and help!!!

  • Jenni Anderson says:

    Gerry The use of guns is not favored among the seal “hunters”? because it damages the pelt of the seal idiot! You really didn’t research this too well did you buddy? And the reason why the media does not release any new footage of the blatant slaughter is because they want ignorant people like you to believe them when they say that they have stopped their cruel and unusual torture on these innocent victims. And may I say again PM KILLEMALL Harper has offered to give away $200 million of our Canadian dollars to Afghanistan instead of offering it up to the people who need it most the “people” who claim they only slaughter the seals for financial gain ! Where is your pride Harper? And Gerry put down your weapon and aggression hug an animal and do a LOT more research maybe then will you ever embrace the true nature of being HUMAN ! Give PEACE a Chance John Lennon

  • kris shulfer says:

    why arent any of you posting my blogs??? how could anyone in all reality call themselves a sealer?? it is sick and disgusting

  • Juliette Levy-Pomann says:

    Hi I was on the ice in 1979baby seals molted or not were murdered mercilessly. No one walks around sayingwait that one didn’t molt yetif one gets in the way while another is being bludgeonedwell guess what happens. Seals lie dying in pain for hourstheir eyes beg you to do something. To see this in person is to realize that we humans have something wrong with the way our brains are wiredPeople who wear fur will state clearlybut I didn’t kill the animalIf I didn’t buy the fur the animal would have died for no reasonat least I’m wearing it. If people dont see the merciless way animals die they just dont understand. If we reallly want to save these animals or any animal from the hideous way we enslave and brutalize them for fur shoes leather seats in our cars or food we have to work harder in our efforts to stop this insanity. Juliette

  • Elizabeth says:

    If anyone is interested there is a video on defending the seal hunt. If you type in “canadienneshitface” in the search and then scroll down to her video of the hunt you will find I have been endlessly trying to defend the seals but keep getting bashed by these ignorant people who insist the hunt is “humane”…..yeah right!!

  • Lauran says:

    To Gerry I did not like your post. If you are a Proud Canadian and by the way my family is from PEI than make us all proud and fight with PETA to stop the killing of seals! Thank you.

  • Lauran says:

    Dear Gerry I didn’t like your post. First of all I believe killing an animal is just wrong. Killing a baby animal to “wear it’s fur” for vanity reasons only is wrong. Also if you are a true Vegan yes it is wrong to eat animal meat. That’s what this is all about. The point is that killing in any way humane or nonhumane is just wrong. About being killed in a NonHumane way Sticking a metal stick up an foxes butt to electricute it that would be in the category of nonhumane killing. They should not be killed in the first place. That’s also what this is about. Please see the video on the Peta web page it will show you all the details of that practice. I’m a Peta member and I just don’t want to see ‘any’ animal hurt in any way. Yes I see the chickens lobsters on the plates as well and I think it’s wrong and sad about how they come to be there. But don’t call us hypocrites. We are trying very hard for these animals. Gerry Animals can’t speak for themselves. For instance to tell you that it hurts so bad that you force fed them until their bladder exploded and for no reason at all. Please know that domesticated dogs are being left out in frigid cold air with no shelter. People who own them don’t even take them inside. This stuff really goes on. Please imagine yourself in a situation like this. They can’t fight back. You know this. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to see all this stop. If you read the news lately you will see that more and more people are accepting these facts. Please be proactive towards Peta and it’s causes. People are always going to eat a lobster and they are always going to eat Pork but do you have to stick a Mother Pig in a cage where she can ‘only’ stand and where there is ‘not even enough room to stretch her little legs’ just to produce babies for entire time she is here on earth. It’s unbelievable. Do you see what I’m trying to say? Seeing past the lies yes people they lie and they eat meat unfortunately but give the animals a chance while there still alive. They can’t speak and they can’t chew through thick metal posts on cages to get out. c’mom Gerry have a heart. I have to say that my family is from Canada PEI but I don’t believe in it’s practice of killing seals. Those little white baby seals didn’t asked to be shot. It’s mean. We are not attacking Canada we are focusing on the practice of it’s fishermen and the people who have the authority to change the laws. Just like any other place be it U.S. or another country. Take a look a Japan for instance they capture sharks and in a matter of minutes cut off their fins and just through them back into the ocean just so they can eat Shark Fin Soup. That is the craziest thing I have ever heard of. Japan and other nations lie to us about killing whales. If you have children or know someone who does they may not be able to see certain whales when they get older because they are being killed off one by one. It’s wrong. Gerry please I am asking you to watch a video of that. It’s barbaric. Even though I did not like your post I am trying to understand your point of view and believe me I know people will continue to eat meat. However wherever the killing happens and whatever people want to call it humane or nonhumane Peta will be there. Thank you.

  • rita stapleton says:

    The seal slaughter is totally barbaric. The so called people who bludgeon these creatures to death are NOT human. I have family in England who believe Canada is a cruel country because of this. The government needs to stop all cruelty to defensless animals they are no better than the wicked people who pick up the club. Rita

  • jo says:

    Gerry you fucking idiot dont you think that most people here are vegans or veggies who make sure that what they buy and wear is cruelty free. cruelty free for animals and humans How can you be proud of a country that supports such blood lust and disguises profit making in the name of a cull? Are you mentally deranged? I come from Britain and finally fox hunting was banned. Still shames me that in this so called “advanced country” such inbred sicko’s like to rampage across the countryside smearing blood on their faces. People like this should be exterminated from human society as they lack the thing that makes us human mercy and compassion

  • Matt says:

    This is to the Canadian Prime Minister i thought Canada was a nice country even wanted to move there myself but this has shocked me instead of being so weak and hide behind your “Clean innocent” image bloody show what you actually do and STOP DOING IT!!!! Direct from New Zealand!

  • Marianne Christensen says:

    I live in Denmark and am a member off the danish WSPA and an active member off these danish animal protectionrights organisations and means animals friends. Anima is very similar to Peta and I also read the National Geographic each month. In one off the N.G. numbers about a year ago I read that the canadian seal hunters incomts from the seal hunting is only between 45 off their incomts for a hole year that means that’s it’s not their major incomts. So the seal hunters really don’t need to do it because then they could find another jobway to earn those 45. Here in Denmark we have succeeded to make a lot off fashion stores and some danish designers to go fur free. And we will continue our work with more antifur campaigns this year.

  • Lucas Solowey says:

    hey peta. i just want to say that i love how you get the message out. i am from Montreal Canada. I saw pics from that protest in all the newspapers. looked hot. ill be going back to ottawa this month to protest the seal hunt with Global Action Network. hopefully we can shut down this stupid fing hunt

  • D. says:

    Sometimes I think it’d be nice to just go to sleepwake up on Rainbow Bridge be surrounded by the sealsmy catsother animals…that’d’ be Heavenly!

  • Maureen E. Roth says:

    My first ever big Animal Rights March was against the Seal Slaughter in Canada this was in the mid sixties in London. If someone had told me that 40 years on it would still happening I would never had believed it. Things like this make me ashamed to be human!

  • Raymond Oliver says:

    This Seal Hunt is the most Barbaric and sadistic hunt ever to take place on the face of this planet. The Government that allows and advocates it are Criminals. The Men who murder these defenceless creatures are violent humans with zero compassion and they even attack the protestors who try to stop it. The Canadian Fisheries dept are blatant Liars of the worst kind and have zero credibility. Nothing they say can be believed. They murder baby seals who have only just opened their eyes. The first and only thing these seals see and experience are Human Murderers. So much for Humans being a Higher species. It’s disgusting and shows up the human species for what we have become. Depraved and Abhorent in the eyes of our Creator. God help us because if we dont change our destructive and killing ways and quickly Mother Earth will also make us Extinct.

  • Jaya Lewis (Australia) says:

    Crushing a skull of newborn is disgusting. ‘Welcome to the world… crunch smash bash slit “oh you’re still alive” kick bash rip coat off while you are still alive!…. urgh! ENOUGH! Barbaric cruel putrid murder of babies is just that MURDER. Life deserves to be respected and life revered. Not this greedy cruel practice from archaic outdated and oldschool thinking… this is after all 2007. You sealers are the most decrepit lying cruel humans on the planet. You are committing the Rape of Mother Earth and her creatures for money and carnal tastebuds. You harden your children against feeling any suffering I do not pity you one bit when your Karmic retribution comes around and it will what goes round comes round. Maybe one day someone will bash your head in and not quite do a proper job leave you to suffer then come and skin you from crotch to throat rip your skin off and leave you lying on the ice. Oh but that wouldn’t be fair ey as you are human and therefore more intelligent than animals. Yuk. By the way I have been to a slaughter house over thirty years ago and decided then I would not eat food killed with cruelty. I don’t wish to eat the vibration of horror fear and pain and have that swill in my body… think about it if we wish for a kinder planet we must become kinder. Most Conservationists even if they are ‘radical’ have not killed maimed or harmed living things. So I know which side of the fence I sit. And there is so much information now on how to eat well with the nutritional foundations being fruits and vegetables so the planet does not have to go through any more of this type of ‘dark ages’ violence against creatures. Even if a bullet is used do you think this is ‘right’? I think not. Killing is killing. There are better ways to feed oneself than the murder and suffering of animals especially mammals. And this goes for the whales as well…

  • Amy Holford says:

    Yes Elizabeth. I was hoping someone halfway intelligent would respond to the wonderful Gerry whose comments and “facts” were so very inspiring and lifeopinionchanging to us all. All of us to be more specific who apparently weren’t notified that the slaughter of all of the defenseless baby seals had changed so much and that we should be so thankful for idiots with bullets. Thank you Gerry! I am sure we will all sleep so much better now. By the way visit slaughter houses often? Great….

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    i hate this time of the year because i know that hundreds of thousands of beautiful baby seals lose their lives by being clubbed. so celebs can wear there pelts only if they knew the inhumane and heartwrenching ways they get to there bodies march is always a very sad month for me because i know so many beautiful babies are lost and there is no one tofight the fight for them. my heart breaks and sadness overwhelms me as i can do nothing but pass it forward for others. sunshine stevens point wi

  • Mara says:

    Save the seals BOYCOTT CANADIAN SEAFOOD!!!! See for more information on how to stop the sicko evil Canadian fishermen who club 10 day old seals to death for extra cash.

  • Arielle says:

    To Gerry How can you even try to defend the revolting actions of seal hunters when they bludgeon seals to death? Your response to the criticism of this disgusting inhumane practice is to pettily try to poke holes in the arguments of the people who are against it and most of your comments are incorrect. How can you even live with yourself?

  • Nancy says:

    No Gerry as a matter of fact I DIDN’T have any meat for dinner tonight… and haven’t for the last 15 years ever since I woke up to the cruelty of it all. But whether I or anyone else posting comments here might be a hypocrite is irrelevant to the fact that this annual “cull” is needlessly barbaric and should be stopped. You are 100 correct though that the act of eating meat IS relevant to the perpetuation of cruelty in general. However I would hazard a guess that most folks who take the time to read this blog and comment on it are probably vegetarians. Just a hunch.

  • Nancy says:

    Never mind Gerry he must be a sealer or he must get turned on when he watches footage of seals being beaten to death and blood splattering all over. The days of the seal hunt are counted and these murderers will have to find another way of making ends meat. Going to school might be a good idea…

  • Alecia Cole says:

    I applaud Elizabeth! I also am a vegan. I believe that no human has the right to take the life of another sentient being that was put on this earth to share it with us. All animals deserve the right to live their lives to the full potential given them by Mother Nature without Man who I personally believe is Mother Nature’s BIGGEST MISTAKE! armed with gun bow knife or any other weapon cutting short that life whether he considers it humanely or inhumanely for selflish purposes of his own. Men who murder animals whether for sport trophy food clothing or to test cures for human ills are barbaric heartless despicable and should themselves have to suffer as they make other sentient creatures suffer.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Oh…and case you are actually reading this I just want to let you know that as of today a press release from a Canadian DFO official has confirmed everything I stated previously. Saying that the hunt is neither monitored nor humane and the number of pelts are only called in by the sealers themselves not actually counted by an official.

  • Elizabeth says:

    To Gerry Yeah maybe some of the footage is old but most of what you see today is from the past few years. And I am not a “holier than thou hypocrit” I am simply stating my opinion supported by facts. I am a vegetarian and I know what happens in the slaughterhouses and that is just as disgusting and should also be stopped which is why I refuse to eat meat. I have watched these sealers “hunt” if you can even call it that these poor baby seals and they are vicious and brutal and some of them are beaten and beaten several times before they lose consciousness some of them don’t even lose consciousness those are left to drown and choke on their own blood while the murderer runs around and bludgeons as many seals as he can. Later on he will come back and finish them off after they have suffered for hours immobile and unable to escape these jerks. As for your comment about them being shot do you really think that is better? The seals that are shot and slip into the water to drown are also suffering and are not even counted into the quota because they are lost. These guys have also been filmed attacking the protestors and becoming very violent could this be a side effect of all the killing they have been doing for so many years? You know that most serial killers start out by torturing animals. And the gov’t doesn”t do a damn thing to enforce the rules and laws on the ice floes. They defend the hunt saying that it is humane and there are rules but no one ever enforces these rules. Sounds to me like the sealers and the government have a little alliance going on and it makes me sick. In any case don’t criticize the caring people until you know the facts becasue I for one and I would bet that most people on this blog are against ANY animal cruelty be it slaughterhouses or seal killers. People who love animals love all animals whether they are cute or not or end up on a dinner plate or as a fur coat. This whole world is screwed up when it comes to using animals for our own personal needs and I personally don’t see the need for it.

  • cathy says:

    I can not believe that this is still going on . come on its the year 2007 Is the Canadian Goverment that far behind the times . Live and let live I say and leave the seals alone. Cathy Australia

  • PH. says:

    The fact that these jerks have been offered millions of dollars to stop killing seals which they refused says it all. They truly are bloodlusting and dangerous men who should be taken out of society. If the army is short on recruits then send these killers to the front line.

  • PH. says:

    Of course they’re still babies. Some of them vomit up milk from their mothers as they’re being beaten to death. These men are psychopaths and should be taken out of civilized society for good.

  • Gerry says:

    Listen to all you holier than thou hypocrites.I guess all of you people are steadfast vegans hey?And no the camera doesn’t lie.But check the date on the film.20 years old maybe?And 90 of seals are shot these days.How humane do you want it.How can you people condemn the ‘slaughter’ of seals when for supper you had steak?Lobster?Chicken?Veal?How do you think this gets to your plate?Been in a slaughterhouse lately?I am a proud Canadian and can see past the lies.Maybe you people should open your eyes and get a life.Wonder if this will be printed?Right.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Well said Jenni!!!!!

  • Jenni Anderson says:

    As one of the naked protesters I am obviously very against the slaughtering of these innocent creatures. To allow the massacre of defenseless baby or adult seals is cruelty at it’s finest! It is a joke to call this a hunt!! It is a total rape against the seals and their babies! AND if Newfoundlanders are in such need for money during the winter months and the Government of Ontario Prime Minister Harper is fully aware of this why is he not giving money to that province to help them out? He has no reservations about giving money to Afghanistan $200 million in fact to help them rebuild. Why if he can help out another country can he not help people in his own backyard?

  • Diana BArrowcliff says:

    Just to get the facts straight here. If you remember last year about the cosmetic lady who was willing to pay $16 million dollars to the sealers so they would not kill the bay seals. Well they all turned it down so obviously it is not for the money!

  • Nancy says:

    Who are these psychopaths who need only a paycheck to look a sentient being in the eyes and crush its skull?!? I don’t care how hard up these people may be for work government sponsored murder is still murder. And brutally coldblooded murder at that. In a civilized country people this barbaric would not be permitted to walk the streets. If this were truly a matter of culling the herds that could be done far more efficiently and humanely by sharpshooters. Of course that would eliminate the opportunity to cash in on the fashion industry’s sick obsession with fur… fur with no pesky bullet holes to lessen its value or betray the murder that took place in order to trim the coat collar of some amoral cretin. “Merci mille fois” to these protesters for laying bare the grizzly reality of Canada’s slaughter for profit.

  • Michele says:

    I am a Canadian who is generally very proud of my country for many reasons including its tolerance for example allowing samesex marriages however I am not proud of the fact that my government continues to allow the seal hunt to go on year after year. I really would like to highlight the fact that a vast majority of Canadians do not support the seal hunt. I think it’s like the British fox hunting of the past where it is so entrenched in “tradition” that it will not be easy to stop right away. What probably makes it even more difficult is that for many people in the Atlantic provinces it is unfortunately their livelihood the government will have to come up with a transition plan so that once the killing stops and I do believe we will achieve that eventually these former hunters will still be able to support their families financially until they can receive whatever educationtraining they need to change “careers”. In the meantime people from Canada and from around the world will have to keep pressuring the Canadian government to stop this cruel practice. It does not matter whether they are condoning the killing of 12 day old seals or older ones it is just as despicable either way.

  • jana slivka says:

    It is really very unfortunate that the nation so big democratic tolerant allows such a cruelty just to please someone who has $$$$$.May I remind you that money does not buy all the happiness and satisfaction in the world. HUMANITY DOES!!!!!

  • Allen says:

    Actually the seals are done molting when they are only 12 days old and then it is legal for sealers to bludgeon them to death. They haven’t even taken their first swim when they are cruelly killed. I’d say a 12 day old seal who hasn’t gone for a swim yet or eaten a solid meal is still a baby.

  • Brenda Smith says:

    I don’t care if it’s baby seals or adult seals that are being bludgeoned to death the point is that no animal or living being should die in this manner. I’m ashamed to call myself Canadian when this issue rears it’s ugly head. I suppose the only reason why we don’t beat deer to death is that we can’t catch them! The government needs to take this seriously.

  • Elizabeth says:

    That being said Laura they ARE baby seals. They are only two weeks old when they begin molting their whitecoats. Many of them have not swam or eaten solid food yet they are still solely dependent on their mothers they have no way of escaping those murderers. And the government allows them to be killed at just the first sign of molting which can be as early as 10 days old.

  • Petra says:

    Well actually they are baby seals. Some of them are 2 weeks old in fact some of them have opened their eyes for the first time. That is the reason why they kill them because their fur is still in its primitive stages.

  • Curtis says:

    Whether it’s legal or not baby seal slaughter happens. I’ve seen several videos of that happening to babies. And the camera doesn’t lie.

  • Laura says:

    Well technically it’s not the baby seals they’re bludgeoning since they have to wait until the seals are done molting legally to kill them. httpwww.canlii.orgcaregusor9356sec27.html Not that it makes it any more right! Believe me I hatehatehate that seals die this way. No one should be beating another living thing no matter how old but we might as well get our facts straight.