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Daytona, Baby!

Written by PETA | February 20, 2007

I’m kicking myself today because I ended up deciding not to watch the Daytona 500 this weekend after everyone I invited told me they’d rather watch paint dry. The only other person I know of here at work who’s into car racing is Ingrid Newkirk, but you don’t exactly call the big boss up on a Sunday morning and invite her round for a couple of sixers, some vegan bratwurst, and four hours of restrictor plate racing. Besides, Ingrid’s big thing is Formula 1 (click here for more on that)—I don’t know how she feels about stock cars. Anyway, it turns out that not only did I miss one of the most exciting races in NASCAR history, but a few of my colleagues actually got to go! Admittedly, they had to attend the event wearing nothing but skimpy yellow bikinis and spend the entire time holding signs and passing out faux chicken and anti-KFC leaflets to surprised NASCAR fans, but I totally would have done all that for a free ticket. OK, maybe not. Check it out though—the girls were a huge hit with everyone except the police.

Daytona 500 PETA 039.jpg
Daytona 500 PETA 009.jpg
Daytona 500 PETA 052.jpg

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