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Dancing With the (Compassionate) Stars

Written by PETA | August 31, 2010

There has never been a shortage of animal rights supporters on ABC’s hit show Dancing With the Stars, and season 11 will be no exception. Vegetarian singer Michael Bolton is as easy on animals as he is on the ears, and funny lady Margaret Cho told the audience at PETA’s Millennium Gala in Hollywood, “[Fur] is really ridiculous. It’s outrageous. We’re not living in igloos. We don’t need to trade pelts anymore.” As for what The HillsAudrina Patridge thinks about buying animals from pet shops, we’ll let her tell you herself:



Which animal-friendly hoofer will get your vote?

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • tj says:

    easy palin of course

  • isabelle gosselin says:

    Thank you Marie P for your comments what you said really helped me. I am always struggling with my emotions when someone dismisses animal suffering in a conversation and I usually can’t think of any good” answer as I boil with madness and become righteous and judgmental. You are so right when you say that this is not the attitude that will win this person to the cause. Yes remembering how we were “before” will certainly help us give compassionate and kind answers. Ultimately it’s our beloved animals who are going to benefit.

  • stephanie lipford says:

    Lets not judges Bristol Palin for the ignorant ands stupid crap and ways that her ol ugly animal hating evil devil monsterous mother is. Let hope that Sarah Palin break her neck and legs and some one shoot her. Bristol might not be nothing like her mom but then again Lets hope she is not I am sure we can and will find out if she is. And as far as Brandy if she is a Vegan then she is a beautiful woman and she has definely got my Vote!

  • Amanda says:

    Don’t forget about the dancers themselves. Karina says no to fur and derrick hough rescues dogs.

  • Robin says:

    Not sure if it is really fair for people to wish violent painful things on people who have been raised differently than you. Honestly she really may not know how horrid of an impact her actions against animals has. Just my opinion but trying to educate people in a kind manner is going to get you a LOT further than wishing terrible things upon them such as broken legs. I am always more likely to listen to someone who approaches me with facts and oompassion rather than someone who is just outright mean. In fact over the years that is exactly what has made me who I am what i “do not eat and what I do not wear” anymore. At her age there were a lot of things I really just didn’t know. I am grateful for those who approached me with kindness and I was willing to listen to them. If people had only attacked me for what I now know to be wrong in my mind and heart there is always a chance I never would have changed.

  • Marie P says:

    Let’s just hope the animal hating’s daughter falls and breaks her leg and then her mother can mount it on her wall of shame.

  • Tom says:

    I’ll wait and see who is the best dancer and leave their politics out of it. After all it is a dancing contest.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I wont be watching DWTS this time around because of a certain animal hating politician’s daughter is going to be one of the dancers and this animal hating politician doesn’t deserve to have more publicity. And we know she will get a lot since her daughter is one of the contestants. So I will not watch.

  • Curtis says:

    And isn’t the singer Brandy veg? She’ll be on the show too.