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Cruelty, Thy Name Is Wintour

Written by PETA | December 29, 2008

OK. So I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for a good list. Grocery lists, “to do” lists, Christmas lists (wait, that was last week)—you name it. Lists are a fantastic source of information (see our favorite lists), as demonstrated by this bit of list gold I found while browsing Time Magazine’sTop 10 Fashion Faux Pas” list: Vogue editor Anna Wintour is number one. Ha!

While she may not have made it into Time for the same reasons that she tops our unfashionable lists, Anna has long been on our radar for her furry ways, and frankly, we’re not surprised that she topped Time’s list as well. I mean, we’ve told her time and time again that fur comes from tortured animals who are often skinned alive, but the woman is as cold as her name implies. Check out our ad featuring the faux pas queen herself:


Anna Wintour


Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Beber says:

    I hope one day the minks or any other animal kind will ninja it into her apartment or whatever hole she comes out every day from and do her justice.

  • Sejal says:

    Wow I just came across this picture and will NEVER pick up another Vogue magazine again.

  • sophie says:

    cool ad that should take her to her ageWAKE UP WINTOUR!!

  • Lindzey says:

    Kudos to that ad

  • Janet Schultz says:

    Everytime an article is written about some fashion designer using furs or someone wearing a recycled fur I have seen some old mink stoles and coats recently a link should be imbedded to the videos of these animals being skinned. It is horrifying to watch and spiritually devastating to think that these animals are brutalized to satisfy a bank book obsession. The general public need to be made aware and that will only happen when they actually see it for their own selves as horrible as it is.

  • claire innes says:

    fabulous ad really good. I hope she thinks twice about her furry ways. It’s a cruel mean industry and should be stopped.

  • Zoie says:

    And another thing if you feel that it’s absolutely necessary to wear something furry try not shaving for a year.

  • Zoie says:

    I’m sorry but when has fur coats been ATTRACTIVE? And we aren’t battling an ice age! So why is it still “in style”? I guess we’ll just have to deal with regular jackets!!!! To Mason Why would you want to do that to the poor seal?!?!

  • mason says:

    great ad! Wintour is just a nature error we should take her skin off and put it on the back of a seal it would look much more better on him!

  • kelly says:

    Wintour is a hideous peasant who has been screwing up Vogue for way too long

  • roxanne says:

    She is fugly inside. I hope Karma hits her real soon. She promoted the torturing and killing of millions and millions of animals

  • Jessica says:

    this is perfect no better way to get it across that fur is TRASHY.

  • Sophiya says:

    You know I used to love the clothes in Vouge not noticing any furs and buy it all the time and then I read on Peta about Anna Wintour and stopped buying it. Also by the way that dress looks hideous on that Time Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Fashion Faux Pas’ list.

  • Alicia says:

    I like that ad!