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Cruel Exhibit Stopped After PETA Steps In

Written by PETA | July 2, 2012

After hearing from PETA, a Brooklyn gallery quickly canceled plans to present a demonstration in which frogs would be cruelly injected with women’s urine and also given away to event attendees. PETA decried the needless suffering of the frogs involved and called for the gallery to abandon the demonstration.

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Lacking Compassion and Common Sense

The gallery, Proteus Gowanus, had planned to host an exhibit in which an anthropologist would invite women to watch as he injected their urine into two African clawed frogs, replicating an archaic pregnancy test. The frogs would be injected as many as 60 times each, resulting in significant pain and distress. Animal pregnancy tests were long ago replaced with better non-animal methods.

The anthropologist was also going to give away five frogs to exhibition attendees so that the women could perform the test in their own homes—with no guarantee that the frogs would not be mistreated, killed, or released into the wild, where a fungus that African clawed frogs carry that kills other species of frogs could wreak havoc on wild amphibian populations.

Making a Statement

After learning about the gallery’s plans, PETA immediately called on the gallery to cancel the exhibition and was in the process of filing a cruelty complaint with local authorities, issuing an action alert, and calling in amphibian experts—but this turned out to be unnecessary as the cruel and risky demonstration and giveaway were quickly replaced by a lecture.

The moral of the story? Cruelty to animals may occur in unexpected places—but wherever we see it, we must never be silent.

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  • sima niroomand says:

    I was an animal lover all my life till I had chance to know PETA;from then I have been an animal and PETA lover.Thank you PETA

  • Karen Saucedo says:

    Claudia Williams: These are TWO frogs. We are not adrift in millions of homeless frogs. We ARE adrift in a sea of millions of homeless dogs. They can not and will not all be homed. Unless and until we can have a moratorium on breeding, we will NEVER catch up and fix the problem. Millions of dogs are starving, roaming the streets sick and broken and even blind, and being abused. I LOVE…*L*O*V*E* animals. But, if we can’t find a dog a home, I would rather it be put to rest than end up starving at the end of a chain or in a lab or an abuser’s home. WE HAVE TOUGH CHOICES TO MAKE AND ACTIONS TO TAKE UNTIL OUR GOVERNMENT SEES FIT TO DO ITS JOB! AND, THAT MEANS OUTLAW PUPPY MILLS, ENACT NATIONAL SPAY/NEUTER LAWS. PLACE A MORATORUM ON ALL DOMESTIC ANIMAL BREEDING. PETA IS NOT THE PROBLEM. GREED, IRRESPONSIBILITY, AND SHIRKING OF DUTY…THOSE ARE THE PROBLEMS.

  • Karen Saucedo says:

    I hope the useless POS who proposed such IDIOCY was canned.

  • Ingrid Ajangu says:

    Thank you!

  • Denise says:

    Is this world sick or what? Thank you, PETA!

  • Claudia Williams says:

    See this is exactly what I am talking about you don’t want them to stick needles in reptiles so why stick one in a dog or cat?

  • Julia says:

    Thank you PETA <3

  • Melody says:

    Thank you PETA!

  • Clare says:

    Such a needless act of cruelty, these people should be ashamed of themselves for even considering the idea.Thanks Peta,keep up the good work.

  • Alice says:

    Thank you so much Peta for working so hard to raise awareness and end cruelty.

  • margo says:

    Thank you to whoever reported it to Peta. Thank you Peta!

  • Katham says:

    Good job PETA!! Thank you for all the efforts you do everyday for our innocent friends!!

  • yannick says:

    omg i have 2 African clawed frogs so the fact that someone would try to do something like this to them pisses me off. I Treat my frogs with the same respect as i do my cat so im really tired of people mistreating smaller animals SUCH as frogs and getting away with it. So Glad peta got these people before they could do this.

  • Toby says:

    I think most of us agree that modern art is mostly ugly nonsense; that attempt at abuse demonstrates that art trend & it’s great that some bold people had the good sense to stop it. Anthropology is also infected with a lot of Post-Modern ‘every cultural practice is equally valid’ nonsense, which is dangerous in effect, but that’s a tangent!

  • Cassandra says:

    Thank God for PETA stepping in. This is why I am proud to support.

  • Alexandra says:

    And this was going to happen in Brooklyn? How disappointing.

  • Insanity says:

    I don’t know why are there some people that cruel when they have the option not to!?

  • alex says:

    Thank you PETA for your hard work to protect these animals!

  • Jill says:

    Well done PETA. Thank you – and an important point made 🙂