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Update: PETA Files Suit Seeking Information on Sanctioning of Cruel Dairy Farm

Written by PETA | February 26, 2013

Update: PETA has filed a lawsuit against the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets under the state’s Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) seeking records relating to Adirondack Farms, LLC—the subject of last year’s undercover PETA investigation that revealed routine abuse and neglect of cows (see below for details).

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Despite these abuses, the department certified Adirondack under its Cattle Health Assurance Program, which is meant to protect the health and welfare of cows on dairy farms. Records relating to a farm’s participation in this program are supposed to be open to the general public under FOIL, but the department has improperly denied PETA access to many of these records. Since this information is of vital interest to anyone who wants to see farmed animals treated with the respect and care that they deserve, PETA was left with no choice but to sue to obtain the withheld records.

Originally posted on April 11, 2012:

The dairy farm manager who repeatedly electro-shocked a cow in the face and brushed off the fact that his workers hit cows with poles and canes by saying that they sometimes “get carried away” is still employed as a manager at the farm—a month after PETA notified the farm’s owners of the cruelty and released video evidence of the abuse.

More Cruelty Caught on Video

The same manager at Adirondack Farms, LLC, in Peru, New York, was recorded jabbing a downed cow in the ribs with a screwdriver and dragging her behind a skid steer. He cursed at her—calling her a “dumb b***h” and asking how the “f**k” she was unable to stand. You may remember that this man stated that when a cow’s uterus prolapses during calving, workers simply “put [the uterus] back in and hope she lives … long enough for the beef truck to come get her.”

Farm Silent on Ending Abuse

Before we went public with the video footage that we gathered during our undercover investigation, we asked the farm’s owners to take immediate disciplinary action, including termination, against the employees who were documented abusing animals. We gave the owners a detailed list of men and explained what they did. We followed up. Four weeks later, the owners remain silent. Even after eye-opening news reports on the case, neither Adirondack Farms nor Agri-Mark, the company that it supplies with milk, has announced taking a single meaningful step to improve their animal welfare standards. And that this manager is still on the job at the farm suggests that it’s cruel business as usual there and beyond in the dairy industry.

What You Can Do

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  • Janine Williams says:

    There are no words…. It frightens me, the world we live in and the people we live with. I hope these people understand the concept of karma…. What goes around, comes around!!! It upsets me so much… I battle to keep the faith in humankind

  • Sandrine Boand says:

    I have no words to say anything. I’m afraid of this cruelty.

  • chander kumar soni says:


  • Shirley Preston-Gouveia says:

    People like this should be wiped off the planet!! We are not that superior that we have the given right to abuse animals of any kind!! Put this guy away – something drastic needs to happen to him or he will not learn a lession.

  • Nani Anderson says:

    🙁 horrible, the way we as humans treat everything we come in contact with

  • denise crossland says:

    I am from New Zealand. I cannot understand why your RSPCA (or similar animal welfare organisation) cannot take action and prosecute.

  • Janice Veno says:

    Shame on any human that gets satisfaction out of hurting animals. This farm needs to be closed down. People need to stop purchasing dairy products from them.

  • Robin Kassing says:

    This practice needs to stop IMMEDIATELY!!! Crap like this makes me ashamed to be human. I will NEVER eat Cabot cheese again, and I will be sure to spread the word. I will never understand the mentality of many humans & how they can do thse sort of acts on defenseless animals! They are on some kind of power trip. Maybe the world will end 12/21/12 as some say. Then things like this won’t be an issue!!!

  • Rocco Sirico says:

    This world is going nuts. Stop animal cruelty

  • Beckie says:

    WHAT?! WHY?! This sickens me.

  • olatz madrazo says:


  • eliz roman says:

    This man obviously hates women as cows are female and he enjoys lashing out at them H is impatient actions here are proof. These animals do not know the spoken word. The worse punishment thinkable is not enough for people who take advantage of their “enjoyment” by abusing animals. CABOT cheese is off my table

  • Ilda Johnston says:

    this is sick! how is this low life still working there???

  • suzanne mitchell says:

    Unbelievable cruelty, these people must be stopped NOW…

  • Judy Boone says:

    this cretin needs to be in prison after he is horse whipped many times

  • eddy says:

    can we please please please all become vegan and this nightmare will end overnight…..join me…..

  • Lucy Johnson says:

    I cannot believe that this can happen

  • Patti says:

    This is no different than a training camp for terrorist which is really what they are. How do these people sleep at night? We don’t live in barbaric times anymore. Get a real job.

  • shelly says:

    Cheese leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  • Andrea Baddeley says:

    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it is the law of nature. That guy had better be prepared for reincarnation cos it will all come back to him. Why do people like this think they can do whatever they want? he is just a weak bully who cannot pick on something who can fight back. He needs to be kept away from any living thing.

  • David Conrad says:

    Stop this cruel act now!

  • Liz says:

    The world is watching!

  • Marlene Patterson says:

    please stop cruelty. those innocents animals are suffering as the human think its ok to do, switch this, do this to the person who torture the animals, I would laugh at this person to suffer, to see how pain it will feel.

  • Annie says:


  • Kev says:

    This must stop it is bad enough that these animals are never allowed to live on a real farm. They are forced feed, injuried, and the abuse from human hands… I do not know who these people are or what thoughts they have but for them to want to do this to any living animal that cannot defend it self. I really hope they don’t have children

  • twitchy says:

    If we humans must eat other animals, and we dont need to, at least let us treat them to a decent life whilst it lasts, and treat them in a humane way at the end of it. Working in processing and abbatoirs is a rough job, but it doesnt justify cruelty by inadequate people who use animals to feel enpowered by being sadists, apart from the cruelty to the animal, what sort of people are or become, amongst us in society, sadists, not acceptable, vile beings in society.

  • indycar01 says:

    every year the indy 500 winner drinks milk, visit click drivers (they all have facebook) and tell them ALL WHY they should make it soymilk!.. sence 1911, its about time they came out of their CAVE, like i always say, do your body as you would your car.

  • Anna says:

    Please stop this cruelty!!!!!!!!!!

  • aradhana vaishnav says:

    everything that you are doing will come to you with more force!!! so be ready or respect every living soul nature has gifted (even yourself).

  • donna eyssi says:

    this is beyond disgusting & inhumane!! This person needs to be removed ASAP!!!!!

  • Dora Hardegger says:

    This is disgusting the way animals are treated why are people so cruel to farm animals this must stop and anyone found treating animals this way should get severe punishment. Why is this scum still working with animals you know cruelty goes from animals to humans so it must be stopped. Take action to stop this cruelty.

  • sandra arapoudis says:

    No place for this man to work there anymore

  • Maria Bastas says:

    Stop tormenting you animals, how would you like it if it happened to you.

  • tina tine' says:

    there is no excuse for workers to abuse any animal for any reason. please put a stop to this atrocious treatment of animals and hold the abusers completely accountable.

  • Recoules says:

    Vous n’êtes pas humains,insensibles, cruels,amis de l’argent,sans affection,vous les hommes des pays riches.” Quelle pitié,quelle pauvreté d’avoir dit que les bêtes sont des machines privées de connaissance et de sentiments” Voltaire

  • Sandy says:

    This must stop it is bad enough that these animals are never allowed to live on a real farm. They are forced feed, injuried, and the abuse from human hands… I do not know who these people are or what thoughts they have but for them to want to do this to any living animal that cannot defend it self. I really hope they don’t have children

  • Chris says:

    Ridiculously cruel, barbaric, and beyond belief. Our fellow animals feel pain too.

  • Sherrie says:

    I started to watch video and I could not even finish it! Crying all the time!!!! i agree with Shelia, the owners should also be held accountable for this two!! I have 3 cats and one huge dog, and you know what? I’d got to jail for them, I ‘d go to the depths of HELL for them !!! I was told recently that if a person lets an animal get hurt or killed or the do it them selves that there is something wrong with that person mentally! Even if you slap your dog for barking, there is something wrong with you , any kind of abuse. I , myself and I!!!!!! Think that however you abuse that you should be abused in the same way! Sorry I need to stop or I can go on forever.

  • P GASPAR says:


  • Meghan says:

    No animal deserves this, and this is no different! Stop the animal torture! If I could chose, I would ban animal meat and slaughter humans instead for meant. Then, would it be brutal? If so, why not when the animals have to go through it?

  • Anita M. Buffer says:

    Mahatma Gandhi once said, “you can tell how a country is progressing by how it treats it’s animals. YOU ARE FAILING.

  • Vegan Fairy says:

    can’t email these bozos but ya got my vote,like,these sick bast*rds have to stop torturing/killing animals.Being veg doesn’t make it over-going VEGAN WILL.i luuv being vegan an have for so long. TY

  • DWAYNE KING says:


  • Amy says:

    Farmer’s AND ANIMALS feed cities, this type of behaviour is disturbing and unacceptable…if the law won’t do anything then we as consumers have the power. Boycott all products even associated with this farm, this individual needs to be stopped while Mr. Jon Rulfs needs to learn a lesson about leadership.

  • Elan says:

    This is horrendous. Stop and feel what that’d be like for you!!!!

  • Sheila says:

    I can’t believe this is still allowed!!!!! This is outrageous I believe the people who put him back in action should be held accountable to the charges as well.

  • meyer says:


  • bobby says:

    this is very cruel, this people must be stop NOW.