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Crows Go Into the Used Car Parts Business

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 14, 2011

Are crows into Grand Theft Auto? These brainy birds steal windshield wiper blades for reasons known only to themselves, although having fun with them might be the answer.

Ravens seem more interested in studying sign language. Like primates and humans, the birds use gestures to communicate—in this case, pointing with their beaks.

SteveD | cc by 2.0

Octopuses have bird brains (read “big brains”) too. Some octopuses in captivity make toys and games out of items in their tanks. Some let the people they like stroke their heads, while a person on an octopus’s bad side may get squirted.

Fish enjoy the calming effects of touch, too, but not from people. They will allow small fish who work as full-time cleaners to nibble at their scales even when they don’t have parasites because they like the gentle massage.

Dogs, of course, love affection from people, and their devotion to their guardians doesn’t usually fade when that guardian passes away. A faithful dog in China refuses to leave his guardian’s grave, and the townspeople plan to build a doghouse there for the grieving canine.

After being stolen from his home, held for five years, and then apparently dumped after he developed a medical problem, a precocious pup who loves to travel hopped on a bus. When he was spotted by the driver and taken to a vet, his microchip guaranteed that the next trip he took was back home to his family.

Another clever canine is a hero after she grabbed a bag of kittens someone had tossed onto the highway, pulled it off the road, dragged it home, and cried until her guardian opened it.

Resourceful deer, raccoons, blue herons, and other animals have figured out how to safely cross the road (without instructions from chickens).

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  • used parts says:

    Used car parts business are one of the most profitable business in the current period just because of more demands of used parts, but here this post having some contents regarding the fact of animal and affection for them which would be more heart touchable.

  • corvidaecraze says:

    those silly corvids…gotta love them!

  • Jackie says:

    That poor sad doggy in China, I’m glad they’re building a doghouse for him. And hurray for dogs who save cats!

  • Lisa says:

    And i hope the dog in China who refuses the leave his guardians grave is continued to be looked after by the people in the village and hope the doghouse is built as must be getting very cold there now, animals are not just not pets they are our companians our best friends.

  • Lisa says:

    Just shows how amazing animals are, i think sometimes we forget how clever they are probably more than humans lol, not sure why crows want to steal windscreen wipers what do they use them for? Lovely story about the dog that hopped on the bus i bet the family were in total shock being reunited after 5yrs says it all really get your pet microchipped i wonder if the dog rememebered them. And love the story of the dog that rescued the bag of kittens she is certainly a hero she saved their lives how amazing.