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Congratulations to Chris P. Carrot and Penelo Pea Pod!

Written by PETA | May 23, 2008

I’m not one of those people who see anything wrong with legumes and root vegetables getting married. I say, if they’re in love, let them celebrate that love. And that’s exactly what Chris P. Carrot and Penelo Pea Pod did this past weekend at the Veggie Pride Parade in NYC. The New York Times has the story, along with what may be my favorite quote of the year, from a hot dog vendor in Washington Square:

“It’s because of the vegetarians,” he said. “It’s one of my worst days in four years.”

By all accounts, a great day for everyone else in attendance though. Here are some pics:

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  • Warwak says:

    When I married them we talked about having children. If they have a child they agreed she or he will be a vegan animal rights acivist just like mom and dad. Maybe next year they will bring junior and renew their vows

  • lynda downie says:

    Everywhere you go there they are togethersoups stews side dishes you name it! A perfect fit! It’s about time those crazy kids made it legit!

  • Soliel says:

    Hysterical! You guys are dolls! Where do you come up with this stuff? Yes I do too support the right of roots and carrots to marry it’s only right!!!

  • silvia says:

    That is soooo cute!

  • Sally-Anne Ryan says:

    This was a great day everyone was in good spirits and it was great to get the chance to celebrate our choices..

  • lucas s says:

    I was there!! was amazing! ill be uploading pics soon. check em out httpwww.myspace.comxurbanveganx