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Collapsed Horse Tied Up, Dragged, and Hoisted on Forklift (Warning: Disturbing Images)

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 20, 2013

Like all horses who are forced to pull carriages, Jerry has to work in all weather extremes, including the scorching summers and the bitter winters of Salt Lake City. He hauls tourists through the busy, congested downtown streets, inhaling fumes and competing for road space with honking cars. Last weekend, while pulling tourists, he apparently succumbed to the 98-degree heat and collapsed. The heat radiating off the black asphalt on which he was pulling a carriage would have been far, far hotter than 98 degrees.

Jerry was too weak to stand, so his handlers tied ropes around his body and dragged him into a trailer.

They drove him to the stable, but he was still too weak to stand, so his handlers put straps around his limp body and hoisted him into the barn with a forklift.

Jerry’s owners said that he collapsed because he suffers from colic. We are doubtful and suspect heat exhaustion, although colic can be brought on or exacerbated by heat, dehydration, and stress—three factors that essentially define daily life for horses who are forced to pull carriages.

What You Can Do

PETA is once again calling on Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker to prevent tragedies like this one and support efforts to ban horse-drawn carriages on city streets. More regulations on this practice won’t solve the problem. Regulations can’t reshape Salt Lake City’s densely urban environment, and they can’t change the fact that horses are extremely sensitive to loud noises. Contact Mayor Becker and let him know that you oppose forcing horses to pull carriages.

Please support PETA’s ‘Free the Horses’ campaign! We are aiming to raise $40,000 to expose the ugly truth about horse drawn carriages. We have until September 24. All we need is you! 

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  • The Bachoos Family says:

    ban this cruel horse drawn carriages.

  • Laura Smith says:

    Please Ban Horse Drawn Carriages in all US Cities.

  • Marilyn says:

    I will be visiting the US in October and had Salt Lake City on my agenda. i have since called my travel agent and will NOT be visiting Salt Lake City any more. This is a disgrace and horse drawn carriages MUST BE BANNED. In fact the owner of the horse should have been charged with cruelty to animals.

  • rebecca says:

    nothing surprises me anymore, money over welfare again, and even if he does suffer from colic he should not have been working. hope owners get prosecuted and I wish him well if he has survived

  • Robyn Stoward says:

    Why? These people are creating their own Karma!I have travelled to Salt Lake Cit and enjoyed my time there. Iwill never come back and spend my tourist $$$$$$ because of cruelty I have witness with these beautiful animals.Why would you do this and then to treat a sick animal with such disrespect?

  • Cristina Castellanos says:

    Punishment for those who exploit and abuse animals, please

  • Sarah Easterling says:

    This has to stop! No animal deserves this.

  • Nicholas Gysi says:

    horses should be in fields, eating grass, running, resting, and enjoying the company of their owners and fellow horses, not in crowded, noisy, smelly street where they could hit by a car, worn out, or get attacked by a bunch of punks and drunks

  • Audrey Martinez says:

    Please BAN Horse Drawn Carriages in all US Cities.

  • Helena Russell says:

    Please ban horse drawn carriages, when you do I will promote visitors to Utah

  • Valerie Luevano says:

    These images are sickening. There’s no reason why horses should have to suffer this way. The same collapse has happened in St. Augustine, Florida. People need to THINK and not just look at what seems a romantic ride. Get these poor animals off all city streets!

  • Bernell Trapp says:

    Horse-drawn carriages DO NOT belong in densely populated areas and/or noisy environments! The majority of the horses look overworked, thirsty, & miserable…being forced to walk on the hard asphalt and inhale dangerous gas fumes! Horse drawn carriages must be banned now and forever!

  • Lynn says:

    This is completely disheartening and cruel, Please tell us that this gorgeous poor horse received medical attention and is doing OK!! What the heck is wrong with you people that you allow this to happen? How would you feel if this was done to you! Inhumane, cruel, heartless, selfish, should I go on??????

  • Janice Adee says:

    Jerry the horse died that day! See slc mayors website.

  • shelia blazofsky says:

    why must animals be abused for the humans to ride-STOP THE TORTURE OF OUR HORSES

  • Jeff Eastwood says:

    People like this don’t have a heart.Same thing should be done to them.

  • Tabi says:

    This is a horrible case of abuse. Please make sure this does not happen again.

  • Jackie Fernandez says:

    This is so disturbing and ruthless. Let’s make this world a more positive place and stop hurting these horses. Stop these old-timey horse-drawn carriages. It’s not needed and it’s just cruel.

  • Shelly Rosato says:

    What the HELL is the matter with you people…This is an outrage…This must stop right now…Let’s see you pull a cart in that heat…What is happening to the world nobody cares anymore about the water the chemicals in the food or the beings who live here on earth..This hurts to see this..Shelly

  • Sue Y Symmons says:

    Absolutely horrific! Jerry should have been handled with greater love and care and as a living, sentient being rather than being dragged all over the place. Jerry’s owners are heartless and I for one won’t visit Salt Lake until it stops using horse drawn carriages for such purposes.

  • Muriel Lea Zrenda says:

    Please Please put an end to the horse drawn carriages in Salt Lake City. Horses and automobiles do not bode well for each other!! Treatment of horses used for this purpose is inhumane and cruel. Please put an end to this practice!!!!!!!!!

  • Francine Vachon says:

    Quelle cruauté! Je me demande quelquefois quel est le QI de ceux qui font cela ou le permettent. Probablement ceux qui font les guerres pour s’occuper ou s’enrichir.

  • Christine Jones says:

    The poor tourists probably think the animals are treated well. I am very conscious of animals. If I am hot and thirsty in this scorching summer, it’s very possible my dogs are hot, thirsty and needed a proper shady area. Even construction workers take a break from their work site to get refreshed but animals are seen as machines. This is really flogging a dead horse.

  • Stefanie says:

    This is simply disgusting!

  • Susan Goulet says:

    The owners of this poor horse should be horse whipped aand given a healthy fine for this abuse.

  • June Anne McKnight says:

    I honestly can’t believe that humans can behave like this , do they not see the terror , fear, pain and anguish in the faces of the poor animals they treat with such barbarism

  • Bernadette says:


  • Martina says:

    I just is disgusting how animals are exploited by humans… it is a disgrace. the punishmen for animal abuse should be the same as if you would hurt/kill a human.

  • sherallee schubert says:

    The owners should be prosecuted for doing this to this horse. During hot weather the carriage rides need to be banned all together. This is just not good enough to treat the poor horses like this. Ban the carriage on hot days!!!

  • sherallee schubert says:

    In these modern times, why did this poor horse be driven to such an extent that he had to collapse? The driver would have noticed the horse was getting tired. There is no excuse for doing this to this horse. During hot weather all carriage rides should be banned so that this does not happen again!!

  • marina alescekevich says:

    basta maltrattamenti su questi povere bestie

  • patrice de st pern says:

    It is such a pity to see how animals namely horses are being ill-treated and abused for the sake of making money. Allowing this practice to continue means that the authorities are publicly admitting and encouraging mankind to behave like animals would not.

  • CG says:

    Why is a horse with colic and in a weakened condition pulling carriages in almost 100 degree heat? Are there any standards limiting when these horses have to do this work and a Vet examination before doing this?

  • Iris D. Smith says:

    This should never be allowed to happen!

  • Juan Garces says:


  • Grace Calvert says:

    Salt Lake City and other cities need to stop using horses to transport people. Horses shouldn’t be expected to pull people around in extreme heat and cold, especially with loud noises surrounding them. It’s not safe for the horses, and it’s not safe for people.

  • Kimberly Bozich says:

    Stop torturing animals!!!!

  • Amanda Bernier says:

    Tragic! Inhumane and Horrible! How can anyone treat such a magestic animal so badly?

  • babybee says:

    If I was sitting on that carriage, I would be hating myself for ever. How could people be so cruel and stupid to let these things happen to poor innocent animals. I hope this sweet horse recovers and lives a happy pain free life.

  • Laura Briskman-Ferguson says:

    My God! What the hell is wrong with us? The way we treat eachother and our beloved animals is atrocious! It is saddening to know that there are so many people in this world who simply don’t give a damn! I can’t imagine what these poor animals, “God’s creatures must endure before the sweet relief of death is finally here.

  • Denise Miller says:

    Mayor Becker I have cancelled all reservations, venue, hotel, etc., for Salt Lake City. Our family reunion consists co 112 people from all areas of the USA, Canada and Great Britain. This decision was a unanimous one after viewing the cruelty case of the horse, Jerry, who collapsed in 98 degree weather while pulling a horse drawn carriage in your city. I ask you to please ban the use of helpless animals forced to pull carriages in your city. It sickens our family to know this abuse is happening in Salt Lake. Worse yet, it is being allowed. No regulations will help these defenseless animals. The common denominator is money. This is unacceptable. Shame. Denise Miller

  • Alejandra Anderson says: