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What the Cluck, Chick-fil-A?

Written by PETA | November 29, 2011

In a David-and-Goliath fight against Big Chicken—i.e., Chick-fil-A—Vermont artist and local agriculture booster Bo Muller-Moore is fighting for his right to “eat more kale.” Chick-fil-A called “fowl” on Muller-Moore, claiming that consumers would be bamboozled into thinking that there is some affiliation with its trademarked phrase “Eat Mor Chikin” but Muller-Moore is standing firm in what he hopes is just a game of legal “chicken.”

One thing’s for sure: While eating more chicken poses a multitude of health risks, you can’t go wrong by raising (and eating) more kale.

Check out some kaleicious recipes on PETA’s “Living” site. You’ll get a healthy dose of calcium, beta carotene, and vitamin C and leave the saturated fat and cholesterol at the drive-through window.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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