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Cleavage Cavaliers’ Open Letter to Cleveland

Written by PETA | July 15, 2010

Dear Cleveland,

We know that it’s hard to let go of LeBron James. Our hearts melted for you when we heard that he signed with the Miami Heat, so we thought we’d cruise around Cleveland today, doing something really cool to lift your spirits: handing out free Tofutti Cuties in outfits that would make most cheerleaders blush.

Cavalier Cuties

These vegan cuties (the soy ice cream, that is) are the perfect way to “beat the heat.” But we are also big softies for animals and the Earth. Did you know that raising animals for food is a major cause of greenhouse-gas emissions? A recent U.N. report concluded that a global shift toward a vegan diet is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change. Plus, switching to a dairy-free diet reduces the suffering of cows and can help lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, and obesity—meaning that you’ll be in your stadium seats cheering on the Cavs for years to come.

So keep your chin up Cleveland. You’ll go on without LeBron. And please enjoy the Tofutti Cuties on us!


PETA’s “Cleavage Cavalier” Cuties

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  • GlitteredCupCakes says:

    LOL It’s like a bad relationship th has ended and just clings!! LMBO

  • Olivia says:

    I was there! this was my very first PETA event so glad I could volunteer I’ll be at more! P.S. As a Cleveland girl we’re not sad Lebron is gone good riddance were just upset with the way he smacked Cleveland’s face on the way out! GO CAVS GO PETA

  • Jenny says:

    hi! i have a suggestion. okay so this is from experience but NOBODY likes tofutti cuties. i tried to like them because i wanted a cruelty free cold treat for the summer but i really thought they were disgusting as does a lot of my friends. next time try tiny bowls of soy delicious or sorbet they are much better crowd pleasers!

  • troller says:

    I’ve always found the utopian beliefs that guide veganism to be strange. Perhaps they have forgotten one fundamental rule that allows us and every other living thing on this planet to survive. Life feeds on life. I’ll never argue that meat processing plant is humane and I like most would wince at the sight of any kind of torture but I also understand how nature works. Nature by default is chaotic and the denizens of nature struggle to survive against one another every second of every day. Humans by design divine or otherwise are adept in this struggle. We defy nature by bringing what we consider order to the world. Regardless of our efforts to shape the world we must understand that we are part of it not merely observers. We feed on life just as every other living thing before us has just as every living thing after us will. You can keep the wool over your eyes or whatever fabric suits your idealogies but until you understand that humans are omnivores consumers of animal and plant life and that consuming either one is neither wrong nor right but is simply part of life you will remain hopelessly oblivious to reality. Feel free to eat as you choose and assume that healthcare woes are exclusive to the omnivorous but spare the rest of us the fanciful tales of a nut and berry exclusive future. We acknowledge that we are part of nature not above it as you would like to believe.

  • Melinda Chedid says:

    As a Clevender I’m so sick of hearing about LeBron! I wish my city would just move on already. It’s like a bad relationship that has ended and that just clings. I’m sorry I missed the cuties! Next time cuties are involved in Cleveland give me a call and I’ll help eat them well and pass them out too!.