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Cindy Crawford: Desperate and Pathetic

Written by PETA | October 26, 2007

You may remember that a couple of years ago, we went after Cindy Crawford for agreeing to appear in ads wearing fur. Doing furry ads is bad enough, but Crawford had actually once posed for PETA’s Fur Campaign and even signed a statement declaring that she would speak up for animals by refusing to wear fur. Shortly after we raised a stink, Crawford crawled back under her rock and we hadn’t heard from her since. Actually, nobody had heard from her; it’s not like there’s much decent work for morally bankrupt washed-up former models out there.

Well it looks like Crawford finally scored another gig. She just showed up on the cover of the November issue of Russian Vogue wearing what appears to be an entire family of dead animals on her back. Since Crawford is so desperate for her mole-ridden face to be seen, maybe it’s time to bring back the poster we used last time . . .


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  • Beth dixon says:

    Everyone is so impressed with Crawford recent untouched photo….but she is wearing fur!!! And even if it’s not real fur….which I believe it is….the fact they are made to look like a dead animal is just as bad.

  • curiosity says:

    No one has addressed the question of how you tell whether it is real fur or not. I’ve seen and touched some pretty wonderful fakes. Since I don’t read russian I hope someone did their home work and checked the buyers info in the magazine before they sent out such a scathing criticism.

  • Anna says:

    You people are offbase. Your comments are vicious vile and do not serve the greater cause. Kimberly You need to reread the bible. FISH BEASTS FOWL…….

  • Larrie* says:

    Crude reality…

  • kimberley says:

    Okay… I also agree that cindy crawford’s career is pretty much over but for PETA to bash anyone is dumb because yes they are trying to help the animals but that supposedly makes them a kindhearted organization. I do believe that it was totally wrong for Cindy to do the PETA thing then turn around and decide to pose with FULL FUR in another ad afterwards but like someone else said the pics say it all. Its not like PETA is super effected by this. I also always wondered why PETA had to have all nude women to do antifur ads. The cause should “sell itself” it shouldnt need women’s sexuality to get people to pay attention to the cause. I smile on the cause but completely frown on their means of getting the support.

  • emma says:

    asdf this is a PETA website in other words for the PROTECTION of animals against some as obvious as yourself who would probably have no problem with wearing dead animals. The whole point of this article is to show that some people do stupid things like ms crawford not to look at the coat and go “ooohhhh”. Why on earth would be the point of putting up a picture on a PETA website of someone who’s trying to make a quick buck be for individuals such as yourself to admire such an atrosity!!?? If you want to look at real fur coats go some place else. Or even better get a knife or something with a blunt object whichever you think might hurt more bash your head against something till you bleed and then take that knife put it against your head and skin the top of your head so that your hair is still on the skin and completely intact. Then come back on here and tell us how much it hurts. Oh wait you won’t be able to… If that coat is real it’s discusting and she should know better it’s not ignorance she has it’s just plain ARROGANCE!

  • eef says:

    what a fake bitch…everything for the money..i hope she dies!

  • Jim says:

    To respond to Sam Kelly’s post you entirely ignored the majority of my post or the points made in them. My comment about God condoning livestock was mostly a tangent responding to Kimberly’s arguments against meat eating I wasn’t suggesting that my quote could support wearing fur and I don’t support wearing fur in any way it is certainly unjustifiable when I can’t even justify my selfish eating of meat.

  • kaela says:

    i dont think that it is right to be mean to a person for wearing a coat i think it looks great on her im all for fur

  • Jessica says:

    What an idiot. Seems having no actual “work” has left her with boredom bitchiness and a split personality or just crazed madness to boot. Where’s the love for the animals Cindy?