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Church Fundraises by Tormenting Pigs (Video)

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | August 14, 2014

Pigs screamed in terror as they were clamped into headlocks, tackled, and dragged at the St. Patrick Parish‘s fundraiser near Stephensville, Wisconsin, last weekend. Watch the chilling video footage:

Despite being bombarded with appeals to cancel the cruel event from tens of thousands of people all over the country, parish officials threw kindness and compassion to the wind.

The pigs were so exhausted and stressed that they gasped for breath, and they struggled to make it back to the holding pens (where an eyewitness reported that the pigs had little or no potable water, food, or access to shelter from the scorching sun all day).

One pig’s head was pushed into the mud. Another frantic pig tried in vain to escape as five men closed in, and another limped after having been dropped. After the event, pigs’ backs were scratched, undoubtedly from the fingernails of people who had desperately tried to grab hold of them.

The pigs’ reward for their “participation” was to be shipped off to a painful and terrifying death the next day.

What You Can Do

If you learn that animals are to be used in cruel spectacles, voice your objections to organizers immediately and contact PETA for help.

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  • Mary says:

    Cruelty to animals needs to stop!! Can’t imagine anybody thinking this is OK. I pray for these animals and justice be done!

  • Kathryn says:

    Some Christians!!!!!! Some love shown in this church!!!! What a terrible way to earn money for a church….or anything else…..sick……

  • Anahita says:

    Sick sick sick people!!

  • Sharon says:

    Appalling! What is wrong with the human race, what church would think this is ok? No respect for life! Truly evil !!!

  • eugene daub says:

    Soo, this is a church fund raiser ,at the the poor animals expense . These fools don’t even think of how much fear and pain they are inflickting on these gentle beast. This on the same level as bear baiting ,alligator wrestling , bullfighting where the odds are always stacked in the abusers favor. This is called sport

  • eugene daub says:

    Pig Wrassell, at St Patricks ? wonder how St Francis would feel about this ?
    Stupid cruel moronic behavior from clueless males. Make me ashamed to be a member of the human race .

  • Kathryn wilkinson says:

    Unbelievable that people can do this all in the name of fun. They should be so ashamed however I am sure they don’t careless. I only hope that one day they see the cruelty in what they are doing. Call themselves religious Hippocrates.

  • David Linn says:

    Gives new meaning to IOWA – Idiots Out Walking Around.

  • Absolutely abhorrent! How can anyone do this to another being. Fight man to man! This is just cruel to the animal and gutless. Just a crowd of cowards could find this amusing. This must be stopped!

  • Ron Kenward says:

    “All Gods creatures”

  • Barbara says:

    Church people?
    They don’t appear to have a heart or empathy at all and that is evil.

  • Christina Rego says:

    Just proves how many abusers hide behind the guise of “religion”. This church & whoever runs it should be ashamed of themselves. Only God can judge and it will be so.

  • Antonia says:

    The thing that shocked me the most was that, at the end, the men let the pig go as if they hadn’t harmed it one bit. They saw it as fun and games. People don’t realize how much their choices can change things. (That goes for everyone.)

  • Merle Slatem says:

    I find it totally disgusting that a Religious organisation can condone such behavior. Do they not have any morals.

  • Donna says:

    The whole church and all the participants in their ’44 year annual pig wresling fund raiser’ should be prosecuted and brought to justice. I want them on their knees in total repentance before their and the pigs’ maker.

  • HYLA MARTIN says:


  • Sonja Talboys says:

    What childish irresponsible cruel idiots these scum are. What do they get out of being so cruel to pigs??????????Why not do it on each other?????????????These are Christian people?????????Yet again two faced scum.

  • Judy Milliken says:

    Humans can be such a thoughtless people. to subject animals to such cruel actions just for entertainment is such a thoughtless idea and it is being done by so called adults. grow up and do the right thing for these poor animals. Stop tormenting them for your own selfish entertainment.

  • J Bell says:

    This has to stop! NOW! As a christian I am even more sickened that this in done in the name of the Lord… further evidence that there are to many hypocrites that go to church and forget the principles of their faith the minute they walk out of the church door.
    I think the parish of St. Patrick’s needs to seriously rethink their fundraising ideas.
    I feel sick to the stomach at these people and disgusted at the so called christians that look on!

  • Jan Whurr says:

    Who are the ‘real’ animals in this footage?

  • sally eastey says:

    Another two-faced so-called Christian church activity – reminds me of the Catholic Inquisition or maybe the Winston-Salem witch trials. Both were conducted by “good” Christian people; some things don’t change apparently!

  • Janet says:

    This is just another disgusting display of people with absolutely no compassion or regard for animal welfare. The most horrifying part is everyone hooting and laughing at the fact that an animal is being tortured here. Appalling display of human behaviour.

  • Tom Koester says:

    End the cruelty. What kind of a so called church would condone this behavior ?

  • ximena quintana says:

    que bonito, que bonito y se hacen llamar la iglesia de dios y hay gente que dona dinero más encima… perdón pero qué dios pide y exije torturar o maltratar animales? esas cosas son solo inventos de los humanos que son los verdaderos animales, sí, los mismos que están tratando de agarrar al pobre cerdito, que nada les ha echo.
    que mal karma tendrán.

  • L.P. says:

    what stupid thing to do to an animal, I’m wondering if these persons will appreciate to be treated like this?

  • Alicia Fay says:

    They desire and ask for God’s love and kindness for themselves but do not value life enough to extend the same to other life forms. Do they understand Christianity at all? I am ashamed to call them brothers in Christ. May God take the scales off their eyes.

  • Tilda Bjerkehag says:

    NO WORDS…. Speachless…..

  • Joe says:

    These are ignorant people with no heart! This church and attendees should be burned down. That’s what they deserve!

  • Penny Skaff says:

    This surely couldn’t be a Christian church. No true Christian would participate in something so cruel. Maybe they should read the book of Genesis and learn that God didn’t create animals to be tortured, killed, and eaten.

  • M. Fortin says:

    For a church ???? a church is supposed to teach LOVE not to encourage VIOLENCE !!!

  • Ana Rios says:

    This is why I do not give my money to any church. This is not what a “religious” person (no matter what religion they belong to) should do. It is horrible to see what humans are becoming. Shame, Shame, Shame

    • JEM says:

      As a member of ASWA (Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals) and of a parish in the Church of England I must protest that you think we condone this behaviour by saying that for this reason you would never give money to any church! I share your anger and outrage, However, do please remember to think logically and direct your anger to the right place. It is not helpful to alienate those who are on your side. Humans can be bad and horrible – as the Christian Faith continues to teach throughout the ages.