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Chimpanzee Eliminated From ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Written by PETA | October 7, 2009

Dancing With the Stars has hosted a virtual cornucopia of PETA supporters, from contestants Joanna Krupa and Steve-O to dancing pro Karina Smirnoff and judge Carrie Ann Inaba. So we were bummed to learn that DWTS planned to use a chimpanzee as a “guest judge” on last night’s episode.


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Yesterday morning, several organizations, including PETA, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, and International Primate Protection League, contacted the show’s executive producer, Conrad Green, to try to convince him not to air the segment. In our letter, we alerted Green to the fact that workers tear captive baby chimpanzees away from their mothers and beat them in order to force them to perform. We also sent along our moving video about great apes in entertainment, which is narrated by Anjelica Huston.

Anjelica must have worked her magic, because the kind Mr. Green got back to us right away to let us know that the segment featuring the chimpanzee would be cut and that he would never use great apes in the future. Good to his word, no chimpanzee put in an appearance on last night’s show, according to the crazed avid DWTS fans on our staff.

This just goes to show that if you speak up, good people like Conrad Green are quick to do the right thing.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • person says:

    stop using animals for money purpous…they are cruelly treated making funny scenes for movies…. EVOLUTION

  • Geri Brandt says:

    Peta has consistently helped many animals. What was the chimpanzee supposed to do boo some of the dancers. Enough people watch the show excluding me. Animals don’t belong in entertainment!

  • anne says:

    great stuff Anne England

  • DianeC says:

    Johnny you need a serious wakeup call if you think animals aren’t “holy”. God is in every living and nonliving thing and animals are God’s creation every bit as much as humans. Animals are closer to God than humans are as they do not have the ego greed hate etc. etc. etc. to come between themselves and their connection with the creator. As for religion no thanks. I’ll choose compassion…for ALL life.

  • Edie says:

    Get ready to gasp selfrighteous religious people I would rather support a religion that preaches respect and kindness for ALL living animals than one that BLINDLY supports factory farming while somehow justifying the sheer cruelty of it all by gathering around the murdered animal while asking the lord to bless the meal. Absolute nonsense!!

  • Pete says:

    Yep not to mention that Jesus Christ himself was a vegetarian.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Johny? Are u clueless. Do you know that luminous Christians such as John Wesley Albert Schweitzer William Booth Cesar Chavez St. Martin De Porres and Leo Tolstoy would all commend PETA ! They were enlightened Christians not anthropocentric Christians that only care about the fallen human race that is destroying God’s creation and massacring God’s creatures.

  • Johnny says:

    Churches care more about PEOPLE than ANIMALS. And I am extremely offended that you are basically stating that PETA is more holy than churches. God probably does not like animal abuse but when you start worshipping nonholy things…watch out. PETA is a charity. Not a religion.

  • Cassie says:

    This may be a ridiculous question but I am curious. With unarguable circumstances such as being taken from the wild as a baby not able to survive on its own in the wild and their homes being terrible road side entertainment after television is done with them at age 8 when chimps are too strong to continue to torture in entertainment can a domestic family take in a chimp as an addition to the family that is being abused otherwise. This is only if there is no other adequate resources and with extensive research and training as to caring for a fully matured chimp. Safe? Humane? plausible? I am not referring to “buying” a chimp as a pet from a breeder I am asking if this is an adequate RESCUE method.

  • NT says:

    The notion that people would even consider having a chimpanzee as a judge shocks me. Who in their right minds would think that the animal is happier on TV than in the wild where he belongs????!!!

  • ccbliggity says:

    yay for the work peta!! kudos to mr. green for having a heart and realizing the message of cruelty he was about to be involved in. Thanks for all your hard work! i love peta. FOREVER!

  • anna j ware says:

    Thank you for all of the great work you do and thank you for helping this chimpanzee. anna

  • Brien Comerford says:

    PETA does more to help God’s creatures than all the nation’s Churches that revere God but never if ever advocate reverence for God’s creation.