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Children Mistake Rat Poison for Candy

Written by PETA | January 14, 2011
beth rankin/CC by 2.0

Besides being cruel, using poison to control wildlife is dangerous because children and animal companions can easily ingest it—and this can have fatal consequences. Recently, seven children in San Francisco ate rat poison that they found at their middle school, mistaking the blue cubes for candy. The children were taken to nearby hospitals and, fortunately, are all right.

The only way to ensure that children and animal companions don’t ingest rat, mice, insect, or other poisons is not to buy the deadly chemicals. Many great live traps are available, such as PETA’s Humane Smart Mousetrap, which uses a small plastic hut and peanut butter to safely catch animals so that they can be released outside with no harm done to them or anyone else. There are also many effective ways to animal-proof a building so that critters can’t get inside in the first place.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • PETA says:

    Re: Jimmy. Thanks for the suggestions. PETA works very hard to reach out to youth–both online, and at their schools. Please check out and to learn more about our efforts.

  • Dade Murphy says:

    The only way to ensure that children do not ingest poison is for these children to possess something called intelligence, which unfortunately most of you do not. It is unfortunate that their parents have never taught them to eat randomly placed mystery cubes off the floor.

  • Jimmy says:

    PETA should give more attention to Children as they are on there learning stage, they will learn quickly even more easily then Adults as adults rarely listen to others and take there own decisions but Children need guidance, Obviously PETA would be doing some campaigns but it should be more regular like once in a week single lecture “Why not to eat Meat” so that it keeps on reminding them that its not Ethical and as they grow up they will have more interest in VEGETARIAN VEGAN diet, There should be weekly lecture in JUNIOR SCHOOLs, HIGH SCHOOLs, COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES. As Children Youngsters are the future of WORLD if they will change then there will be a huge increase in vegetarians and vegans in next 20 years as those Children grow up as Ethical eaters and will encourage there friends, family, and other people too to be VEGETARIANS and VEGANS

  • Margot Harris says:

    That’s horrible! To think that someone in my school could die from thinking that the posion is candy is unheard of, but could happen; these days people just DON’T know hot to be humane.

  • Kathy says:

    Dear Peta, Thank you for your concern. I don’t live in the USA, but we in Australia have the same problems. For example, we have possom catchers whom I know dispose in the cruelest of ways.

  • jadewarlock says:

    They were poisoned because their parents put them in spots where they could be seen and were dangerous. Even “humane” traps are dangerous for all, so let’s not go and try to say what’s more humane or not.

  • brekkie says:

    That’s awful! We saw a man from the local council lay down some poison on somebody’s front lawn!! We couldn’t believe what we wee seeing: he simply put it on the floor and kicked some leaves over it. Hardly going to stop a cat or dog eating it. Only problem with live traps is that most people can’t be bothered to release an animal that they consider to be a pest. I don’t know why people can’t just leave rats and other wild animals alone, they were there before us!

  • PN says:

    No animals should be killed.

  • jamie says:

    it’s not really to stop buying the poison, because its ok to be vegan its just a type of lifestyle. if you dont want to kill animals good job keep that camp full of rats in your house since theres not a safe way. there parents just need to teach kids not to eat animal poison for ex. dont eat glue. duh!