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Chew On This: Holiday Billboards Offer Food for Thought

Written by PETA | December 17, 2012

O, Canada! We’re always busy, busy, busy during this festive season, but we haven’t forgotten our pals in the Great White North—y compris nos amis francophones. Yanks and Canucks have so much in common, and yet there are distinctive differences. For example, while the yuletide finds a disturbing number of friendly, intelligent pigs on this side of the 49th parallel killed for ham, it’s the saddest day of the year for abused factory-farmed turkeys in Canada. So PETA is encouraging Canadian kids (since kids haven’t yet been taught to suppress their natural compassion for animals) to consider what—and who—they’re eating. PETA has placed the attention-grabbing holiday billboard seen below on a highway leading into Victoria, British Columbia.

PETA’s also giving U.S. kids something to chew on other than cruelly produced ham with this billboard, just outside Reno, Nevada

Of course, companion animals need our help, too—and it’s not just children who need to reconsider their attitudes. So PETA is also looking to put up a brand-new billboard—promoting spaying and neutering to effectively curb animal overpopulation—in the hope of reaching those kind people for whom this season is more about revering Mary than reveling merrily.

We’d like to thank all the donors whose support of PETA makes it possible to place these billboards, which foster awareness of animal rights

What You Can Do

To give a holiday gift that keeps on giving to animals year-round, become a PETA member. And please remember to shop PETA for everyone on your list—each purchase funds vital efforts to improve and save animals’ lives!

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  • Ashley says:

    Fairness, Kosher, organic, and ethically raised animal flesh are not guaranteed humane. “Ethically raised” is most often a lie on the packaging to sell the product.If most animals used for their flesh were actually raised, transported, and slaughtered in a humane way it would not produce enough flesh to supply the demand for it. Whether or not the human race has designated a certain species the title of pet or “food animal” is irrelivant because no matter what the beef, pork, and poultry industies want us to believe, all animals have the capacity to suffer. Saying that one should suffer because they “taste good” and that another should be loved because they are cute is a double standard. There are many veggies, grains, and beans that are rich in protein and iron so no vegitarian should have to eat bushels of them to be healthy. These veggie alternatives also contain a variety of other nutrient, not just the protein that meat is prized for. Do you think that vegitarians like having carnism “shoved in their face” by every billboard featuring slabs of burnt cow flesh or mutilated chicken parts? I don’t think that a billboard questioning the double standards of the conventional flesh eater is such a bad thing. There is nothing offensive in this ad. All they are trying to do is make people think. A vegitarian diet is easy to adopt with a little bit of research and the willingness to change. I ate animal flesh most of my life because, like you, I believed that it was necessary for health. I’m not sickly at all and I actually feel much better now that I am no longer a flesh eater.

  • Curlygirl says:

    We teach children everything else and we also influence them. That’s how they learn right from wrong. What if we called cats and dogs “farmed animals” and pigs and chickens “pets”, would it then be ok to eat cats and dogs? You sound like someone who has not done any research and don’t believe we should teach children anything. I personally know many vegetarians who are young, healthy women who run marathons and are very active with plenty of energy and who look really good, too. Being kind to living things is not a religion – it is just being humane and caring.

  • heather says:

    FAIRNESS…the only way to reach this world is through children…don’t you watch the news? and yes, it is wrong to eat meat, drink milk, steal eggs and wear the skins and fur of tortured animals…look beyond your pathetic beliefs.

  • Fairness says:

    I personally don’t like the billboard and using kids as your target? Kids need protein and a lot of it comes from the meat they eat, you can eat Kosher or Organic farmed meats and ethically raised meats. People have been eating meat from the beginning of time, to survive, don’t make a person feel bad for NOT being vegetarian and a cat is a pet, a turkey is NOT a pet, it may be for some, then they won’t eat turkey will they? I know some vegetarians and personally I think they aren’t eating properly and so they are always sick, and pale and have a multiple amount of problems because they are young women and they need the iron, you would have to eat bushels of vegies to get the amount of protein or iron required while menstruation etc., and they have no energy. To each their own, but don’t shove your beliefs in everyone’s face, its like the Jehovah’s at my door, I have my own religion I don’t need it sold to me or forced upon me. I have the right to choose… but comparing a turkey to your pet cat may open dialogue, but at the same time its disturbing to young kids, let them decide on their own without influence from guilt trips.