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Charlton Heston Dies

Written by PETA | April 7, 2008

In case any of you missed it, actor and gun-enthusiast Charlton Heston died over the weekend. So anyone who’s been patiently waiting in line to try and pry the guns from his cold, dead hands can go ahead and do so now. While part of me is sad to see one of my childhood heroes go (Ben Hur pretty much changed my life), I’m sure there are plenty of orphaned deer who don’t share those sentiments. Anyway, RIP Charlton H. I’m guessing they probably don’t allow people to hunt defenseless animals with high-powered assault rifles in heaven, but hopefully he’ll be able to find a more peaceful hobby in the afterlife.

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  • AlesanaSupport says:

    I don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal over this. Yes a man died which is very sad my best wishes go out to his family. Its great that everyone is speaking their mind but this is going overboard jut a bit I think. I personally am not a supporter of hunting. I believe that it is cruel. I read a comment that dear are lying on the side of the road dead. And the person said we should hunt more. Wrong Wrong Wrong!!!! If there are dear lying on the side of the road hasent it occured in someone’s mind that we are to blame for this. If we can’t keep ourselves from hitting a poar dear with our car shouldn’t they be somewhere else not on our highways. That goes for all animals. When some animals are on the side of the road you can see their young sitting next to their dead parent. I personally would not want to have to go throught that so why have a small cute creature go throught that? But this has not occured in some of our minds. Where shuld they be should you ask? The answer is in a nature passurve or something like that. Not next to the raod with 2 ton vehicles with the drivers going 50 miles per hour and some texting or too busy yelling at their young in the back seat!!! Now I do believe hunting is wrong. I think it is just like having a family member killed if their family has to watch it. Because of hunting many species has died out by overhunting and people killing the parent so the baby dies. Would you like to be alone in the cold hungry thirsty waiting for your mother to come to you when you are only a few months old. I would not. Yet many animals die that way. Think of what they go through. Or think of the one being killed. What are they feeling? I would not want to die that way would you? If you say I don’t car when you see their face when they die or how thrie blood spills I hope you will carry that for the rest of your life. Patetic! Is what I say. Go ahead and say what you want. Hunting will always be wrong! Also I hate when people say ‘how do you think the people in the old days survived?’ they are tslking about the indians and the first settelers. My reply is always ‘we have color television right? Am I wearing a headress? This is not the old day!!!!!!!!! We have technology!!!!’ Hunting will never be right!!!! Many people die from the devices that are used in hunting. Children die from guns that their parents were taching them to hunt. Or little Bobby got into his daddy’s gun and shot himself in the eye. If hunting is what makes you happy play one of those virtual hunting games! No animals are harmed which makes me and a lot of people happy and you don’t get blood on your new shoes! Or old ones if you preffer! RESPECT ALL ANIMALS!!!!

  • hunter mike says:

    Hello my uneducated friends. Hunting is on of the formost types of conservation in the world. If people didn’t hunt animal populations would exploded causing the spread of disease and mass starvation and possible extinction. I am not paid by any one and i’m not what you would call an avid hunter but I do hunt and I enjoy it I enjoy my time in the wild even if I don’t harvest wild game. Also last time I checked this is America so you are entitled to your own opinion but don’t try to force your beliefs on other people simply accept things as they are and keep your opinions to yourselves. God bless and have a nice day.

  • Nathan Underwood says:

    This was one of the greatest men even to walk the face of the earth except for Jesus Christ and General David Petraeus. We need to have the right to bear arms because a man with guns is a citizen a man without guns is a subject. And I am proud of being a right wing fascist who clings to guns and religion

  • Maya says:

    Wow an earthquake! I hope you and your family are okay Kurt! They’re rare here in New England but so scary when they do happen! As far as being a dominant species I realize our religions and beleifs are different so it’s complicated to discuss it. But I know we have a mutual respect so it’s okay. From what I understand the Bible may be interpreted not as dominating nature but instead having stewardship and love for the planet. That means we are responsible for what happens to it. Forget the word “blame”. PETA and people on it may come across that way but this is not the universe Kurk. Only one website out of billions. We only have one planet and if we want life to persist here we need to get very serious put away our whacky egos and whacky stubbornness and understand natural processes. We’re also gonna have to find it in our hearts to have compassion for all living beings adjust our habits and be willing to compromise just a bit with our material stuff. The world is changing we can either respect other beings and other cultures or we can let the world rot in hell and torture each other. I think you’re very smart to try to change attitudes but let me warn you it’s frustrating and exhausting. But worth it at least you and I can have a normal discussion. Happy for that.

  • Avatar says:

    Hi Maya with liars and animal haters i mean above all specific vivisectors with whom i had to do for a long time during my active time in animal rights organizations! From them i really lived the most outrageous things they are a real mafia… I shall soon make an exposee about my close encounters with these freaks! when they appear on this blog i’m not intending to be kind to them! Of course it’s true that we cannot save animals’ lifes by insulting people but when this people don’t respect life i want to show them that i understood their point and that i cannot be bought! People with serious intentions are approaching in a different way from one who just wants to disturb and make confusion… ok i’m leaving now have a nice weekend!

  • Kurt K says:

    Maya I understand that we cannot live with out nature! And nature could most certainly live without us here. But are we part of nature as well were we not put here by our maker for a reason? I hate when people say we are the cause of everything when in actuality we are just a dominate species. By the way we just had a little earthquake just now! Rare in the midwest. You can hardly blame mankind as a whole for overpopulation without laying responsibility on everybody on this blog. Then you have to blame everybody who is planning on having children in future. Do you see what I getting at! The US is actually in a state of equlibrium right now. I think the ratio of births to deaths is about 1.21. At least it was two years ago when I was still in college. This always brings up the arguement I have with many on this site. It seems they just want to blame meat eaters as if we have our own little society. They want to blame hunters as a if they were this big bortherhood. They blame gun owners slaughterhouse workers and so on and so on. They blame all these “groups” of people without taking into consideration the individual and how loving and caring most people in this country are. It as if all PETA members wold hate me because I eat meat. They would judge me on that one reason alone. That is really the only reason I caome on this site to show these people that we are not blood thirsty maniacs killing every living thing we see. Sometimes thats the vibe I get from this blog!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Kurk! Sorry to butt in but I wanted to comment! I totally agree we’re not a disease at all. However I think we should outgrow the idea that nature is “cruel”. Speaking in a stricly scientific sense nature may seem cruel but if it weren’t for nature we wouldn’t be here at all. We may think it is a burden to be a species that knows of its own death but most animals die not having the ability to have the tremendous comfort of knowing that we can leave a legacy through art music or writing. We humans are lucky compared to animals most of them don’t have pain killers nutritional plans or high tech homes where they can feel safe and comfortable. Appreciating these things every day gives me the ability to feel that animals deserve some advantages in their short and challenging lives. Anyway just my two cents LOL! Happy Spring!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Avatar! Sorry for the delay I’m finishing up some really hardcore work this week on the fly….. I am glad you and I agree on certain things….I’m not sure I understand what you mean by animal haters who lie do you mean one group or person specifically? Of course we don’t have to put up with people lying there’s a difference between a constructive dialogue and being a doormat. The thing that worries me is that some people seem to think that insults save animal’s lives. When in reality that’s not scientific at all. Many people just can’t control their temper and call it animal rights. It’s silly. Anyway thank you for listening!

  • Kurt K says:

    Chip Animals plan “murder” everyday! All predatory animals stalk and have some sort of plan of attack! Animals are just as ruthless when it comes to killing as we are! I for one would rahter be shot by a gun than being gang tackled by a pack or wolves or a pride lions! They start eating the animal before it dies! Animals in the wild don’t live in a Disney world where the Lion King is friends with all other animals. Lions don’t relax and sing songs with a warthog and a meerkat. Nature is cruel! Some menwomen are cruel! We are not a disease on this world we are just a small part of it and we will only exist in a blink of an eye in the history of the world! We have transcended the days of living in caves we are far more efficient and productive when it comes to eating! It is human nature to eat animals it has for millennia!

  • chip barnes says:

    Remember animals dont plan murder dont fly airplanes into buildings for maximum casualties distribute drugs and do about anything for profit. Thats all the things great human beings do are we not the greatest? We have perfected killing fast and painless ! Slow and agonizing ! One creature or millions we are wonderful ? Or are we a disease? Is cure coming soon?

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Maya I’m not on here to gain your respect I’m on here to advocate for animals. Nothing that I say is untrue. If people are offended by the truth so be it. I am not going to ease up on what I know to be right so that someone else is not offended. I am not willing to meet someone halfway and tell them how wonderful they are for petting their dog on the head and that hey it’s okay if they mistreat other animals because they are so good to their dog. That’s ridiculous. Honestlyanyone who feels their sensibilities are too delicate to participate in an AR discussion with AR advocates can find another board to post on.

  • Avatar says:

    Maya allthough I’m reading your posts with interest and agreeing on many of your opinions I nevertheless have to tell you that respecting animal haters who told lies into my face for decades is just loosing time because all they want is to win time to continue their shameful acts against any humane feelings! I made this experience during my whole life as an activist in animal rights movements! Please consider!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Antigone I’m having dejavu here. We already discussed this. I’m not even remotely afraid of offending anyone. Unlike you though I don’t do it just because I’m in a pissy mood. You have no proof that insulting someone saves any animal lives. It’s an all around absurd concept. I have in fact spoken out against animal abusers and a man who was abusing a friend of mine. He even had my address. Come and get it baby. I’m not afraid of these morons. That’s totally different than insulting someone and calling it being a hero. That my friend is just plain silly. I try to show respect to all including you Antigone. I do respect your devotion to the animals and I beleive you probably do many real actions for animals in your life.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Why are you guys so afraid to offend people?? Honestly would you feel bad about speaking out against a pedophile or a murderer if you thought you could save a victim?? What are your prioritiessaving victims or saving the feelings of those who victimize? I could care less if I offend someone who contributes to the horrors of a slaughterhouse or hunting or circuses. Saving human feelings v. saving animal livesit is not even a close call in my mind.

  • Carly says:

    MAYA Thank you so much! It was my first ever blog posting and while I feel the pain of the destruction to the planet to my very core I don’t wish to berate anyone. And ANTIGONE Absolutely! If every housewife would need to get out there and trap kill and prepare the families meaty meal there would be a whole lot of veggetarians in the world.well hopefully anyway! The meat industry will just never stop animals are big money as are big appetites. Take care ladies

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Antigone you make a very good point. I guess what I struggle with is the fact that I don’t like telling people what they can put in their bodies. Yes yes yes I know farm animals suffer. When I look at pet store birds dying from an infection for weeks on end cats having their teeth broken off with pliers for fun margays trapped in a tiny steel cage for ten plus years I can’t fathom the suffering that goes on there. Ideally one day if we could completely eliminate factory farming I think some farm animals could live their whole lives in relative enjoyment. No I don’t think the last day when an cow is slaughtered can be done humanely that’s why I’m a vegetarian. But of all the evils towards animals I beleive that convincing people to get off of an entire food group has to be done very carefully and very diplomatically The most EFFECTIVE way I’ve seen to get people to go vegetarian is to tell them THE TRUTH about nasty diseases cruelty and environmental damage that eating meat can do. I tell people all the time in a matter of fact way. I think insulting people does the opposite people look to those who can confirm thier beleifs if we drive them away they will flock to other meat eating groups. That’s why I’m so careful about what I say. You make good points though Antigone.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Thank you Lynda I really appreciate your kind and truthful words. It’s also wonderful that you are here. Maya When I get a little angry and post on the board I believe I would describe that as passionate for a cause. As it has been described to me by some of the finest and most intelligent activists of our time. Peace!

  • Rainbow Warrior says:

    Maya ????????????? !!!!!!!

  • lynda downie says:

    Judith speaks out from her fierce passion for animals. Far better than smooth words from people who oppose animal rights. She’s a valued poster here.

  • Kurt K says:

    First of all shooting 18 holes sounds like a great idea. I love to play golf! Secondly I don’t want to talk about Pres. Bush your right that is a totally different discussion. HUMAN RIGHTS I applaud your service to humanity I will never speak ill of someone who gives back to the people who are in need! I do have a question for you though what did you feed the people in Darfur Palestine and South America? Did you feed them meat or strictly vegitarian diets? I’m not on this site to argue with people. I on this site to learn more about this movement. Though I disagree with much that is said and done on behalf of PETA mainly the tactics I do on occasion agree with some of the fights. I’m not a hunter but I do fish. My Grandma and Mom taught me when I was a young boy and it something I will always do and I cheerish the memories of the good ole days. I just don’t see the evil in that act. I like to shoot guns. I don’t shoot them at animals I just like to shoot at targets and clay pigeons. I don’t see the evil in that either. I do agree that some that have guns shouldn’t but I believe most that do own guns are responsible and obey the law. I just don’t see how somebody can automatically group all gun owners into one gigantic category or redneck wife beating murders. Semper Fi

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Maya I don’t think anyone on this blog could be considered “tribal folk.” You know I might eat animals if trapped on a desert island with no other alternative. Under those circumstances I might also eat a human. However no one in America HAS to eat animals so they need to be told the reality of the suffering they cause by doing so.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Thank you Walker. I think the most important thing is to realize that these organizations are human constructs and that the animals live their lives independent of them. Regardless of what we think of human animal protection groups the animal’s lives should be considered as intrinsically valueable.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Antigone The thing is even PETA states that they have no problem with tribal folks killing animals for food if it’s their only choice. That is my position as well. Personally I’m a vegetarian but if it’s a matter of life or death for the person and they live off the land it is the one form of animal killing that is acceptable to me. PETA agrees. You say that offending someone is a small price to pay for saving an animal’s life but again I seriously doubt a single animal was ever saved by someone insulting another person. It’s a form of denial on the part of those who can’t control their tempers when posting a comment. Not that you care but I have to say that I thought your statement to Judith was quite beautiful.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Claude But without the gun being present nobody would have died. It goes both ways. Peace!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Poor Cochran No one will talk to him anymore because his head is so empty and he is no good to anyone that he has had to create someone named “WALKER” don’t you just love it . He not only talks to this guy he answers him. He is a real train wreck. Maybe Cochran and Britney Spears should go out on a date. Jesus can you imagine the trouble those two could get into. Her driving and his big mouth. LOCKUP!!!!! Sorry just a little light humor. Antigone Free Tibet Caludia Marrapodi Human Rights Up You have beautiful souls that shine and sing and that can never be bought like the other posters above. Thank you for your kind words. I shall keep them in my heart. Peace!

  • Walker says:

    Maya I agree with some of the points you have made as well especially in regards to animal rights vs. animal welfare. You are proof that one can have civilized communication without being angry or hateful. Even though people may not agree with everything you say it at least allows people to see your perspective on things and not be turned off by your childish anticsJudith. Maya I admire the fact that you are so passionate about animals and I think you try to go about effecting change the right way. Because of your positive attitude I think you will have more people join your cause. Dear Judith Your posts are quite entertaining. I laugh out loud every time I read one.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Maya You don’t save animals’ lives by telling people that YOU don’t have a problem if they eat meat either. Unfortunately some people WILL get offended by AR commentsstatements but I think that their being offended is a small price to pay to gain better lives for animals who are subjected to the most horrific of abuses. You seem more concerned with preserving human feelings than advocating animal rights unfortunately.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Freedom Bell I think you might be on to something. Don’t you just love people that hide behind names. And that Kurk K Guy going around telling everyone that will listen to him that he voted for Bush! I would hang my head in shame after what that monster has done. It truly does show someones mentality. Kurk this is an animal site so plese go to a Dufur site I was one of many people to keep Steven Spielberg out of China because of the conflict so I did my job did you? Why don’t you calm down and go shoot 18 hole with your Bush Buddy. Remember this is an animal site. We talk about animals O.K. And Walker or should I say Cochran go take a nap. Being two people are hard! I won’t be on this site with C.H. again. He is old news and I am thrilled to put him away. Back to PETA


    Kurt K you wanker stop to play the human rights card i work for Darfur Palestine and women’s rights and in the same time i try to help the animals! i suffered in some arabian countries and South America! i know exactly what suffering means for this cause i try to help every abused animal in pain and because of low riders like you bushvoters and to the cuck i’m telling this fuck off this page and go to amuse yourself in some red light scene inter crura virginis fortuna juvenum est!

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    christopher cochran i think your head becomes always more empty and useless now just you find dirty words against Judith who is one of our most appreciated bloggers and to the blog owner i repeat this ceterum censeo cartaginem esse DELENDA!!!!!!!!

  • FREE TIBET says:

    Kurt K Cochran Walker and the other ignorant Peta and animal hating jerks stop it once and for ever you are definitely on the wrong blog! I’m an animal and human rights activist and i do not tolerate your primitive attacks on Judith and any other animal protectors! Fuck off to another blog! We are tired from your always repeating the same shittttttttttttt! Good night!

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Rojo Exactly my point. A human being would kill another human being to save a loved one so if that human being would kill an animal to save that loved one what does that really prove?? NOTHING. However I don’t think you’d like it too much if I had the right to sacrifice your child to save mine and there was nothing you could do about it.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Judith I support you for caring about animals the way that you do. Unfortunately there are far too many people out there who cannot understand that there is no “us or them” scenario when it comes to animals there is only a winwin for everyone in giving them their due respect and allowing them to live their lives in peace. You seem to be one of those who understands that so disregard the comments of those who never will.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I think that Walker has made some very good poiints. Unfortunately whenever the subject of animal life comes up some people change the subject. It is VERY rare that someone would be standing with their child and the parent would suddenly have to choose between their child’s life or a rabbit’s life. The REAL issue is this give me one reason why an animal’s life is LESS valuable than a human’s. Why is it LESS tragic that a deer is killed than when a human is killed? Can anyone give me a logical answer? I strongly disagree with Antigone by the way. Animal welfarists are those who refuse to assault degrade or commit arson in the name of animal rights. The extreme animal rights folks have the RIGHTS part correct but not the ANIMAL part correct. You don’t save animals by insulting people. Period. However Antigone made an excellent point that when we talk about whose lives we value we will by nature go to those closest to us. Again can anyone tell me why an animal’s life is less valuable than a human’s??

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Hey Walker Since you are part of the AVMA by the way many execellent vets do not feel the same as you for they are ver ANTI horse slaughter and do not subscribe to your beliefs. They walk hand in hand with AQHA and TPA. So you are amoung a bloody few. We have been working for many many many years against your precious AVMA. You are a horse killer Thats what you do. Please heed this You are their puppet thats all they use you for. You are brand new and the are forming you the way they want to. That means you are our enemy that means you know nothing about H.R.503 and S.311 Please just go away we are haveing a very hard time passing these bill and you together with Larry Craig and Burns from Mt. could do so much damage. So please leave because we have a real fifh on our hands. Peace!!!!! So please just go away. Thanks Judith

  • FREEDOM BELL says:

    Hey folks i think that walker is cochran! that one always makes different things out of himself one time a hunter one time a farmer one time a surgeon one time a veterinary and so on because he has nothing useful in his hands he just wants to distract the website in the name of some consumer lobby and vivisection on animals is definitely not applicable on the human being because every species is ruled by other principles vivisection on animals is just criminal money making on the back of helpless animals and stupid tax payers! yep!

  • rojo says:

    anti isn’t that exactly the point someone’s loved one being placed higher than another life. If you would kill Walker to save your child wouldn’t you kill an animal? Maybe 2. With animal experimentation it may not be your suffering loved one that will benefit but tehy are someones.

  • Kurt K says:

    Judith I believe our God that means yours and mine said “do untoo others as they would do untoo you.” I say our God because there is only one true God. You not Walker have a very shallow view of life and humanity. You choose to donate your time to the welfare of animals so does Walker. I believe what he says is true. He sounds like a very polite person that respects what others say without resorting to hateful speech and snide remarks to make himself feel superior as you do. Walker I commend your patience and reserve for not resorting to the tactics of Judith. Judith it seems that you have this deep hate for anybody who has a different view than you. How do you ever have a constructive debate with people who believe opposing views? Instead of dialogue do you just shout obscenties and insults to get into a shouting match? What makes you any different from a hunter who shoots a dear? You wished that our VicePresident “would just die” you stated that you were happy that Mrs. Heston was dead and you have spewed nothing but hate and filth in everyone of your posts. So I ask again what makes you so much better than the ones you scold? Seems to me you don’t know what real suffering is! You say you do because you watched a documentary that shows cows and chickens being slaughtered but you never suffered the way the people of Darfur North Korea Iraq under Sadam all of Europe during both world wars. These people knew what real suffering was and I will be willing to bet that the life of chickens being used for food was the last thing on their minds! I can only imagine what you are going to say about me now! I’m sure you will call me a “Bushie” as well! Yeah I voted for him!

  • claude says:

    hey judith its plain and simple no gun kills anyone unless someone pulls the trigger it is not the gun it is the person behind it.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Walker My point is that sometimes you cannot have what you want no matter how badly you want it. To save one innocent life at the expense of another just because YOU care more about the one than the other is immoral and unethical. AlsoPETA is not interested in animal WELFARE which only maintains the status quo without really making any advancement in the lives of animals except maybe on an individual basis. PETA supports animal RIGHTSa vastly different mindset. If you don’t understand the difference between the two you should really look into it.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Walker Don’t waste your energy on Judith. She has some troubling deep issues. One minute she talks about freedom and peace the next she screams for murder and censorship. Mars was a poster who was removed I assume because heshe had taken to using only personal attacks in hisher posts and never said anything of substance. HeShe was antipeta and not particularly proanimal. Mars’ posts never said much save for how stupid AR people are. Mars was banned. I am not sure how Judith gets to stick around as many of her posts are fairly vile and offensive. What’s good for the goose you know. Anyway Judith rarely says anything of substance but is quick to condemn you as an inferno bound lying idiot because you disagree with something Peta does. She is the type of person every orginization dreads. She is the Peta version of every radical that gives an orginization a bad name. I’m sure she means well but she comes across as an uncivilized vulgarian. She doesn’t define peta however. Most people here are much more reasonable in their disagreement. PEACE!!! You lying bastard!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Walker I simply do not believe you. And I am extremely certain that you know why. I would just leave if I were you. We are here to raise money to stop the abuses of animals of all kind. I just feel that you are a King of Cons. Not a good feeling. You may be able to fool a few but I am not one of them so as long as you stay here I shall and I must refer to you as the King of Cons. Enough said.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    So Walker It’s all right for C.H. to show up after each school shooting with his mental midgets and telling anyone that would listen that it was the children and not the guns that killed their babies. While parents are in such a state of loss. AS he holds his gun over his head. Jesus Christ You must be a robot with no heart and I know for sure that you have sold your soul. For every word you type anyone can tell their is no soul envolved. May “your” God find somwhere for you with peace. because you are not going to the beautiful place that myself and many others on PETA’S site will be going. All you are is garbage your going to the same place as Cochran is going. The 2 of you will be in great company. And I do not believe a word of what you have said about rescuing animals. You are a phony and a con artist. The way you speak your hearts just not in it. So please go away and leave us alone. Peace! Antigone Your post is amazing. You see so much deeper than most people. Peace! Jack Walker is another one you need to think about getting rid of. He sounds like mars.YUCK!

  • walker says:

    Antigone My point was that it is easy to disagree with something if it doesnt affect you personally. When you or a loved one has actually benefited from insulin medication chemotherepy or surgical techniques that were discovered through animal testing its a much tougher issue. I am very thankful to PETA for the great work they have done in regards to animal testing. PETA has done a wonderful job of opening the publics eyes to the horrible conditions that lab animals faced in the past and sadly in some circumstances continue to face in the present

  • Walker says:

    Of course Im a member of the AVMA every respectable practicing veterinarian in the United States is. The fact that you criticize an organization such as the AVMA that has done so much good for animals shows how narrow minded you are. While PETA does a lot of good to think that PETA is the “be all” group for animal welfare is naive. There are many other groups and organizations that fight for and do good things for animals. I would think as a “freedom fighter for animals” you would realize this and applaud their efforts as well. If members of the AVMA are so dangerous I suggest the next time one of your precious pets is sick or injured you try to find a veterinarian who is not a member of the AVMA to treat them. Good luck with that! And nowhere in any of my posts did I mention I was for horse slaughter. As a matter of fact I believe I said that I have taken in several mistreated and malnourished horses and cared for them until other homes could be found. You are quick to write angry comments and point fingers and accuse others of things they do not believe in. I am for animal welfare I am for human rights I am not for making fun of people with debilitating illnesses regardless of whether I agree with their opinions or not.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Walker In response to your question about whether someone would choose the life of an animal over the life of a loved one keep this in mind. If I were given the chance to save my child’s life by sacrificing yours if that were a realistic opportunity presented to me I would absolutely agree to it. If I have to choose between my child and you I choose my child. Therefore your question is not really indicative of anything or even a fair question because it does not allow for the fact that most people would choose the life of a loved one over another human being if realistically given that opportunity.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Walker Go somewhere else and try to impress someone that will listen. You sound like part of the AVMA and that is an ignorant and very dangerous group of people for the animals. There are groups everywhere so go join them and puff out your chest and speak away!!!!! I bet you are very much for horse slaughter. Peace!!!!!

  • Joey says:

    Hi Luke I read your post about using those deer whistle things. My aunt gave me a few sonar whistles. Are those what you have? As the air goes in it creates the sonar and then it gets sent back out. It can alert a deer quite far away that you’re coming. And they get off the road. My aunt gave everyone in my family a set. They’re really easy to put on the car too. I also feel it’s sad that animal populations get out of balance due to human population. I definitely don’t think that a deer overpopulation is any reason to hunt them. I’m deeply saddened that some people think it’s appropriate. These deer whistles or sonar are quite cheap too. I think it could be a good way to avert accidents for both humans and deer. We must try to love all animals on the planet humans included. Every animal feels pain. That is a fact.

  • claude says:

    it just amazes me how all you veggie heads complain about people being overpopulated but yet you do nothing about it how about you all kill yourselves and and put a small dent in the human population and make the world a better place for all of us law abiding citizens.

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