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Catch a Tax Break With a New PETA Proposal

Written by PETA | April 12, 2010

Taxes on your mind with Tax Day approaching? Well, soon you may get a break if you help give a break to the millions of homeless dogs and cats who suffer as a result of the animal overpopulation crisis. We’re asking Rep. Sandy Levin, D-Mich., Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, to introduce a bill that would give a tax credit to citizens who spay or neuter their animal companions.

A recent survey reveals that one of the main obstacles to spaying and neutering is the cost. Providing a tax credit to reimburse Americans who fight the taxing reality of animal homelessness would take away that excuse, while stimulating the economy and helping cut cities’ and counties’ animal control expenses. Will Spay Day soon become Pay Day? We hope so. In the meantime, don’t wait another minute to spay or neuter your animal companions if you haven’t already—and urge everyone you know to do the same.


kojobaby / CC by 2.0
Cat And Dog


Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Wanda P. says:

    All of my pet cats are spayed.But….I have feral cats constantly they have babies the Mother gets killed. I end up with kittens. I can’t afford to spay and neuter them all. I won’t turn my back on the kittens. Where I live everyone says to kill the babies. Cats are considered a pest around here.

  • JOY DANTINE says:

    Although I have all my commpanions fixed I support tax breaks for fix all the way! Though it does not fix the problem of breeders and abusers who do not want to get caught up “in the system”. With that we should consider a moratoriumstay of those who do wish to come clean.