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Casey Affleck PSA Banned on Gordon Ramsay’s Hells Kitchen

Written by PETA | June 11, 2007

In a bizarre move for a network that prides itself on shocking viewers, Fox Television’s New York affiliate has banned a paid PETA ad—narrated by Ocean’s 13 star Casey Affleck—despite the fact that the ad has been accepted to run on other networks in Los Angeles and in Affleck’s hometown of Boston. We wanted to run the ad during none other than Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen in a bid to show his viewers what happens to animals before they’re turned into ingredients in his kitchen.

Remember when this version of the ad was rejected a couple of months ago for being too graphic? Well, since then, we’ve toned down the factory farm and slaughter scenes in a big way, which worked in LA and Boston. Could the Fox rejection in New York have anything to do with this PETA UK protest of Ramsay’s promotion of horse meat?

Hey, I say if the animal-hating Ramsay gets an hour to promote ways to slice and dice animals, viewers deserve at least 30 seconds of the animals’ side of the story. Here’s the toned down version so you can judge for yourself . . .

And on a lighter note, yes, I will be first in line for the 9 o’clock showing of Ocean’s 13 tonight . . .

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  • sandra grant says:

    i bought and read the book on gordon ramseyi thought he was a really nice person surporting his brother in hard timesuntill i saw how he treated his animals bringing them up as babiesand killing themhe watched his pigs being slautered and said i can undarstand why people are vegetarians and then goes on too watch his lambs being slauteredshame on you ramsey who were you trying to foolyou have the heart of a corpse

  • Tom says:

    duh Gordan Ramsey runs a COOKING show where the COOK and EAT animals! Doesn’t it make sense that Fox might not want to have an antimeat ad on their show which involves cooking animals?

  • Nicole says:

    Casey YOU ROCK. Seriously ROCK. Thank you for doing that ad.

  • Einar Herland says:

    I’m very happy that my favorite movie star Casey Affleck speaks up for animals! Thank you Casey for everything you are doing!

  • kelly says:

    Gordon Ramsay is a joke. Interest in him is waning so he pulls the animal abuse stuff to try to stir up interest. He’s just a pitiful tool.

  • Maya says:

    Hysterical. Fox itself is just plain bizzare. Don’t expect any cooperation from them. If they allow such abusers like Ramsay and other reality shows that take joy in tormenting other humans why would they care about animals? I mean really I thought public humiliation went out in the 1800s. And even then at least it was for punishment not for ratings. Now torturing people in front of millions is “IN”. Good job on the ads though. Keep your shoulder to the wheel.