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Carrie Underwood Goes Vegan

Written by PETA | June 17, 2011

Country songbird Carrie Underwood told the Australian talk show The Circle that she’s now vegan. While promoting her album Play On down under, the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity alum told listeners that she is “kind of lactose-intolerant” and that she had cut all dairy products from her diet.

With Carrie and fellow Sexiest Vegetarian winners Kellie Pickler,  and Shania Twain  all singing the praises of vegging out, will other country artists soon follow suit? Perhaps we’ll turn on the radio and hear a slow, twangy ballad about love lost and tofu found?

Written by Michelle Sherrow 

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  • ben says:

    @ Allie: “…most of our leather comes from India and they treat their cattle terribly.” “They?” As in all Indians? You make this remark based on a documentary. How would you like it if Indians said all Americans treat their kids terribly, based on school shootings like Sandy Hook? Generalizing negative stuff like this promotes bigotry.

  • CarrieLover67 says:

    Back off haters. You’re all soooo wrong about her. Y’all are misquoting and some are just out and out lying. Talk about hypocrites. Carrie donates time, money, and her name to animal causes. She was a vegetarian long before she was famous so it’s not an attention grabber. The girl has more attention than she even wants. She has actually opened an animal shelter, so I think until any of you do half the stuff she has you should keep your uninformed and petty remarks to yourself.

  • Allie says:

    Attila… Off of the Carrie Underwood topic a little.. You should watch the documentary Earthlings, shows that most of our leather comes from India and they treat their cattle terribly! Be careful what you say before doing your research!

  • laurin says:

    I don’t believe shes “kind of lactose intolerant”. I think she did it for animal rights (shes a big animal lover) but doesnt want to talk about it due to her being a country artist.

  • sue amyot says:

    I love the way all these singers and stars are all of a sudden saying that they are vegan or vegatarian just for the spotlight it makes me mad.We do it for a reason not just to be looked at and admired.

  • Cassandra says:

    Sorry, but I don’t forgive her for interview in Country weekly when she said she “respects the industry” and isn’t for or against anything. I also remember an interview when she was just starting out in which she said she didn’t grow up on a farm like her friends and didn’t quite fit in. Now she clearly states that she became veg. b/c she grew up on a farm. It doesn’t matter but why lie. She does ads about her family all being teachers, so odds are they weren’t farmers at the same time. I find her dishonest & insecure, afraid of loosing fans or just doesn’t care that much. Also her skin looks young b/c she is only 27, not b/c she uses Olay! Ridiculous!

  • Trish says:

    I agree. You cannot call yourself Vegan if you’re promoting a company that tests on animals!!

  • Biblioperson says:

    It does seem very hypocritical to adopt a cruelty-free diet while receiving thousands of dollars to promote a company that tests on animals. I think PETA should send an action alert about this.

  • Kodismom says:

    Whatever! Carrie Underwood is such a hypocrite!!! Putting your face on a brand that TESTS on animals is disgusting. Anything for a paycheck, hey Carrie?

  • 4mula1 says:

    GREAT, GET EM GIRL.. who is next danica patrick?

  • Attila says:

    Thank you Toby (June 18th comment). I did not know that. I wish we could all return to that lifestyle of not murdering the cows, but preserving their wonderful lives), as the Hindus in India still do. Thank you Madison (June 17th comment), I would also like to know if Carrie Underwood sees money in Olay, and therefore is not truly an animal-lover/protector if Olay DOES experiment on our animal-friends.

  • Kiki says:

    I agree with Madison…

  • Heather says:

    This is great!!!

  • Carrie Fan says:

    I Love Carrie!!! She is truely fantastic!!!

  • herbasuar98 says:

    Great for her im glad(:

  • Toby says:

    Most people are lactose intolerant in adulthood (only European adults can digest animal milk; it was an evolutionary adaptation which allowed people, originally in Turkey, to survive famine by keeping domesticated cows alive & living off the milk instead of murdering the cow)… anyway, what a great move she has made!

  • Alison says:

    Carrie is a beautiful person inside & out! Love her!

  • Madison says:

    She’s the new spokeswoman for Olay but don’t they test on animals?

  • Carla* says:

    Carrie is truly sexy inside and out, she has my vote!!

  • Olivia says:

    Woo-hoo! Love her! <3