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The ‘Other’ Canadian Seal Slaughter

Written by PETA | February 17, 2011

Although it’s not as well known as Canada’s massive annual slaughter of baby harp seals, the yearly gray seal massacre in Hay Island, Nova Scotia, is just starting—and it’s just as horrible and unnecessary as the other bloodbath. As Rebecca Aldworth of Humane Society International/Canada aptly describes it, “I have no other way of saying it than on Hay Island, seals are beaten to death with what looks like baseball bats in front of each other.”

Last year’s slaughter was called off because of a lack of support. This year, unfortunately, the seal killers lined up buyers in advance. This is why PETA campaigns year-round against the Canadian seal massacre. It’s also why we (and, more importantly, seals) desperately need your help in bringing the carnage to a permanent end—especially if you live in Canada!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Ian M Hoggan says:

    All I can say is, UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!

  • Angie says:

    Baby seal hunting is a cruel and coward practice! How can they do this to innocent babies???? I also reject the “lobster” killing..boiled alive…but we need to start from something “Big” to go to the other cruel actions of the damaged humans…(bull fighting, dog fighting, cock fighting, eating and sharing an agonizing living fish half-cooked or just caught, hunting deers…and other animals..circus…the list can be endless)

  • Heart Broken... says:

    If our world is able to support this cruelty on any level, then we are failing to protect the pure and the innocent. With God Speed, let us STOP inflicting such cruelty and pain, upon all animals that wish us no harm.

  • Maggie says:

    White or Gray seals, it is unethical either way. Can you imagine yourself holding a club and standing in front of a seal? Would you be able to swing? These people do. I get nauscious just thinking about it. There’s really have to be something mentally wrong, (in medical terms), with the person to enable him to swing at a live animal. I couldn’t do it for a billion bucks.

  • Mich says:

    Kari, you’re right that it is illegal to kill the white coated seals. But their coats turn gray after just 12 days, so unfortunately it is legal to kill baby seals. (unless you think they are not babies after the age of 12 days – they are not yet weaned, so I would still be calling them babies at that age)

  • Carrie Davis says:

    Stop this horrible insane , cruel treatment of the beautiful animals.

  • Derek Watson says:

    This needs to stop now no more killing

  • Aaron says:

    Oy! I used to really like Canada, now its….”O.K.” But what I really want to say is “Does PETA get EVERYONE to love animals buy always using naked women?” PETA, if you want like, 50 more people to like PETA then, get somemore male sponsors..

  • Carrie Davis says:

    Why does this greed keep killing animals, what is wrong with you people.

  • Sid says:

    Ohhh Greg.. Boycotting a province when you come from a State that traps millions of lobsters yearly to boil alive. Talk about calling the kettle black..

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kari, “We don’t kill whitecoats anymore” is a baloney argument. Whitecoats start losing their “white” fur at 12 days old. Harp seals can live to 35 years. So baby harp seals are, in fact, being slaughtered.

  • Kari says:

    I am really against the seal hunt, but I’m also a Canadian and I know that since 1987, hunting white coat seals has been illegal. Which means that baby harp seals cannot be hunted or killed (legally) during the hunting season; because they are white coat seals. I like what you do for animals PETA, but if you’re going to protest something, at least tell your supporters the truth.

  • G says:

    this is so very sick!!! how can someone do this???

  • Jennifer M. penguinlover says:

    How dare they kill so many seals like that, they are so cruel and heartless. They are so ignorant to kill an innocent animal that has done nothing to harm anyone

  • Greg says:

    I was just thinking of going to Nova Scotia for the first time (from Maine) guess that is not happening. Funny, I don’t remember Jonathan Edwards singing about this barbarity…

  • Kenzie says:

    Oh my goodness. this cannot continue it is sick!!!! why do they do this? why are the mercilessly killing seals, what is the cause!?

  • rat king says:

    these criminal murderers have to be stopped once and for always in order to end my sleepless nights! i’m sick and ill from this criminal bunch of jerks!