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Canadian Politicians to Dine on Seals?!

Written by PETA | November 18, 2009

Well, I just lost my appetite. And it’s thanks to the announcement that a “members-only” restaurant will soon be serving seal meat to politicians and journalists who work on Canada’s Parliament Hill. / CC
harp seal


Back in 2008, some Canadian senators called for seal flesh to be added to the restaurant’s menu as a show of support for Canada’s annual seal slaughter, but they couldn’t locate a supplier, since most seal-hunting firms cash in on fur sales to Russia and China. The restaurant isn’t likely to sell out of seal: One of Canada’s own senators said that he’s heard that it tastes “horrible,” and Quebec Liberal MP Marcel Proulex, who pushed for the nauseating menu item, admits that while it’s unlikely that suppliers will get rich from its sale, “[a]t least we’ll be sending the message that we’re not afraid of seal meat.”

Canada seems bent on thumbing its nose at compassion. PETA’s Dan Mathews notes, “It’s a very peculiar, disturbing cruelty unique to Canada, and it’s just bizarre when a country like Canada, which is known for so many advanced policies in the social realm, would be so stuck in the Dark Ages about its support of such a hideous cruelty.”

With people around the world voicing their disgust and taking action against the seal slaughter, I’m going to guess that Canada will soon be able to file this “show of support” in the record books right alongside the plan to include seal skin in Olympic uniforms. Epic fail!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • You should know me by now says:

    No UI we don’t. And guess what else we don’t see? Halfwits bashing their heads in and skinning them alive and then leaving them to rot all over the place. Folks we are going to have to do something about this and soon. And carla why is it that whenever a blog about seal ‘hunting’ is posted you have to come up with inappropriate comments like that?

  • Paul says:

    To the comment equating it with deer. I agree the two have much in common what I do not agree is that any hunting is necessary. Deer and seals like most wildife are primarily limited by food not predation. For example when deer numbers grow there will be more wolves. But when they diminish so do wolf births accordingly. In fact hunting stimulates populations by opening food sources from the now deceased animals who are often some of the best successful and dominent of their kind. Hunting is not needed to control the numbers the billions years old system works fine on its own. Predators are mainly to keep the prey strong by culling the weak sick and old which also happen to be the easiest to catch. Same with seals as fish predators their numbers are based on prey availability which by their current numbers prove they are not heavily eating the fish stocks people are fishing for that are in decline. Instead it is commercial greed and trawling that are wiping out our fishery species which in the end is affecting seals and others as well with its destructiveness. It is quite obvious if one chooses to look at the facts rather than politics and outdated outlooks propped by governments and hunting lobbies. We should honour and look at the success of these species as a lesson not condemn them for succeeding in the face of all the pressures we put upon them.

  • UI says:

    Really how many of you just chowed down on a Big Mac! An animal is an animal. Cows are cute! Don’t see a ban on VEAL baby cow

  • Debrah says:

    Annie did you know that on the west coast of Canada the commercial salmon fishery is almost nonexistent? Salmon are not returning to the streams where they spawn. And the west coast doesn’t have seals!!!! Oh dear what to blame the loss of the fishery on? As for Canadian response to this atrocity do what I do find out who the MLA for your area is and email him or her. Let them know politely but with extreme emphasis and accurate info just how you feel. I did this contacted Murray Scott of Cumberland South in Nova Scotia and got to have an actual conversation with the man a few days later during which he informed me that he had voted against the seal hunt. But the problem is that the Federal govt. sticks votes on the seal hunt in with a couple other issues that would directly hurt people i.e. a package that includes wild example here folks funding for building another retirement home for veterans seals and apologising to first nations people for mistreatment… But if you were all to start a regular committed relationship by email with your MLA’s maybe they’d have to start paying attention.

  • NT says:


  • Rob says:

    I’m Canadian and incredibly proud of my country. Yes … the seal hunt is a disgusting disgrace on what is such an amazing country. But please understand that the vast majority of Canadians are 100 against this hunt. The hunt is completely political … is a massive failure financially and significantly funded by the tax payers of this country … AGAINST THEIR WILL! I’d also like to mention that while most of our politicians are COWARDS MR. Marc Harb Senator has stood up in Parliament against this hunt and is determined to bring it to an end. I urge everyone to send messages of support to him as the lone voice in our Parliament. Contact details can ge obtained by visiting the Government of Canada website. Thanks!

  • NT says:

    Tula I have been protesting to “my” politicians for as long as I can remember but they choose not to listen. Like I said they don’t want to ruffle the feathers of those redneck seal hunters and lose the7 seats from NL. I actually convinced my MP to voice her opposition of the seal hunt and she did but was shut down by her own party who did not want to be the ones leaving “sealers” without a job and be punished at the polls. It is sick but we all know politicians are there for themselves. However I do believe that Canadians need to be more vocal. If these politicians see that they are going to lose a lot of votes by NOT ending the seal hunt then things would change. But I have to admit Canadians are not the loudest people when it comes to stuff like this. Unfortunately.

  • JH says:

    Annie what you’re saying is B.S. The fish stocks are down because of human overfishing. From the beginning of time the seals ate the fish. Didn’t matter. The area still overflowed with fish.It wasn’t until the idiot European settlers got here and decided that nature was in need of their “management”. The Canadian government has been subsidizing these idiots for generations. Enough! Enough!

  • carla says:

    scumbag politicians. I hope they all get sick and DD!!!! Canada needs to wake up and stop this… I will never go to this sick a country.

  • Tula says:

    Like it or not the seal slaughter in Canada is and has been at the forefront of world animal abuse for the last 40 odd years. People vote for their politicians in a democratic state so if Canadians are truly against this disgusting cull why are they not protesting to their politicians?

  • Victoria says:

    Honestly this is just getting more and more gruesome. Is the Canadian government for real? I am so ashamed of this terrible act of cruelty happening in my homeland and the fact it is supported by figures of power. WHAT IS GOING ON. They are promoting this disgusting hunt!

  • Michele says:

    “We” do not need to intervene with balancing the sealfish populations! Let nature “intervene” nature takes care of itself. Sometimes there is an overpopulation of a particular species but they will naturally die of disease or starvation if they do not have enough to eat based on lack of supply. It is humans who are primarily responsible for killing off or endangering entire species I am talking about all human intervention here including overfishing “bycatch” and the destruction of the rain forest and other land for cattle used for human consumption.

  • Marian Upton says:

    Unbelievable. It is things like this that make me ashamed to be a Canadian. Our government is compiled of cavemen! I can’t believe that these people our running our county. The sad thing is that most Canadians will piss and moan about it but do nothing…there is no outrage here in Canada. Sad disgusted.

  • Alex says:

    I’m Canadian and I personally don’t know any other Canadians who support this. Harper isn’t listening to those of us who have said “stop it”. Then again we shouldn’t be killing and eating or using the fur of ANY animals so while people are still doing that it’s hard to say that only this particular cruelty should be in the forefront. It seems that all countries are guilty of this and individuals CAN have a say by refusing to consume and spend their dollars on anything associated with cruelty.

  • Annie says:

    Funny that they pushed for the meat and then later discovered it tastes bad lol I wish there was better understanding of the seal hunt. So many people are against it because of the cruelty of the way the animals die but they don’t realize the purpose of the hunt. What needs to happen is people need to stop simply saying “I oppose” and instead start being proactive about finding a better solution. The seal hunt happens because the seal population is incredibly strong and without the hunt they would deplete the area of fish. It’s the same thing as how Canada handles deer population each year the numbers are assessed and a quota is given as to how many should be hunted to maintain the ecological balance which needs to be maintained because things are different now that the humans are here. Sometimes the Deer population in some areas gets too high and then the wolf population increases and then they eat all the deer and the gov will give licenses for hunting the wolves. So the problem here really isn’t that a hundred thousand or more seals are hunted the problem is the way in which they die. We need to come up with a more humane solution for balancing the number of seals to protect the fish stocks. Keep in mind this is a human created problem because humans have been doing an annual seal hunt for hundreds of years as one of their main sources of winter food in the past. Because of this we created an imbalance in the ecology. But now times are different and it is shameful that we continue to allow animal suffering like this. They are not fish that get a quick bonk on the head and die they are intelligent animals who need to be pounded several times and are often left critically injured to bleed to death while the hunter moves onto the next. It’s barbaric. Btw the Canadian government did try to address the situation by imposing fines and rules for how the seals should be killed but there is a lot of land up there and they discovered it was impossible to police.

  • ava says:

    LMAO THATS SO PATHETIC OF CANADIAN MPS!. Their just trying to bolster the demand for seal products after the European ban on seal imports and after all the intense international pressure to ban the disgusting seal trade.

  • NT says:

    Please don’t generalize. Most Canadians are compassionate and are against the seal hunt as much as the next person but it is a very political issue and no politician has the guts to face the wrath of Newfoundland and risk losing the 7 seats that NL sends to the House of Commons!. Therefore it is imperative that we continue to put financial pressure on the fishing industry because politicians will NOT end the seal hunt period. BTW I hope MPs CHOKE on seal meat.

  • Julie Ann says:


  • Brien Comerford says:

    These Godless Canadian carnivores are descending into veritable cannibalism.

  • Kimbi says:

    OMG! Why are there still inhuman people who kill seals? STOP THE KILLING!$

  • Andrea says:

    The slaughtering of seals in Canada makes me ashaimed to be Canadian…. I have no problems with hunting as long as the animal is killed in a quick and humaine way and ALL the parts are used… These creatures are giving up their lives in a horrible cruel wayfor what? So some rediculously rich broad can make herself look like a bear?

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    I think I just puked a little..

  • Aneliese says:

    $! This is disgusting. I am Canadian and I am so sick of the government already!

  • Claudia Lima says:

    That would be unaceptable! They should worry about stopping these horrorific crimes against the seals as soon as tomorrow.

  • Cray says:

    again this is not Canada it is a small group of redneck politicians.

  • Shari says:

    Just when I thought they couldn’t get any lower! SAVE THE SEALS!

  • Nicole says:

    Really Seal flesh? Only horrific and sick individuals would feast on the inhumane slaughter of ANY animal.