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Burberry’s Milan Boutique Covered In Blood

Written by PETA | February 19, 2007

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been oddly fascinated with mannequins in store windows. As a kid I would wonder what they were thinking about, if they were looking at me, and what they do when the store closes and the lights go out . . . As an adult, however, I’ve always been much more fond of human mannequins, particularly when they are smearing “blood” on the front window of stores.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that just a little while ago that in Milan, Italy, three PETA Europe activists took over the Burberry store window there, to let the world know that Burberry tortures animals.


Did I mention that the entire fashion industry is in town for Milan Fashion Week and that this is Burberry’s flagship store? Oh man, I bet Burberry is bumming, especially after all the attention they’ve been getting worldwide . . .

***We now pause to satisfy the lawyers***

The suits upstairs want me to make a couple of things abundantly clear to you, dear reader. Firstly, please note that I am merely reporting that this event happened in Europe, and secondly, just in case it isn’t clear, let me state for the record that I do not support such activities.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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  • Andie says:

    Oh my God! The wolves and bunnies and other animals are so INNOCENT and cute! I hope everyone who wears fur DIES!

  • lizette says:

    put urself in the shoes of animals how would u like it just cuz thye dont have a voice doesent mean we can treat them as non livnig human beings

  • FLA12 says:

    YES! STOP TORTURING ANIMALS! ARR…. Stupid Burberry…. I wish they will bankrupt next month.

  • freegirl says:

    RE The majority of bloggers ‘ signs of lack of intelligence here So much ignorance never surprises but always astounds. An aside to JuLee. RE “hags.” I’m sure you’ve heard the adage “Takes one to know one.” Why don’t you try wearing a burka sometimes so we don’t have to look at your sexy face.

  • BEA says:


  • Ori Mansouri says:

    If it wasn’t for PETA we would have never been able to educate the world about animal torture in fashion food industry and lab research. Thank you PETA for your persistance and for giving up on our beautiful animals. I LOVE YOU PETA.

  • T says:

    ki your fucking stupid….enough said

  • lala says:

    You guys are crazy… we are placed in dominion over animals… they arent in dominion over us and our life!

  • Ju-Lee says:

    I used to live in Milan and go for social functions at times but NEVER EVER have I worn fur. In fact I’d take the oppurtunity to snub all those ugly hags who think wearing a dead animal on their back makes them look sexy. In fact I think I looked far better and it made me feel good that I did it without the expense of some other creature’s life. It’s a stone age mentality and it’s sickening. I applaud PETA’s work keep it up!

  • Beatrice Connill says:

    Animal testing is an extremely valid venture. It has saved million upon millions of lives across the world. What would ever posses people to protest against saving human lives?

  • piss off says:

    ethical treatment im for. but as human beings we need certian things. clothing being one of them. to stay warm among other things. now. if the animals they killed were beheaded with hacksaws. sure inhumane end of story. but thats not the case. fight for the right cause. and dont get caught up in ur own shit. meat is good for you. any food is good for you. ITS FOOD! my point. fur is not bad. people pouring paint on expensive fur is bad.

  • brandee says:

    fur is 110 plain mean. i really cant believe people actully kill living things for a living and for money this is wrong and we all need to stop this asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liz says:

    You guys are crazy… animals are NOT as superior as humans …they were created for our use… look in the bible

  • ki says:

    when I grow up I want to be a fashion designer but I don’t understand how these people think they look good in dead animals i will never use furs or skins its just SICK

  • Lora says:

    I’m sorry but honestly hurling insults and saying you hate someone you don’t even know isn’t what gets a job done. First We speak with our wallets. Second if you go around yelling how much you hate someone it just makes you as cruel and hateful as the person you are condemning. When our words are angry and violent we damage others souls. God says we are to take dominion over the animals to me that means we are to make it our job to protect them. However we are also told that our tongues are like a doubleedged sword a weapon used for killing! Hating someone will not make them change how they dress or what they eat. We need to let our money do the talking for starters and follow suit from there.

  • Jenny says:

    I cant understand why on earth people wear cats and dogs? It’s sick? How can you look goodbeautifulstunning in someone else’s pet? Well done PETA keep up the good work wth your campaign!

  • jennifer says:

    go peta activists!!

  • Cristina Ramín Gu says:

    I am so glad that such famous designers as Ralph Lauren Armani Prada are not going to use furs anymore I cant believe this should be known all over the world loudly God bless the animals.

  • macy says:

    i think you guys are sent bye god for these animals this is destiny..god doesnt want this so why the hell do they do it those bastards !!! hope they die anyway i wish i could do all those thing ive bin a vegetarian for 8 years and im 15 right now but just wait till i get older!!ill join the group

  • Samantha says:

    Thats awesome that there doing that. Animals shouldnt be tortured just for there fur they feel as much pain as we do!

  • Josh schneider says:

    I would like to help in any way that I can to stop this. it just eats at me to see these animals suffer the way they do.

  • dylan says:

    another thing is that the super powers of the worldUS UK ETC. should step forward and support an international agency dedicated to protect animals rights just like they protect human rights even that has been staggering these days. Dylan G.

  • dylan says:

    what peta should do is go to the UN and trie to make international law banning the ways in which animal good are exctracted from livestock which somtimes are dogs and or cats kidnapped off the streets if like peta says killing the animals in a humane way would be too expenisve or ruin the fur. thus the process would be eliminated in the majority of proccessing factories.

  • Dorothy says:

    I am also into AntiFur. Recently I have read about the use of dog cat and Raccoon Dog fur for clothing by upscale designers and sold in upscale stores. Majority of the clothing sold are mislabeled as faux fur or not labeled at all. I am trying to get support from others to pass laws forbidding the use of cat or dog and raccoon dog fur for clothing. I have seen the viral video of Raccoon Dogs being skinned alive and I am horrified and sick to my stomach. If you are interested in helping this law passed please visit the following sites for more information httpwww.hsus.orgfurfreenewsfurlabelingbillintroduced.html httpscommunity.hsus.orgcampaignFED2007furlabeling httpwww.allcreatures.organexraccdog.html httpwww.hsus.orgfurfree httpabcnews.go.comBusinesswireStory?id2898135page1 Thanks for reading and helping…. Dorothy

  • Ello says:

    I won’t eat an animal 30 days!!! until the 25th of march… i can’t believe people would even wear like fur and eat animals thats totally supporting animal cruelty!!! TOTALLY!! Stay heathily. Stay Veg.

  • Anonymous says:

    I must say you people don’t have a clue on what you’re talking about. fine you want the ethical treatment of animals? great go for it. but don’t interfere with other people’s right to do what they want to do.

  • silvia martinez says:


  • Jesusandknitting says:

    As long as the animals have been treated humanely and were killed humanely and their meat was used for a good cause it’s completely natural.

  • Greg says:

    ARE YOU CRAZY ?? the only reason design house are still creating fur products is that the consumers are demanding for it should nobody in the world want a mink fun coat then designers would not design such an item . i say educate the people not torture the designers.

  • we rock says:

    fur is gross how they get it and y would u want to wear dear skin anyways its great to kno their r other people like me out there who have courage to do something about it U GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy says:

    Seriously the fur thing is getting so bored and out of fashion. When will these people ever realise that consumers are not interested in wearing those dead animals? Please have some fashion sense if not go back to school!

  • cha-cha says:

    wow!!! these people are like my total hero’s for doing this! i would so do that if i had the time brains lol i tip my hat to them

  • marissa says:

    I can’t even wear faux fur because I never want anyone to suspect it is real. I hope one day the animals will take over the world and all those who played a part in their torture will suffer like they did.

  • jeffrey hammack says:

    i jist wanted to say i think u guys are apsallutly right im tired of seeing people ware animals i mean i cant belive people would stoop to that level

  • Laura says:

    Fur wearers STOP NOW.Obviouslyyou have no sense of painand suffering of innocent animals.STOP IT NOW

  • Melanie says:

    Killing animals for fur should be illegal and against the law!! How could anyone be so cruel. NO ONE NEEDS TO WEAR FUR SO STOP TORTURING THESE ANIMALS. IT’S DISGUSTING CRUEL AND INHUMANE. So to all those big fashion industries out there “Please stop it already. Stop!”

  • Marce says:

    These activists are great. When will Burberry get the message? People that wear fur are so full of themselves. They have this sense of “superiority” that it is absolutely OK that hundreds of living creatures are tortured and skinned to make them a coat. What I say is “what goes around comes around…”

  • Heather says:

    I used to like burberry and my mom was going to get me clothes from there for my birthday but when i found out they sold fur i never went on the website ever again.

  • Katie Pass says:

    I love what they are doing! I hate people who wear fur it is a complete lack of disrespect for living beings. The slaughter is terrible. Im glad to see there are other people out there who care and are trying to make a difference. p.s. i hate jlo too…she does have no heart.

  • nina says:

    i hate anyone who wears fur !!! specially jlo they should throw paint at her coats and throw pics of the animals at her!!! she really has no heart at alll!!!

  • nina panameno says:

    it is so good that they are doing this i cant do much cause im young but i rescued a dog from the street and now its fat and were finding him a home!

  • bekki kalk says:

    these people are getting the message out loud and clear! maybe killberry will get the idea and stop torturing animals! anyone who wears real fur and has no feelings for animals should be victims of jigsaw.

  • Teresa Mansbach says:

    i wish i could be. I still cant understand why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for dead animals. Animal liberation NOW

  • Kate says:

    this slaughter is horrible stop the maddnes1

  • julia didriksen says:

    Any form of animal cruelty is unacceptable and must be stopped!! I am a member of PEAT and WSPA and will do all I can to put the murderers to justice. Pray god the fur trade stops!!!

  • giovanni natale says:

    this is really a great action and i admire these courageous activists! it is time to stop this bloody ruthless kind of moneymaking!