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Burberry Demos All Over the World

Written by PETA | July 14, 2007

The Burberry campaigners at both PETA and PETA Europe have been extra busy lately. It seems like every day I have photos of some new demonstrations they’re rocking in my inbox.

Check out this shot from a “Burberry: When Plaid Goes Bad” demonstration on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. And here’s a great news story from the demo as well.


Not to be outdone, PETA Europe activists dressed up as bunnies and took to the streets for this beautiful demonstration at Burberry’s annual meeting in London yesterday.


Props to everyone involved in both demos. Great job. And fyi, if you’re interested in being contacted when there are events like these taking place near you, you can sign up for PETA’s activist network here.

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  • Miriam Braschi says:

    I couldnt watch the horrible video of the kosher slaughterhouse the desperate screams of the cow made me feel very nervous. I do not understand what is happening is it a religious practice? I never have seem somethig like this. I am really shocked. What can be done with this? Best regards Miriam

  • Mike says:

    Thanks Claudia for the great post. I drank a whole coffee while reading it and it was full of truth the post not my coffee . Compassion truly knows no species barriers.

  • kris shulfer says:

    you girls all look hot!!! and thank you for standing up for the animals I know that you made an impact on some people !!!! thanks to everyone who does there part for the animals!!

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    my congrats to these strong and lovely peta actions all over the world! in the same time pls let me propose you the following statement signed with my real name on other occasions i sign with camoufflage name because i think here it’s of some importance. i blog on this new file here in order to be read by as much people as possible. open letter to whom it may concern these last weeks and days i saw on several internet blogs the remarks that peta is antisemit. this is not true. so pls allow me as a peta member and speaking also for myself to explain you this we as animal rights activists stand for animal protection and not for any racial qualification. also the people posted here are from all over the world! me i’m half siciliangreek with some maltesejewish ancestors and half germanswiss mixed with native south american i passed my youth in switzerland and i’m now living in france. just to show you how international we are! semit jewish hamit arabian and african and japhet the rest of the world the three sons of noath isn’t it? so from the racial standpoint we are all brothers but not always from the ideological standpoint. this means if anyone of noah’s descendance is torturing animals peta steps in. ok? if any people in this world from wherever they are are torturing animals peta is there no importance if the torturer is for example a roman catholic jew muslim native american or a follower of confucius. you got it until here? being an animal rights organization we speak in first place up for animals always knowing that there is also injustice against humans. but as an animal rights organization peta is responsible for animal issues and human rights organizations are responsible for human issues! ok? because we need the two! so if peta is blaming some people it’s because of their bad treatment of animals and not because of their race or religion. me i see mankind as a collective family and when i’m posted here my texts talk always from human species or animal species. also for the more advanced reader it’s vital that human is a species dog is a species horse is a species goldfish is a species morpho butterfly is a species and so on. a living being can only breed in it’s own species! but for the less advanced reader let’s just talk of two human species and animal species! it is unfair to accuse peta of antisemitism only because you want to hide yourself behind your past misfortune and profit from it to work against animal protection. what happened to the jewish people during the course of history!!! and specially in nazi germany is deeply regrettable condemnable and horrible. i’m so sadened about it that we cannot change it! it happened! my father was in a refugee camp during world war two and he knew countless jewish refugees from germany poland etc. who told him their awful destiny! i have now tears in my eyes and we here unanimously wish that these things shall never happen again forever! but it is unfair that every time when some of your people of jewish heritage are blamed for something be it for animals sake or political reasons etc. you quickly accuse the blaming part of antisemitism! after hitler this is a strong even insulting word! being against cruelty to animals has nothing to do with antisemitism and you know it exactly! so don’t make yourself more heavy as you are! peta is everythere and is fighting on a global level. she never ever reproached a person his race or religion but his animal abuse may this come from a roman catholic jew muslim native american or for example a follower of confucius. did you get the point? so let’s continue as i know sauf erreur i’m not a race specialist some of the strongest peta fighters are jewish joaquin phoenix who did the video ‘earthlings’ with the kosher animal abuse inside abraham safran foer who accused the horrible practices in kosher slaughterhouse rabbi perry raphael rank president of rabbinical assembly spoke in favour of peta and sauf erreur the following animal lovers and protectors are jewish elias canetti nobel prize isaac bashevis singer nobel prize steven rosen famous author today hindu satyaraja das martin buber famous philosopher hans ruesch famous author of ‘naked empress’ and antivivisectionist when i met him personally he was an atheist also this is his right sigmund freud famous psychologist rosa luxemburg famous politician and martyr of the first communist hour marc chagall who expressed his animal love in his wonderful paintings george wald nobel prize 1967 and vegetarian elie wiesel nobel prize 1986 and vegetarian brian greene famous physicionist and vegetarian nathaniel borenstein american creator of email language and vegetarian dustin hoffman famous actor and vegetarian henry spira founder of american antivivisection and last but not least albert einstein who said that a vegetarian diet could change this planet into a better world. past jewish ancestors and vegetarians include isaac luria moses de leon arturo de cordoba maimonides the baal schem tov and many many more but this here is not a sexy veggie poll but a report on animal issues concerning antisemit reproaches against peta! also i want to talk to you about marion bienes. when i met her personally years ago and she was a guest in my place she was the head of a big jewish community in holland. she was a survivor of concentration camp bergenbelsen with the number still on her arm she joined as specially for the antivivisection campaign led by famous ecologist franz weber. because her principal thing in life was it to travel around the world and to expose herself on big crowded places inside a cage for to appeal for animal and human rights in the same time! her heart was big enough for the two! i don’t know if she is still alive but if yes maybe she shall read this text! also another point which my jewish brothers didn’t get at all if peta refers to the holocaust concerning tortured animals it’s because of her love for them not because of her despise. so if for example i compare animal torture to holocaust this means as a great animal lover the horrible death of an animal is for me as if i looked at the horrible pictures where people are tortured and killed. this means for me i suffer as much for this one and for the other one. this doesn’t mean that people are considered on a low level as some other people consider animals but it means that the two the human being and the animal both have the right for a respectful life and a respectful death. so please don’t make the same mistake as many priests are doing but read the old testament not just the pentateuch and after you get bored but continue and read iob isaiah the psalms etc. then you shall see that for example daniel was a veg isaiah and many others you shall be surprised… so i really ask you to consider all this and you shall admit that antisemit reproaches against peta were unjust because don’t forget the most important thing is the truth. if we are true to ourselves and the others mistakes can be resolved! and let me tell you something else i have many jewish and arabian friends they try to live a vegetarian life and they have no problems among eachother concerning peace issues so our old wise friend and ancestor albert einstein was right maybe vegetarianism is also here tipping the scales…

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Simply Beautiful….. Judith