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Bunnies Scream for Donna Karan

Written by PETA | February 14, 2011

Donna Karan might not have had legions of fans screaming for her at New York Fashion Week, but she did have legions of bunnies screaming outside her midtown Manhattan office on Saturday as she prepared for a show on Sunday.

Demonstrators showed passersby that uncarin’ Karan likes her fur bloody, with a side of cruelty. Blasting the sounds of real rabbits screaming on fur farms as they are about to have their throats cut and their paws and heads chopped off, the protesters hoped to convince Cruella DeKaran that there’s nothing warm and fuzzy about real fur.

You can help by letting Karan know that you prefer your fur to be faux and cruelty-free.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • miroslav - nino says:

    Also: I am so disgusted, that we the “HUMAN” race continue to inflict such appalling cruelty on innocent animals, for our food, clothing & skin products. When are we ever going to wake up, to this?

  • Noleen Durrant says:

    I am so disgusted, that we the “HUMAN” race continue to inflict such appalling cruelty on innocent animals, for our food, clothing & skin products. When are we ever going to wake up, to this?

  • rachel says:

    this is sick no animal should go though this barbaric sick twisted cruelty just so people can wear fur shame on the human race that do wear fur stop this inhumane brutality now

  • rachel says:

    donna karan i once liked your line of clothes but not any more the way these poor animals are killed is barbaric and so inhumane and what for so someone can wear fur we dont need fur but these animals do. please stop this cruelty the pain they must suffer is to heartbreaking to think about

  • Sonia says:


  • Maria Koutentaki says:

    Ms. Karan, In the name of all animal lovers, pls stop the bunny killing for fashion, their blood is in yr hands. Fake fur is better, and you save innocent lives being killed just for your profit and for fashionistas to show off. I wonder if u ever tried killing a bunny yrself????

  • Shiva says:

    F* u Donna..stop killing cute bunnies.. :'(

  • Cynthia Fleisch says:

    Ms Karan–I have been a big fan and purchaser of your clothing for years.—Will you please take note of the current political consciousness???—There is absolutely no reason to breed and kill animals for their fur!!!—-Faux fur is far preferable in almost every respect and is perhaps less expensive insofar as production costs.—Thank-you for your consideration.

  • Mah says:

    We hate u Donna Karan ! Actually the whole planet earth hates u . Bloody Donna Karan !!! Shame on u !!!! Shame on u !!!! Shame on u !!!! We r FUR FREE .

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    As a minister who does a lot of charity work, I have noticed the same thing that Nirupama has noticed, that people with not much to give very often give the most. People with a lot of money seem to think they have life all figured out, and most won’t give a penny or a moment of their time without recognition of what they have given or done. This is the reason for the premiums given at charity events (give a certain amount and you get a plaque announcing to all how much you gave and your photo with the charity recepient, for example), an announcement in the Society Page of the local newspaper (Mrs. Donna Gotbucks and Mrs. Diane Mucho Dinero of the Friends Of The Local Zoo presenting a large fake check to the Warden…oh, excuse me, Director…of the local zoo). Meanwhile those of us who are unemployed or making minimum wage give freely of our time and what money we have. There are more than a few mentions of this in the bible. Jesus mentions watching people putting their tithes and offerings in the temple treasury, that the rich were dumping in huge sums, while a very old, very poor woman put in 2 very small coins. He stated those two small coins were worth more than what the rich were pouring in, as they gave out of their wealth and even after giving all that they still had plenty to live on, while the poor woman gave all that she had to live on. Jesus also states that when you give alms you should never announce that you have done so. If you do you will earn the admiration of society but that will be all you get. If you give your alms (and I believe alms can be either money or time)in secret God will give you a much greater reward later. To all who volunteer money, time or both, and who neither expect nor recieve societys recognition for it, I applaud you for it and pray for you. Remember, as the Bible says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

  • Mariska Rall says:

    There is nothing warm and fuzzy about animals being killed for clothes. Lets kill some people too and use their skins against the cold. Why not? Murder is murder! Taking a life, is taking a life! And in the name of fashion that is disgusting! If you do not stop using fur, I sincerely hope that you factories, shop, or whatever burns down to the ground. And that all the fur condoners are inside when it burns down.

  • Aimee Osmulski says:

    Rock on! keep up the good work, what a powerful way 2 get the message across. I might just incorporate that in2 my next Ringling protest.

  • melmac says:

    As someone who has seen and watched rabbits being judged at fairs – 1. They scream if mishandled in any way, not just being “slaughtered for fashion,” 2. They – particularly Californians (the white rabbit most people know) have half-inch claws that will RIP your arms to shreds if you mishandle them. In short, these rabbits put up a hell of a fight before anything happens. BTW, How is protesting about her practices here doing any good? I doubt that DKNY or even Karan reads this blog.

  • donnaanddavid says:

    Donna Karan…I thought you were above this !! I have always loved your line from clothes to perfume to eye glasses. I give up and will never purchase another of your items.Please stop this brutality,,if you have children I dare you to show them the process in which you get your fur supply. FAUX FUR please !!!I am disgusted.

  • Dan Wilson says:

    Donna Karan you must please stop butchering innocent bunnys. What will you’re best friend famous Yoga instructor Rodney Yee say when he hears about you butchering innocent bunnys. Please do this for Peta & you’re friend Rodney Yee. Dan Wilson Middletown,Connecticut,USA

  • Naomi O says:

    We called the moment we got the txt message, ty for the txt and the hard work!

  • Zhen Heinemann says:

    Donna Karan and company – how can you not care about those animals and the inhumane killing practices that make them suffer? Have you never had an animal that you cared for in your life? Would you treat your dog or cat like that? Do you need whatever extra money or luxury you think fur brings you. I hope you see that your actions cause pain and suffering and that you stop using fur. And, I hope that shoppers become aware of this suffering and inhumanity and stop giving you money until you change your uncaring attitude.

  • JENNY says:


  • Nirupama says:

    In all the campaigns that I have been to it is somehow the more financially oppressed that lend an ear to the plight of animals. I stood by on he streets of dallas downtown during a campaign against use of elephants in circuses and there were so many of these supposedly educated and wealthy looking individuals who just scorned us and walked past saying ” i will still go to the circus” aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggh……..really get a life!! this donna karan needs to be put in a crate for a few months and then maybe just a part of her skin should be ripped off the way she has done on those animals and maybe just maybe she may get some sense into her head!!

  • Charmain says:

    Stop killing bunnies!!!!

  • trudi clark says:

    sometimes we have no option in life but to use the only tools available. i am a nurse and to save someone’s life i would use any tool available. however you do have choice – you can use faux fur – i hope you enjoy your job and get great satisfaction of knowing the suffering you cause for your ‘wonderful’ fashion items. its a shame you are the person you are i wish you weren’t and i don’t wish you well. Regards ( and no not ‘kind’ regards)

  • Natalie Saidi says:

    From now on I give up Donna Karan’s line. It is inhumane and godless to kill innocent God’s creatures, to cause them suffering like she does.

  • muralidharan says:

    Now that’s we call as RED HOT FASHION…… poor bunnies ….. Donna karan is greatest DEVIL,SATAN(yelled).

  • Rene says:

    This is disguisting, im a fashion student and dont understand why anyone would think that by putting fur in a clothing line would make it beautiful. YOU ARE THE PEOPLE THAT WE LOOK AT FOR INSPIRATION…. And above all you have the power to change things and stand against it, make others aware that it is wrong!!! Donna i am truly and utterly disguisted, have you heard the bunnies scream when they are skinned alive. Its horrifying!Animals are not brain dead even though they cannot speak they can think and feel just like you! It will come back to you, if not in this life the next and who knws you might just be the bunny thats skinned alive and whos fur is used on some dum fashion designers clothing line. Regards Rene Rossouw Im not a fan anymore!

  • carol haley says:

    My two daughters in medical school becoming veterinarians showed me this video. Like my friends we denied what this was about. NO more Donna Karan. Love your clothes, adore your fragrance line, but NO MORE. We are appalled, and I vow to get others on board against this holocaust of the innocent. STOP the bloody horror please. Mrs David Haley Westport CT

  • sandra says:

    Demonstrators showed passersby that uncarin’ Karan likes her fur bloody, with a side of cruelty. Blasting the sounds of real rabbits screaming on fur farms as they are about to have their throats cut and their paws and heads chopped off, the protesters hoped to convince Cruella DeKaran that there’s nothing warm and fuzzy about real fur.

  • Kandis J. says:

    OMG! i will never buy anything Donna Karen ever again. My mother will be very disgusted when she finds this out. Thanks Michelle

  • Val Wolf says:

    Come ON! What have you got against compassion for other living things? Shame on you, Donna Karan.

  • Jacquelyn says:

    It is immoral to hurt and kill innocent animals, please help to stop this…….

  • Sherri Nest says:

    Please stop torturing animals for fashion. There is no need. We have beautiful faux fur and suede available today.

  • stefan says:

    i prefer your fur to be faux and crelty free becuase there is already too much cruealty in this world

  • Kimberly says:

    This is absolutely awful….

  • Jackie Sullivan says:

    I will never, ever buy your products again!!!!!!!

  • Sharna says:

    PLease, please, please stop the slaughter! Beauty is not dead animals. Beauty comes from within Donna! =(

  • Monica McPherrin says:

    I am sickened and disgusted by the need of this designer to be part of such a horrific and inhumane practice. There is nor reason not to use fake fur or at least insist on humane practices. This is barbaric.

  • Stacey Feeley says:

    I will not buy any of your products until you discontinue your use of fur. I will also encourage everyone I know to boycott your products as well. Using fur when synthetics are available is unnecessary and speaks volumes about your character. Shame on you.

  • Raichu says:

    I didn’t know rabbits could scream so loud… :/ That’s just gross. It amazes me that people still even wear fur.

  • Nancy Krauss says:

    I have purchased many of your products in the past. Until you stop using rabbit fur I will no longer be purchasing your merchandise.

  • Nickki V says:

    You are a horrid person to be able to still do this after hearing the screams of these innocent animals .. How would you sound if you were raised for your skin?!

  • Caroline Chambers says:

    There is no need to use real fur. Faux fur looks just as lux, without the cruelty & ick factors.

  • Jodey Castricano says:

    Dear Donna Karan, Do you still not understand the suffering involved in fur farms? I’m so disappointed in you. if this doesn’t matter, I suppose I’ll have to remind you that I will not purchase anything from your line until you call a halt to the killing of animals for fashion. Not cool, Donna.

  • Steinhofer says:

    Good job for showing people the horrible truth about real fur. It’s completely horrible what these animals have to go through just because people want to look good :/ fur is absolutely disgusting, and it looks way better on the Animals. Keep up the good work once again, and maybe some day people will realize what they are doing is Wrong!

  • JESSICA says: