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Bud Adams: Give McCruelty the Bird!

Written by PETA | November 18, 2009

Last Sunday, Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams ecstatically extended his middle fingers as he rejoiced in his team’s victory against the Buffalo Bills—and later paid a titanic fine of $250,000.

Who knew that giving the bird could be so expensive?!

Lucky for Adams, we’ve got a bird for him to give that costs nothing and saves lives. We’re sending him one of our newest McCruelty T-shirts and asking him to flip it to an opponent who’s much more offensive than any of his football rivals.




Did we mention that he doesn’t even have to lift a finger?

McDonald’s allows its suppliers to break the wings and legs of chickens, cut their throats while they’re still conscious, and scald them to death in defeathering tanks. Chickens continue to suffer these abuses despite the fact that there is a less cruel method of slaughter available. Who wouldn’t flip at the chance to give the one-finger salute on behalf of birds who can’t do it themselves?

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • jess says:

    can i please purchase one of these shirts?

  • matt in chicago says:

    hey WASR10….was your comment meant to be racist? Im curious what the rest of your comment was. I say this because I have heard a lot of versions of this companys name but in reference to minorities working there. hopefully this wasnt your aim.

  • Shari says:

    Mel This shirt is also directed to all those who DON’T support our mission to end animal cruelty. This shirt is for you and our message is clear! GO VEGGIE END THE CRUELTY

  • WASR-10 says:

    I have another name for McDonalds which has to a lot with the employees…

  • Shari says:

    You birthday is coming up!! I think I may treat myself to this wonderfulshirt. I just received my PETA tote bag today!! I LOVE IT! I can shop with style send out a cruelty free message at the same time!

  • mel says:

    Bud I hated what you did to people in Texas and find your antics disgraceful but if you want to give the finger to this shirt… go ahead.