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Britney’s Latest Fur Pas

Written by PETA | April 17, 2007

Maybe Britney should stick to her trademark crotch shots, because her new post-rehab look definitely isn’t working for her. Unless of course she’s actually going for the whole “street walker” look, in which case she nailed it. I’m referring to this pic from an article talking about her supposed “comeback”:


I realize the girl has had it rough and the whole teen star aftermath meltdown was inevitable, but now that she’s got a couple of husbands and a stint in rehab behind her, one would think she’d get over her desperate need for attention and ditch the furs. Anyway, if you’d like to send her some inspirational thoughts to help her get over her current fur addiction, you can do that here (click on the star).

And of course, if the furs are fake Britney, I totally take back the whole “street walker” thing. I was just joshing with ya.

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  • denise says:

    I did feel sorry for her until now Brit why dont you look up “fur is dead” on the internet you might change your mind about fur.

  • someone says:

    well shes gone off the rails so it wouldnt be that un usual if she wore fur.

  • Liezl says:

    hehe now she’s trying to feel sorry for herself. Well nobody over here is gonna feel sorry for you! You are supporting a nightmare! Go figure your life is a nightmare!!!!!

  • Monique Levy says:

    Britney is wearing Fur for sure… I’m from Brazil and here everybody is supporting her… But now that i saw this picture I totally changed my mind… I dont feel bad bout her.