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Britney Removed from Worst-Dressed-List Consideration

Written by PETA | January 8, 2008

Britney in Furs

You know, maybe there is something to all this “Leave Britney alone” hoopla. Given her recent trip to the psych ward, it’s becoming more and more clear that she’s not entirely accountable for her actions—and that includes her poor fashion choices just as much as it does her bad parenting decisions.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to give Britney a bit of a break this year, and take her off the Worst-Dressed-List poll, despite the fact that she had established herself as a strong front-runner in the first two days of voting. Here’s what PETA Vice President Dan Mathews had to say about the decision:

“People with l’il kids shouldn’t dress like L’il Kim. But at this point, Britney needs a break—from everybody. Maybe when her head is clear, she’ll have a change of heart about wearing fur. If not, we’ll be back biting at her heels.”

So there you have it, but the question is, did we make the right choice in giving Brit a break this year despite her unfortunate penchant for, um, flaunting her fur in public? Please feel free to comment with your thoughts.

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  • Shellie says:

    Hmm lets seenow i would not cut her any slack at all for the simple fact is she has so so much growing up to do.I do not think she is a fit mother now nor never.I had my first child when i was 18yrs old and held 3 jobs to take care of her now thats taken responsability! Her fashion choice stinks as well lets see what if someone took her animals and skinned them to make a jacket would she like that…My guess would be NO!

  • Jean says:

    I doubt very much that Britney is unbalanced to the degree that she is unaware of the suffering the animals had to endure to provide her with fur coats. She needs to be accountable for her decisions. A life of selfindulgence has its consequences and Britney should go back on the listfor the sake of the animals whose death she supported by wearing their skins.

  • Kristina says:

    Come on people! There has to be a better cause to rally against in the name of animal rights than Britney Spears! Really I give her about four more months until she ODs.

  • Jenn M says:

    I dont care how much of a freak show she is She was still wearing fur!!!

  • Susan says:

    Give Britney a break. This girl has been through enough. We have lots of other celebs to beat up this year. Give her a year in rehab and then we’ll go after her. The poor thing has NO ONE to defend her. Her lousy boyfriend is married to another woman and about to sell their private pics to the tabloids. Her mother only wants her money and her exhusband just wants her kids for the money. GIVE HER A BREAK! I know she loves animals so lets continue to try and plead with her and give her some space that she desperately needs. Let’s show her that PETA and it’s members can be compassionate not hateful like the papparazzi and her family and her exhusband fans and attorneys. For goodness sake this girl needs a real friend because she sure doesn’t have one!

  • Kailey says:

    why would you leave her off? animals are dying so she can wear thair skin and you’re letting her off because she ‘s going through a bad point in her life? i don’t think so. she’s depressed so it’s okay if she wears dead animals. no. put her on PLEEASE!! Peace and Love