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Bob Barker Showcases Cruelty to Bears in Meeting With Cherokees

Written by PETA | July 29, 2009
popsense / CC
Bob Barker

My most beloved game show host—no, not that oneBob Barker has once again stepped up to the mic to speak up for animals.

Yesterday, Bob met with Principal Chief Michell Hicks and members of the Tribal Council for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to plead for compassion for captive bears in Cherokee, North Carolina, who languish in desolate concrete pits and cages in roadside zoos. After Bob saw firsthand the deplorable conditions at one of these tourist traps (he was denied entry to the other two), he urged Principal Chief Hicks to release the miserable bears to a sanctuary in California.

Although no promises were made at yesterday’s meeting, PETA won’t rest until the black bears are retired to sanctuaries. After all, according to Cherokee legend, black bears are the keepers of dreams. No doubt all of these imprisoned bears are dreaming of their own freedom.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Jill says:

    I wish for all beings to be free. Free to roam free to eat free to forage free to mate…this is what is truly the most important of all rights. Humans demand it yet we take it from all others. We are bunch of hypocrite virus. As for boycotting these places if you did go and ‘enjoy’ these types of places then YOU should be the one in that concrete box!

  • Anne says:

    Leonard Peltier an innocent Lakota man imprisoned mainly in maximum security prisons since 1976 painted “The Spirit of the Bear” which depicted an Indian man sitting at a campfire unaware of a mountain lion stalking him but the spirit of a bear hovered above to protect him. Leonard always wanted staff at the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee to take special care of their own dogs even though the support work at the office was important towards winning his freedom from wrongful imprisonment. Let his example of caring for animals encourage the Cherokee owners of roadside zoos to turn their caged animals over to a wellestablished animal refuge where the zoo animals can be given medical treatment and be rehabilitated to good health.

  • Fred and Rose says:

    Thank you Bob.

  • Irma Cash says:

    I have been going to the Great Smoky Mountains since I was a little child as my mother was born out there in Swain County. As that child I saw the bear’s roaming some time’s along the road side and it was so exciting. NOTHING is exciting about these bear’s in Cherokee and Maggie Valley SANTA LAND. When these poor creatures cry I cry for them. You don’t see the bear’s out along the road side today. They are all in CAGES!! God Bless Bob Barker. I hope that he return’s SOON.

  • dwayne says:

    wish bob would stand up for all the human babys being killed every day then we could save the bears !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary McArdle says:

    I wrote a letter to Principal Chief Hicks and received no reply. What is the status of this campaign? I hate the thought of these bears suffering one more day.



  • Alan Cohen says:

    I wish Bob Barker well in his pursuit of freeing these beautiful animals. It always amazes me when I here stories like this. What causes people to believe treating animals in this manner is ok?? What kind of horrific upbringing education parenting were they exposed to? Amazing! Thanks Bob…

  • layla Davis says:

    Bob..Thank you from all the animals!!! BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!!! You have done this by protecting our animals

  • Shirley Siravo says:

    Bob PETA thank you for the work you do for the animals. God bless you. we all need to step up do our part in changing the ignorance that is out there when it comes to the cruelty toward all animals!

  • Sue Henderson says:

    Bob Barker is a voice for the silent victims of cruelty.He has brought the plight of animals to the forefront of America’s living rooms for years.I hope he reads some of these encouraging comments and is assured that his efforts are repeated by so many of us throughout the country. We all follow his lead. Don’t be embarassed to speak up when you see injustice.Keep Bob’s work alive Protestit’s the American Way!!

  • Amy S says:

    Thank you Bob for helping animals !

  • Jeffrey Smith says:

    This hardly seems like the tradition of respect and the full circle that most tribes claim to represent.

  • Irene H. Arm says:

    How possible would it be for Mr.Bob Barker bless him to look into other sites where bears are being held captive in an inhumane way? Water food and socalled “shelter” just isn’t good enough. Bob Barker won’t you please PLEASE continue caring for bears?!! I would be only too happy to divulge some other sad situations involving bears.

  • connie says:

    if the world only had more bob barkers it would be a better place!!!! thanks bob !!

  • Tom says:

    In reply to Mega meeting was held with Bob the Chief and the Tribal Council. Bob’s news conference was held Wednesday morning. On Tuesday morning Bob was to visit the zoosonly one would let him inthe others refused. The Tribal Council refused to compromise in anyway thus forcing the boycott issue. The area as Bob indicated as other attractions crafts and Indian heritage to offerthe bears aren’t needed unless as suggestedthe area opens up a preserve to allow the bears to roam.

  • dee says:


  • NT says:

    Bless you Bob!

  • Jan Clawson says:

    I live here in the beatiful mountains of Western North Carolina and I have to say that I am horrified by this story of the captive bears. Thank you Bob Barker for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Let’s hope this nighmare will end soon for these “keepers of dreams”.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thanks BOB and PETA its people like you who make a difference.. keep your voice.. who is there voice alive

  • Cherokee says:

    Asking for a boycott of Western North Carolina isn’t really the best way to stop this. You will just make a lot a people upset with both Bob and PETA. Why couldn’t a meeting be held before things got so ugly. All they had to do was make a call to the Chief’s office and explain the situation. Instead Cherokee was blasted time and time again in letters and news releases. I understand they just want to improve the lives of these captive bears but there are more professional methods of accomplishing this.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Do you suppose we could get Mr. Barker to go to the White Tiger truck stop in Baton Rouge La and expose the conditions of the White Tigers who are imprisoned there?

  • Adele says:

    Hooray!! for Bob Barker!! We all remember his words at the end of every PRICE IS RIGHT show….”Remember to have your pet spayedor neutered”. Bob has always been a voice for animals a truly compassionate wonderful man!!!

  • susan trecarichi says:


  • Brien Comerford says:

    Bob Barker has been a very generous compassionate and proactive animal loving vegetarian for over thirty years. He’s the real deal !!

  • Kelley says:

    What kind of loser stops at a roadside zoo anyway?