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Bob Barker, ‘Come On Down!’ to PETA’s Los Angeles Office

Written by PETA | March 10, 2010

PETA’s longtime friend and supporter, Bob Barker, along with some “Barker PETA Beauties,” joined our own Ingrid E. Newkirk today to cut the ribbon on the start of renovations to our new Los Angeles office, aptly named—what else?—the Bob Barker Building.


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Bob Barker


Bob Barker donated $2.5 million to help us open our new location, and time after time after time, he has shown his unwavering support for animal protection. For decades, he influenced millions of people every day by ending each taping of The Price Is Right with his message to spay or neuter companion animals—a message that his successor, Drew Carey, also uses for his sign-off.


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We’re grateful to have Barker’s continued support—and we’re delighted to name PETA’s new Los Angeles office in his honor.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Angela Brooke says:

    I was born in Canada in the 1960’s . We came to the UK in 1975 and I remember watching Bob Barker on “Truth or Consequences?” I had a childhood crush on him thenwhat good taste I had Well Done Bob. You are a true star. With Love from England xx

  • Pressiana says:

    Thank you so much Bob Barker. Your generous donation will save many innocent animals from being abused and hurt. Thank you

  • David says:

    Monsieur Barker you are the man! Good for you and more power to you for doing this. David

  • Joey Arbagey says:

    Thank you Bob Barker for your generosity and compassion. This will help save many living creatures from unnecessary suffering and abuse. Bless you in every way.

  • linda says:

    Thank you Bob Barker for all you do for the animals. I wish there were more loving and caring people out there like you!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  • manohar says:

    Dear Bob You are just beautiful. God bless you.

  • chocokitty says:

    God bless you Bob!

  • Anna Virgini says:

    I was so so happy to see this happening.I watched Bob Barker’s show for many years and love it! I hope that it will live a long long lifebecause we need people like him!It is such a wonderful man!!

  • Cindy says:

    Thank you Bob Barker! I wish there would be many more caring and compassionate people like you.

  • Hope Gormandy says:

    Thanks Bob Barker for your philanthropist efforts with helping animals on our planet! you’re the man! God Bless you!

  • Sherri Hickman says:


  • Daniel says:

    Thank you Bob! And also Francine Hauenstein for your comment. It could be usefull to know in which area they didn’t went to the vet even if the animal needed it. Sure a lot of other areas do great job! Take care

  • john khoury says:

    Bob Barker is a gentleman and a truly caring person. Many thanks.

  • Julie Gianni says:

    Thank you Bob! This will enable Ingrid and her worldwide amazing PETA crew to help even more creatures that have no voice to help themselves! This is a huge donation towards saving so many and educating even more! Thank you Bob and Ingrid! See you at the 30th!

  • Linda says:

    Bob your an inspiration to us all. I just wish there were more out there just like you.

  • Jonah says:

    Bob Barker is a consummate mensch. May he be forever blessed.

  • tiziana says:

    I have no words to thank you Bob Barker tiziana italia

  • Rou Xuan LEE says:

    Hi PETA all kindhearted animal lovers. Well done keep up the good work.

  • James says:

    I Love You Bob Barker

  • Yanel S. says:

    God bless Bob Barker Where is the Los Angeles office exactly located?

  • Tom says:

    Thank You Bob! Thank You so much. Blessings

  • Naila M. Sanchez says:


  • Heiata FERRAND says:

    I love u Bob! Thank u.

  • Debbie says:

    I am so very happy that Bob is giving to an animal charity and for donating so generously. He is such a good man.

  • Claudine Erlandson says:

    I am so thankful to Mr. Bob Barker! It looks like that the people’s initials B.B. are great for helping Animals! We have Brigitte Bardot and Bob Barker! Vive PETAtheGreat’s wonderful staff Ingrid and the terrific B.B.’s!

  • Shirlee says:

    Thank You Bob Barker and God Bless you for your caring for animals. Last night I was on a site about the so called faux fur clothing industry which In many cases the fur is cats or dogs from china or wherever. I honestly could not sleep last night and cried because a guy told me they skin rabbits alive so they don’t ruin the fur and they cry like a human baby. He said I can’t even imagine what a dog would sound like. When I thought about that I cried some more. I support Peta and many other animal rights groups. We have to people this is beyond cruel.

  • MA Moore says:

    Thank you BOB! Sending much love to Bob Ingrid and the PETA warriors!

  • Madison says:

    Met him in New york always kind always great.

  • David says:

    What could be better or more effective than intelligent compassionate committed people living up to their principles and values? Bob Barker is a SUPERB example of this.

  • Mozart says:

    Bob Barker you are a desciple of the higher and finer nature of humanity. Your kindness will benefit the lucky some of the most tortured animal victims in modern society. You are a saint.

  • Chi Nguyen-Zeh says:

    Kudo for Bob! I wish there are more millionaires out there that cares for the animals as much as you do. Thank you Bob!

  • michelle says:

    thanks bob from the animals with no voice…i love the price is right

  • lord kitchner says:

    Bob Barker is one of those unsung heros and deserves all the credit going back years before PETAa true realhumanitarian!!!THANKS BOB sincerly Lord Kitchner

  • Zoltan Solyom says:

    Viva PETA! Viva animals! What a sexy girls

  • Christopher Robinson says:

    If the Roman Catholic Church weren’t so corrupt already I’d ask that Bob Barker be canonised! What an absolute saint he is. I get fed up seeing the tarty bimbos at such events too. This is ABOUT ANIMAL WELFARE nothing else. What a pity it is that people can’t express their delight without using the f word see next comment below.

  • coral robert says:

    You are one of a kind Bob Barker and put our PM in Australia to shame trying to save our Whales as he is letting them die we need more people like you as our PM you care about Animals and our only Earth if you ever come to Australia i would love to meet you GOD BLESS YOU FOR ALL YOU DO regards coral

  • Amen Sigala says:

    Finding out Bob Barker was Veg right before he retired was awesome. I never knew this about him…! I wish I did I could have usd him as an example all those yrs do that now since then. Your awesome Bob Barker thks for caring so much thru your eating habits.

  • Cindy M says:

    Mr. Barker bottom line is that you have a heart of gold and you are my hero for everything that you have done and continue to do for the animals. I respect and admire you greatly for taking this stand and having the courage to act on your beliefs on behalf of all the animals that have no voice. You are truly one of a kind! Bless you my friend and Thank you…

  • Lisa Cardon says:

    Thank you Bob Barker for giving a wonderful and generous donation as a gift to help those poor and defenseless animals to have a voice to let the world know the truth of the horrible treatment of animals in experiments of unspeakable cruelty that go on behind closed doors. Thank you Mr. Barker you are a wonderful person!!

  • Lorenza Feitosa says:

    I didn’t know Bob Bakerbut now I love himGod bless him and all people that support PETA and the animal’s rights.

  • Paul an Joann Scarsciotti says:

    Bob Barker is the best. We love this man. He is such an inspiration for the animals. Thanks for all you do for the animals. You’re the best.

  • Pat the Labrador Rescuer says:

    Bob is the best!!! God bless him!!

  • mark says:


  • Riane says:

    woot!! Go Bob! My respect level just shot way up

  • Deanna Strom says:

    Thank God for you Bob…If I had it so would the animals…I do animal rescue out of my home and love it…Thanks for all your love and support for the innocent defenseless creatures…I love them all….now lets work on the senseless killing of seals in cananda and the torturing of animals and the use of animals for chemical research……

  • Christine says:

    Bob Barker is a true HERO stepping up and doing this for the animals!!!!!! We applaud you Mr. Barker

  • Rod Worden says:

    Thank you Bob!! Apart from being a very special and generous person you’re also a very funny guy always made us laugh. Our family was at your show once at Sea World. The way you pulled my superbashful mother out of her seat in the audience was hysterical. We laughed about that for yrs. Thanks again!

  • marilda ,ier says:

    Bob Barker you are my inspiration I love you! Bob the animals always bring love. Thank you Bob for your support.

  • Peggy Ellison says:

    he is my herogreat person