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Blood Spill: New Threat to Ocean Inhabitants

Written by PETA | June 8, 2010
Humpback Whale

While U.S. residents watch and worry about the oil spill, a different kind of oceanic nightmare is brewing, one that will cause immense suffering and death for countless whales for many years to come.

On June 20, the International Whaling Commission will meet in Morocco to vote on a proposal to lift a 24-year international ban on commercial whaling for Japan, Norway, and Iceland—the three countries that have pretty much thumbed their noses at the ban. The Obama administration backs the lifting of the ban. Anyone who knows anything about the history of the ban—which has slashed the killing from somewhere between 40,000 and 60,000 whales a year to between 1,200 and 1,700—is outraged that the president is going back on his election pledge to strengthen a ban and instead throwing the country’s might behind lifting it.

We know some fascinating things about whales: Humpbacks create “bubble-netting” by blowing a stream of bubbles to surround their prey, and females form long-lasting friendships with each other. Many people know that sperm whales have the biggest brains of any living being, but did you know that they’re able to dive more than a mile? Or that they communicate by clicking? Or that some scientists believe that sperm whales “are so self-aware that they might have begun to evolve a concept of religion.”

We also know that if the whaling ban is lifted, whale families will be torn apart as more are slaughtered. Act now to help animals: Politely tell President Obama that you oppose the cruel slaughter of sentient beings. Then prove it by going vegan if you haven’t already.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • leann says:

    i sent a long one i told him that when his grandkids and his children learn about this how is he gonna reply to them when the youngins ask”daddy how did those whales die?” i also told him that if he lies to his own kids he is a unfit parent and a unfit president and that this nationis not one under god this is one nation under a liar.

  • Rattati says:

    You guys ok? Religion??? Are you aware of the fact that no huntingfishing is more regulated than whaling? Whaling is not illegal internationally it is illegal in certain areas not others. Countries can do whatever they damn near please within their territorial waters and nobody can do a thing about it except their administrations. This unbelievable religion that antiwhaling is is mindblowing. Simple as that. Selective reporting is not going to give those views any legitimate basis try though as you might. Now for the record I am against whaling i.e. in Iceland. But that is for purely economical reasons. Whales are creatures of the sea and should be harvested just the same as any sufficiently large biomass just to ensure the specie is not hunted down to extinction. I am perfectly willing to engage in any discussion about the subject. I do notice however that right here above the textbox I am informed that I need to be approved before this comment is posted. Let’s wait and see. Unfortunately PETA has not a perfect record when it comes to objectivity.

  • MS.Willanna J. Jones says:

    The pres. is a politican and he fooled alot of people He won’t help the whales but will help a foreign country break the LAW namely Japan…some one besides Bob Barker needs too help Steve Irwin fight for the WHALES.The Pres.needs to grow a pairwatch Whale Wars and listen to the japanese lie like the ciminals that they are!!! PETA needs to step up also.

  • Marion Holmquist says:

    Please please don’t let us down. Do the right thing and protect the whales. Our way of living is destroying enough wildlife the Gulf oil spill for example let’s not add to our sinsand they are sins according to Genesis.

  • Thomas Stevens says:

    What kind of person would back such a crime? Not a good one!

  • Vanessa says:

    Mr Obama you are going back on your word We all thought you were the best change to ever happen to America and the world wow the 1st black president The entire world supported you winning. Dont let us down Please protect these whales like you would protect your own children and restore your image in the minds of others i know you will sleep better at night God I pray you give obama the wisdom to do your will