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No More Blood in Barcelona

Written by PETA | September 26, 2011

The last bull has been stabbed to death in Barcelona now that the last scheduled bullfight has taken place in Catalonia, the Spanish region that’s widely considered to be bullfighting’s birthplace. Faced with nearly empty arenas and growing condemnation of killing bulls for “sport,” the ban on this sadistic spectacle officially goes into effect January 1, and bullfighting is on its way out elsewhere as well.

Curious tourists who purchase tickets or those who simply go along with what’s included on their travel itinerary are the only ones keeping the fights alive and bulls dying. By the time an appalled spectator rushes out of the arena in horror, the damage has been done—and more bulls will endure an agonizing death as a result.

Travelers to Spain, Mexico, and France can help end the carnage for good by refusing to buy a ticket and letting their travel agents know that they don’t want bullfights included on their tour itineraries.


Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • belle says:

    Drew: Do you want to be the bull??????

  • mariaaaa says:

    I wish that were true but it’s not. It’s not just tourists keeping this horrendous show alive. Unfortunately a lot of Spaniards do attend bullfighting rings. Also, it probably doesn’t matter but Catalonia hasns’t banned bullfighting for the sake of animals but rather for nationalistic reasons, which would probably be ok if they weren’t keeping other cruel traditions involving animals.

  • Erika D says:

    A win against animal blood sports, the extremely sad thing is that the bulls have been bred over centuries through torture and antagonizingto be extremely agresive many of the left over bulls much like with pitbull dogs will end up having to be put down very sad because humans manipulating and breeding these bull made them this way it is of no fault of their own, it is quite different from rodeo bulls in America. However rodeo bulls are put through undue stress but many when not in the ring are fairly gentle none the less they are still bulls but not the crazed animals they are made out to be.