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Billboard Blitz Highlights Circus Cruelty

Written by PETA | September 7, 2011

Thanks to the generosity of fantastic PETA supporter and activist, Anna Ware, PETA has been able to put billboards up across Augusta, Georgia—ahead of the arrival of the notoriously cruel Cole Bros. Circus to that city—making sure that residents know that elephants used in circuses endure a lifetime of abuse and neglect and that “Elephants Never Forget.”

Animal advocates will also protest outside circus performances in Augusta, and PETA members will greet students leaving Augusta’s Monte Sano Elementary School to let families know about the Cole Bros. Circus’ cruel treatment of animals. Cole Bros. was repeatedly charged with violations after authorities found evidence that animals used by the circus were beaten, malnourished, overworked, and neglected. And in June, an elephant handler working with the circus was caught on video viciously beating an elephant.

If a circus that uses animals is scheduled to come to your town, don’t take it lying down—stand up and give animal abusers an experience that they won’t soon forget. Find out how to get active for animals here.

Written by Jeff Mackey