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Big & Rich Shed Fur Following CMA Awards

Written by PETA | November 21, 2007

John_Rich.jpgJohn Rich of the country superstar duo Big & Rich upset a lot of fans by wearing a big ol’ fur coat onstage at the Country Music Association Awards, telecast on ABC earlier this month. After hearing from a number of those fans ourselves, we wrote to Rich to explain how dozens of foxes are anally electrocuted for such a coat and sent along a link to Pamela Anderson’s video short on the subject. Well, it turns out Rich is, in fact, a big man, replying to us himself:

“My management wanted to respond to your email, but I opted to respond personally, as I am a rather direct kind of man. I would like you to please forward my apologies to any of your members that are fans of Big and Rich that took offense to me wearing a fur coat on the CMA awards. Trust me, it was never my intent to upset anyone. Also, if any of the world class designers that you mentioned in your previous email would like to send me full length faux fur coats, I would be happy to wear them, and when asked by the press or fans, tell them it is a faux fur. I do not agree with many of your organization’s views or tactics, but I do respect your passion for animal rights, as I am an animal lover as well. I appreciate your willingness to address me on this subject.”

One of the duo’s biggest hits is “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” but judging from Mr. Rich’s straightforward letter to PETA, he’s willing to save a few foxes, minks and rabbits too. Thanks, John, for your compassion—you guys have a lot of fans here—especially Kim in Human Resources!

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  • Karen C says:

    He was wearing it tonight when he came on stage at Meadowbrook in Gilford NH. I was so disgusted I left…after returning my Big Rich Tshirt for a refund purchased about 12 hour prior to the start of BR’s set. I won’t buy another ticket or another CD. Big Rich you guys have lost a huge fan

  • Amanda MAxwell says:

    I believe John is smarter than a lot of people give him credit for. I think the reason he said if the world class designers would send him faux fur coats he would wear them is because if they really believe in stopping animal abuse and don’t want him to wear real fur they will send him some faux ones to back up THEIR claims. although to have a big star like John Rich wearing your lable is kind of like free advertising… Yes if he has enough money to buy a REAL fur coat among other things then he has enough money to buy his own FAUX fur coats. But I’m curious…has anyone heard of one of those big manufacturers sending Mr. Rich a coat?

  • amy says:

    I don’t think anybody wears fur to piss someone off. I have seen some of the Gone Country shows he seemed like a nice man then he walks up in those floor lenght furs looking silly. And I can’t get over the line in his email about FREE faux fur. How sad.

  • tayla says:

    John is not a bad guy at all. Seriously don’t hate him and get pissed at him for wearing fur. I’m sure he didn’t just put on a fur coat and say hey lets piss all these people off.

  • animal-fan says:

    JOHN RICH IS A LIAR!! Watch any episode of his new show “Gone Country” on CMT and you will see him wearing fulllength fur coats so far I’ve counted three different ones. I’m done with Big Rich John Rich especially. He’s a liar a phony and he can’t keep his word!

  • L says:

    “Please watch the undercover video by PETA of a fox being skinned alive.” I’ve heard that those ‘undercover videos’ are actually members of PETA doing mean things to animals that if PETA can’t obtain footage of what they’re trying to prove then they’ll do said terrible act skin a fox alive break a dog’s leg. I find THAT disturbing.

  • rojo says:

    barbara he didn’t say he wasn’t going to relinquish fur but would wear faux fur if provided free. Priceless.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why does it take pointing out he is a jerk to get him to stop wearing fur? I f he really cared he would not have worn it in the first place. He is just worried about his self image and how it might damage sales!!! Angry barbara

  • Mary says:

    I’m glad that he apologized and realized that fur is wrong but the thing that made me mad was the fact that he said if designers send him the faux fur coats he’ll wear them. To me he’s not sorry nor does he care about this issue because the only way he’ll wear faux fur is if it’s sent to him. your made of millions go buy the coats yourself and change your wardrobe dont rely on someone else to do that for you.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Good job John. Thanks very much.

  • Janet Nilsen says:

    I am confused John Rich. If you are a animal lover as you say then I don’t know why you would object to people who find the only way that has been effective to expose horrific treatment of fox and dogs and other fur animals in order to get the attention of people who would otherwise not have even noticed if conventional methods were used. Please watch the undercover video by PETA of a fox being skinned alive. I am confident that you will change you opinion. Sincerely Janet Nilsen

  • Tracy says:

    i dont understand these people think they look good in fur look at him piss me off

  • pawsgal says:

    I read your blog everyday Jack and have to say I almost always agree with your comments but I think you missed the boat on this one. In reading John Rich’s statement he does not say he will stop wearing fur only that he will wear faux fur if provided to him. Although I do commend him for responding personally instead of through his management I would like to see a bigger statement from him regarding the fur industry before PETA sings his praises.

  • linda R. Norris says:

    what is currently going on with latest Japanese WhaleDolphin Hunts and why can’ t they be stopped? This barabaric treatment of animla in the midst of a “global Economy” is wasteful shameful and atrociouslly horrific please do something……….shame on Japan and its people!

  • linda R. Norris says:

    what is currently on with latest Japanes HWale Hun and why can’ t they be stopped?

  • Carla says:

    And never do that again!! You looked so out dated!

  • Kelli says:

    I am sure that if you offered him the hide of a gay or lesbian person he would be willing to wear that instead. This is the same great guy that compared gay marriage to an incestuous marriage between and aunt and nephew. He is only willing to wear faux fur if it is free?

  • Norma Jean Fullmer says:

    I’ve been a JR fan since well before he and Big Kenny met. I was heartbroken when I saw that coat and made it known. I appreciate John’s response except I feel a bit confused. Is he saying that a “real” fur manufacturer sent him the coat he had on for free and should that make me feel better? And when he states “Also if any of the world class designers that you mentioned in your previous email would like to send me full length faux fur coats I would be happy to wear them and when asked by the press or fans tell them it is a faux fur” mean that they send him something for free he wears it no matter what it is? For a man with millions $$$$$ why is that an issue? A very sad Fan

  • Anonymous says:

    hey like me! only a bit touchy on ar

  • erin says:

    Good for you John!!! Thanks for being compassionate and understanding…you rock!! Erin

  • Mars says:

    PR stunt letter.Now who will be the first fool to send him a free coat.

  • liliana says: