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Best SuperBowl Ad

Written by PETA | February 5, 2007

CareerBuilder (the employment company behind the ad campaign with all those monkeys dressed in suits and ties in an office) is tentatively in our good books at the moment—though we’re keeping a wary eye on them. The reason is that they’ve decided to, as they put it, “evolve,” and move beyond using primates—as we’ve been asking them to for quite a while now, on account of the truly disturbing way these unwilling “animal actors” are abused behind the scenes. I thought that CareerBuilder’s Super Bowl spots yesterday, which featured a bunch of office workers battling to the death in the jungle for a promotion, were the best of the bunch—and a sign that using actual creativity is a fantastic alternative to just trawling out the live animals when you’re stuck for ad ideas.

Career Builder ad.JPG

Of course, in all the hype about the ads and the halftime hoopla, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there’s actually a football game going on. If you can call three interceptions, five fumbles, and a missed extra point a football game. Stay tuned next week, when we launch our campaign against Rex Grossman for his shameless cruelty to The Bears this weekend. Oh, zing! And yes, in answer to your question, Chicago, I do think I’m pretty hilarious.

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  • Phyllis says:

    I have to admit I found the LettermanOprah commercial hilarious but the Career Builder commercials were the best. I think everyone who works or has worked in an office identified with them. And I thought the interceptions the fumbles the missed point and the record setting return of the opening kick for a 92 yard TD made for a very exciting football game. The second half was a bit boring but that may have been becaue they were following Prince’s halftime show.