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Bebe Stops Buying Fur . . . Still Sells It

Written by PETA | November 14, 2007

It’s always great news when a major retailer emerges from the dark ages and realizes that it’s not in its best interests to support the barbaric fur industry. And the bottom line here is that after extensive negotiations between PETA and bebe, the company has agreed to stop buying fur to sell in its stores—which means that no more animals will suffer for bebe’s clothing lines. So, hooray for that.

The bad news is that the company has refused to pull the fur from its racks until after the Holiday season, which means they get one more round of profits from promoting an industry that electrocutes animals and skins them alive. Which is why we’re asking consumers to refuse to shop at bebe this season in favor of compassionate retailers that either never sold fur or have already pulled it from their shelves (like, for instance, Ann Taylor, Charlotte Russe, Donna Karen, Express, Gap, H&M, J. Crew, Jones Apparel, Polo Ralph Lauren, Talbots, Tommy Hilfiger, Urban Outfitters, Wet Seal, or Zara).

So there you have it—it’s a bit lousy of bebe to continue to profit from fur sales over the next three months, but their decision to stop buying the stuff does make a big difference to the animals used by the fur industry, which now has one less major company to fuel their profits. A huge thank you to everyone who helped us out by contacting bebe about this issue during our negotiations!

…Speaking of which—if you haven’t contacted the folks at Burberry yet about their refusal to even acknowledge the horrors they’re funding by selling fur, please take a few moments to let Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts know what you think.

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  • janet cirone says:

    thanks bebe good job i hope everyone stops buying from burberry now until they see how evil and cruel it is to buy fur for fashion! use fake fur ! sick of people hurting animals for money!!!

  • Karen says:

    I have just seen a video on facebook about dogs in china and was sickened to see them still moving and trying to get up after being skinned. I will not support any retailer who supports this trade buy selling fur.

  • Grond says:

    Maybe the people who wear the fur should be treated like the animal they got it from. I mean kept in a cage dragged into the middle of the street repeadtley beaten then skinned and left to bleed to death. They should also be gagged so they cannot scream more realistic.

  • Beatrice says:

    Love your comment Trisha!! It’s true there are sad losers out there like Steve. It’s sad and yes one day they will have to answer to a higher power of what scum they are. I DO HOWEVER HAVE A FUR!! I love it!! It is warm and soft and it even purrs when I hug it….thats because it is attached to a living breathing creature with feelings and emotions. Every time I see a girl dressed up at a gala event and she is wearing fur the first thing I think is “what a ugly whore” and a lot of worthwhile men think the same thing. Also I sent my email to Bloodberry!!! do it people P Guess they might “COWER” like other companies that weren’t TOUGH enough to keep supporting sick and sadistic acts that are unthinkable to other creatures. Hmm yeah its not cause they wanted to have a conscious and a better clientele in their stores.

  • Natalie says:

    don’t wear fur don’t attack people who do lead change by example not by more conflict

  • Shona says:

    You can’t expect them to go from one extreme to the other overnight. I’m glad they’ve stopped buying fur end of story. Even though I don’t like it I can understand why they would want to continue selling what they have in stock. There’s no use arguing about this. We all have to find common ground and not expect companies to do EXACTLY as peta wants. We all have to negotiate and come to a compromise. It’s better than nothing right? We still made a huge difference whether they continue to sell what they have in stock or not.

  • ` laurenn says:

    I think that BeBe is a bogus store anyways. Nevermind the fact that they sell animal fur. Seriously. Im only in grade 8 and me and my friends are getting everyone at our school to sign a petition that disallows students from wearing real fur to our school. Whether it is a jacket or big winter boots. If a group of 14 year olds can do something about the use of animal fur then Bebe should be able to give up a little bit of their profits to be environmentally conscious.

  • Stephane says:

    I jus think its disturbing watching and knowing that people actually can stand skinning the bloody animal. Im a vegetarian and i just think it is really cruel.

  • Grumpy says:

    Okay I realized when i started reading the link that it was a bit of touchy subject. Fur trade certainly is an issue thet needs to be debated. i dont buy cosmetics tested on animals but im a meat eater throught and through its what the front teeth were built for. on that basis i think feather pillows and leather shoes are perfectly acceptable uses of byproducts if you dont like my views … thats the fredom of speach thing mentioned before. Fur is wrong for use in clothing to look cool in Lodon New york but what about siberia? surly the bear skin coat you and I detest on size 0 vacuious waifs is okay for people who live in places were hunting is a key part of the food chain and by products are not to be wasted be aware people we are in the luxurious 5 of the global population who get to buy meat pre killed and packed. i know some of you will be vegetairian my girlfriend was vegitarian for some time cumberland pork and beef saussage broke her spirit in the end so i have an understanding but seriously people your time and effort could be better spent trying to improve the lives of battery chickens who will live in appaling conditions weather you eat em or not. rather than rant over the fact that … and let me be clear here a company we wanted to stop selling a product has stopped selling a product but not as quickly as we would like. as has been said before we won this one lets move on to the next.

  • Melissa says:

    I think it is great that they will stop buying it but it is reather stupid if they keep selling it for 3 monthes! thats a long time i hope people wont buy it so that bebe can truely understand that fur is NOT fashion and that people arent going to buy fur that has been taken from innocent animals but i’m glad they will stop selling it for good. i am dissapointed about the Burberry thing. why dont they see how inhumane it is to sell fur! its DISSGUSTING and REVOLTING but i do hope that they will stop selling fur they REALLY need to come to their senses i mean WHAT DO THEY THINK? how can they not even care!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Trisha says:

    People stop fighting we have to unite if we are going to win this! The fact is Bebe is pulling fur out that is a great victory and yes they should be donating it back to the animals who need it and the homeless. These are positive steps we are taking we have to build from that! And as for people like Steve you day will come my friend where you will have to meet eye to eye with what you just said on this site. You are a rotton person! And we will only grow stronger and the next head I step on and next victory we take I will think of you…crushing you!

  • Alex says:

    They should have definately pulled all of their fur from the racks when they decided to stop buying it. They could have donated it to PETA like Kim Cattrall did. That would be a much better use I think.

  • Marinka says:

    these people are stupid how can they wear fur? its a question only they can answer they seriously gross me out!

  • Anonymous says:

    Umm excuse me with the insults with the bebe on the bum of the jeans or on the tee shirts that isnt cruel they dont kill poor innocent animals for the stones i dont wear leather n i dont wear fur but omg your rediculous over there saying thats tacky i guess thats part of the freedom of speach thing but say me whateva. i was in bebe last week because im A FASHION WHORE n there wasnt n e thing with fur on it there were no leather totes for the fashion illiterate thats a purse everything has gone to cloth mabey if you went and checked out 1 of the stores you would realize how much progress they did make. i think it would be wise not spending so much time whining about 1 thing and moving on to the nexts crisis….like world hunger….could some 1 please tlel me what a homeless shelter is going to use a pair of fur trimmed boots for??

  • Tanya says:

    I am pleased to know what a big difference peTA has made in my lifehealth issues came about 2yrs ago in my life i was 27 yrs old sick and dieing of unnatural causesI am 30 yrs of age now living better than ever as a vegan. Thank you peta for everthing you do. Ps c ya in bridgeport harboryard for ringling bros barnum bailey

  • becca says:

    bebe sucks for that. but at least some progress is being made because they are at least taking it off. but not soon enough.

  • katie says:

    bebe has always just been tacky gross clothes. i never see anyone in the bebe store around here i wonder how it says open! sorry i can’t get into a store that has ‘BEBE’ in rhinestones on jeans written across the ass. i think that’s just tacky! their decision to sell fur is bad enough but to stop buying fur and STILL sell it? now that’s just stupid.

  • samantha says:

    i hate bebe. i never knew that they did ugly things to the animals for there fur. i had a bebe jacket and when i found out about this i destroyed it. it was worth a crap anyways the little fake bebes came of the jacket. I HATE BEBE FUCK THEM!!!

  • Ariel says:

    Tim R. Attack you? No. But at least try to be realistic by not using such phrases that expressed Bebe “caved in” and “fear of protestors.” As you said “…they would hold a larger share of the market of anyone actually interested in fur.” In the end what ever decisions business people make it is only for the sake of their “bottom line” no matter who says or does what. Apparently however through PeTA’s efforts Bebe finally realized that wearing fur is no longer a fashion statement but instead was a fashion for cave people. And Bebe wasn’t about to be considered outdated by other businesses who had realized the same since they entered into the present. This is called education and the progress of civilization.

  • Anonymous says:

    DOH! Bebe could do another humane thing and perhaps donate it to the homeless or other people in need. I HATE fur but instead of it being bought by fashion whores I would rather it go to people who wouldn’t go cold. Also on the subject of freedom just how far would you go if you are ok with torture? Rasism? Child abuse? Domestic abuse? Rape? If its freedom you are after then why dont we let everyone be free to do EXACTLY what they want? I mean honestly all those for “Freedom” should look at the meaning of the word “the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint” Doesnt just apply to humans guys.

  • Meg says:

    Thank you Tim R. Exactly what I wanted to say.

  • Julia says:

    Even though all those stores still sell leather and other animal made products we should still be happy that they have taken a step to listen to people who care about the world and animals.

  • Ariel says:

    steve “blackmail”? “extortion”? Oh so that explains why this situation is publicly known and that’s why Bebe is filing a lawsuit. Get off it already and get back on your antidelusional meds. Btw this country legally allows for freedom to protest and freedom to boycott. Since you don’t like those freedoms too bad.

  • Claudia says:

    I sent Burberry an email and some of my friends signed it not only that but I mailed another letter and sent my Burberry purse with it. I felt really stupid being attached to a thing like that and for what? It will only remind me of what they do to those animals. This is the era of information and I will always try to inform myself on what I am buying and from whom. I did not get a response from them.. but the message is there.. nothing is worth animal suffering… Thanks BEBE

  • beth says:

    i so glad that your not selling furs anymore. i think that it is horrific to wear fur! the video’s that i have seen made me feel physically sick! the people who are in the fur buisness are heartless small minded DICK HEADS! people dont need fur but the animals do they cant survive without it but we can!

  • Melissa says:

    I just shot my letter off to Burberry! Bebe should not continue to sell their fur until the season is over! All it takes is one person to buy it the next person to see the person who bought the coat wearing it and then from there that person going and buying their own fur. It’s a deadly circle!

  • Michele says:

    guys it’s a victory no more money is going to the fur industry from them move on! your focus should not still be on them.

  • Melodie says:

    Hurray for Bebe to stop selling fur in it’s stores….another victory for people speaking up for the innocent. In regards to Bebe possibly losing money from not selling the existing fur in their stores boo hoo….we as humans need to stop equating money as the end all to solve problems. Animals do not equate a price they are priceless animals are not a commodity that we greedy humans need to useabusetest on for the almighty dollar. One day we when all the animals have been consumed by our greed what will happen will we eat the money profited from their ill demise? I participated in the protests at Bebe in Vancouver BC horray and congratulations for all who participated in the protest against Bebe.


    steve you are smelling more and more exactly like one from beyond the tomb!!!

  • Ana says:

    The fur can be sent to PETA where it is used for demos and to the HSUS where the fur is used for orphaned creatures. The fur give these babies comfort. I do not agree with PETA’s stance in giving the fur to the homeless. I do applaud what HSUS does with the orphans and the fur because it actually makes sense.

  • Vianca says:

    One good thing Bebe could do with the fur is donate it for use in protests or as bedding in shelters. So it is technically not wasted if someone is using it.

  • Mark says:

    It doesn’t bother me too much that the company is going to continue selling the fur it already owns. What would you prefer it does with it destroy it? These poor animals are already dead. It would be nice if no one wanted to buy this fur but I think Bebe deserves only praise for its decision to stop selling fur. I haven’t bought a pair of leather shoes for five years but I still have an old pair of leather sneakers that I sometimes wear. It wouldn’t help any animals for me to throw them away.

  • kitty says:

    I do not like that they are still selling fur but I am just wondering something if they pulled fur from their shelves then what would have happened to it? Would it have been wasted? Because I would hate to have the animals tortured and die for nothing but at the same time I don’t want others to buy it either…

  • samantha says:

    At least they aren’t going to sell fur anymorethats one more victory!I think the next clothing company you need to go after is Juicy Couture.EVERYBODY EMAIL JUICY COUTURE AND TELL THEM TO STOP SELLING FUR!!!!

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Well you gotta profit for that fur then no more.

  • Jenna says:


  • Tim R says:

    This idea is ludicrous. Instead of celebrating a victory you are further fighting a group that agreed to your demands. Part of good negotiations is finding common ground on both sides. If Bebe already purchased these products it is unfair to them to tell them they must lose all their money on it. They caved to these demands when its not an easy thing business wise to do. Considering the majority of their competition stopped selling fur and all they had to fear was that protesters would not shop there they would hold a much larger share of the market of anyone actually interested in fur. But they caved in to what you wanted and now you still call for a protest just because they are getting rid of the supplies they have already… And before anyone personally attacks me I am strongly against the sale of fur. It’s senseless to kill these animals for no reason. Fur is no longer a necessity like it once was yet we kill small animals just to make designer jackets and for no other purpose.

  • steve says:

    its always good to know that a company would show their cowardice by giving in to the blackmail and extortion of peta with their threats of boycotts and protests….. let the freedom of choice ring free except when it comes to peta their agenda and their petaphiles

  • Rex's mom says:

    I is very good news that all those companies you mentioned above have either never used fur or took fur out of their stores but what about reptiles? Do these companies still use reptile skins like snakeskin crocodile or alligator skins? If they do then they shouldn’t be congratulated yet. Using reptile skins is still animal cruelty. So until they stop using reptile skins or any other animal products they shouldn’t be congratulated yet.

  • Carla says:

    Lets not count ourselves short here we are making progress concerning the fur industry. With all the publicity behind Burberry they still continue to sell fur and promote torture inexcusable! So I’ve fired one off to Angela thanks for the links that lead to her personal email.

  • Jo Smith says:

    I can’t believe bebe won’t pull their fur before Christmas. Ba Humbug!

  • Rex's mom says:

    It is great that all the companies you mentioned either have never sold furs or will pull them from their stores. However how many of those companies still use the skins of reptiles like snakes crocodiles or alligators? If they do use those skins that is still animal cruelty and they shouldn’t be hailed for not using fur. Until all companies refrain from using fur as well as reptile skins or products from any animal they shouldn’t be congratulated.