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Beagle Wins at Westminster but May Not Live to Tell the Tale

Written by PETA | February 15, 2008

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that selectively breeding dogs for certain “aesthetic” traits like a shiny nose, or perky ears—or whatever the hell it is that breeders are looking for in the animals they use for self-gratification and profit—isn’t good for the animals, and in fact can cause extreme health problems. All of the animals who won awards at the AKC-sponsored Westminster Dog Show this week have something in common beyond having been deliberately bred into a world where millions of animals are dying on the streets for lack of a good home: They’re all genetically predisposed to be highly susceptible to a laundry list of debilitating diseases.

In first place, we have Uno, the first beagle ever to take home the “Best in Show” honors at Westminster. As a beagle, Uno has a significantly higher risk of hypothyroidism, demodectic mange (a condition that occurs when a dog’s immune system can’t regulate the number of mites living in the skin), umbilical hernia, epilepsy, eye and eyelid problems, cryptorchidism, hip dysplasia, intervertebral disk disease, and luxating patella. But I’m sure his Westminster crown will console him when one or more of these ailments set in.

The two poodle contestants, Vikki and Remy, who were just edged out by Uno in the competition, probably won’t live as long as he does either: Poodles are prone to cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, allergies, severe skin disease, hip dysplasia, runny eyes, ear infections, Von Willebrand disease, bloat, and Addison’s disease—an adrenal gland deficiency which requires lifelong medication and monitoring.

Uno also defeated a Weimaraner named Marge (elbow dysplasia, bloat) a Sealyham terrier named Charmin (bronchitis, early tooth decay, poor digestion, severe spine problems), and an Australian shepherd named Deuce (hip dysplasia, blood disorders, digestive problems, epilepsy, chronic eczema, gastric disorders, spinal paralysis).

So everyone’s a loser. Thanks, breeders, for contributing to the problem. Can’t wait to see you guys next year.

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  • Jillian says:

    Perhaps this is just rational thought sneaking into this debate but maybe it would wonderful to live in a world where animals were not used to make a profit. Even if a breeder is entirely ‘responsible’ with their breeding tactics they are stilling selling an animal’s life. And there is this ridiculous idea that they are doing something beneficial for the breed by doing so. If you’re going to have a pet then have a pet! Love that dog or cat or whatever regardless of how shiny their fur is or the shape of their ears and stop trying to make money off animals under the guise of ‘responsible’ breeding.

  • NutMeg says:

    Personaly I think it would be interesting to know the background of the people who vigorously defend the breeders…I don’t think we would find any major surprises…

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Funny how so many “reputable” breeders point the finger at “backyard” breeders but still fight against any legislation aimed at regulating the breeding industry. So based on that I really don’t believe there IS such a thing as a reputable breeder. If there were heshe would support more regulation of those who breed animals. Instead they are too busy fighting for their “right” to breed to be concerned about the effect on the animals they claim to love so much and treat so well.

  • Tamara says:

    Brandon your comments from February 20 2008 1056 AM were fantastic! YES! A kindred soul you are! I have 3 rescue parakeets. They get their regular yearly checkups regular grooming and are taken to the vet at first sign of illness. We lost my little girl last summer. The year before we put her in hospital to be switched to pellets because she was obese and also had a couple of tumors. She was there almost 2 weeks at a cost of $400. The tumors went away and she lost the weight since she was eating better food. Was much healthierplaying better. The cost was nothing to see her so much better. However last summer I thought one of the tumors was coming back. The vet said it was a hernia on her crop. We decided surgery was the best option. She came through the surgery with flying colors. The hernia turned out to be almost all the way around the crop something the x rays did not show. Bascially my vet is a miracle worker. He had to separate her digestive system remove the hernia and reconnect the system. He said he has done this on larger parrots before never a parakeet. Remember how SMALL a parakeet is. She came throught the surgery well and was released after 4 days to come home. However she started vomiting and we rushed her back. She stayed in the hospital but passed away overnight. I lost my baby girl but I feel NO regret at having made that decision to do all I could for her. The total for all was about $900 I think. made payments but I think that’s close My vet does not question my decisions about my birds. He has some other clients who care for their parakeets that way. of course the bigger parrots “worth more” moneywise are always taken care of by their guardians. When I made the decision to bring another female into my flock a few months later I could only find a single female up for adoption near Chicago. I live in Southern Illinois. the shelter did not understand why I would drive so far to get a bird when I could just buy one. The shelter never told me this I gave them my vet as a reference and they called. The vet tech told me on my next visit that the shelter had called and about the conversation. So even shelter thought I was a little nuts which is kind of sad. Anyway we got that little girl and she is a doll…thanks to the explanation of my vet’s office. Bless you for caring for your little hamster the same way. You know you are a rare person. Sad but true.

  • Tamara says:

    Tamara here. Let’s make one thing very clear. There seem to be several posts especially at the end of this blog that refer to me as a breeder. I am NOT a breeder. I believe there is someone who is blogging on this thread named “Tammy” who is a breeder. But I TAMARA am not a breeder. Never have been and never will be. I own rescue birds. No dogs. Never owned a dog but I volunteer at a dog shelter. It has hurt me immensley to be called a breeder. Please get it right. Thank You.

  • Michele says:

    Brandon your comments from February 20 2008 1056 AM were fantastic! I am not as educated about the breederpuppy mill issue as kelly and others are but every time I read the comments about andor from the outraged “responsible” breeders a couple of points keep coming to me 1. why do people feel the need to add more animals to a world already overpopulated with abandoned ones? and 2. why do people keep treating their pets as property? I was watching American Idol tonight don’t all criticize me now it’s a way to relax with generally talented yet also somewhat mindless entertainment LOL and was horrified at the contestant who sold her favourite horse just to get to the audition!!!! I’m Canadian so I cannot vote but if I could I certainly would NOT be voting for her!!!!!

  • Eva says:

    Breeders Watching the “championships” I realized that it is a blatant form of racial discrimination. Picking and choosing based on one’s backgroundethnicitycolor breed. Shame on you.

  • Kelley says:

    Dannielle Tammy and all the other breeders here who claim to be soooo responsibleI wonder how many of you report your dog breeding income to the IRS?

  • Danny says:

    The inherent ignorance of breeders has never ceased to amaze me. Purebred dogs certainly can possess these types of genetic problems even if they “show” at Westminster. I personally know of deliberately bred dogs no such thing as a “Pure” breed in my book. These dogs all had serious health some behavioral problems galore in puppyhood and into adulthood dying young. Many of them bred these dogs even though he knew parents were prone aggression. These were highly recommended AKC breeders. Not puppy mills not backyard breeder not internet sale breeders but the very kind you pro Westminster breeders love to rave about. You breeders are responsible for about 30 of the bred dogs in shelters and that includes you “responsible breeders”. There is nothing responsible about bring lives into the world when it equals more death. “Breeders KILL shelter dogs’ chances”. PERIOD! You breeders are nothing but hobbyists and you use animals to garner glory and attention.

  • Lynn says:

    As many have posted before responsible and conscientious breeders screen for those health problems and plan their breedings for healthy pups that conform to the standard of their breed. As to the “fact” that every dog purchased from a breeder causes one in the shelter to die that’s nonsense. Folks interested in a particular breed are not looking for a shelter animal especially those less common breeds that generally are not found in shelters andor have excellent breed rescue networks with a long waiting list. A responsible breeder stays in touch with those who get puppies from them and can be an invaluable source of information to them throughout the dog’s life. They can also provide them with a dog with a known history instead of the unknowns that can come from a shelter dog. And speaking of shelter dogs Uno’s win at Westminster could be a fabulous thing for shelter animals. There always seems to be an overabundance of Beagles and Beagle mixes at shelters or which lists shelter dogs so now folks can go and try and find their own little “Uno” at the shelters as well.

  • Ana says:

    Sheena Bowen Your comment makes no sense. The HIV virus is transmitted through needles and unprotected sex. What does being black have to do with HIV and AIDS stats? FYI Latina women have the highest rate of HIVAIDS in the USA. The spread of this disease is a direct result of sexual irresponsibility and the use of infected needles.

  • karla says:

    people really suck for what they put animals through. i mean to try to have to perfect dog not care about how you get it just to show off to the world is stupid. i mean cant people just have a pet an take care of it. instead of breeding and breeding to get that perfect combo how about saving a life and adopting one thats sitting in misery everyday without a companion to love them and take care of them? and they need to get rid of that ugliest dog show. thats horrible. i mean there are some ugly people out there but no one would have a show dedicated to how ugly they are why do they need to do it to dogs? i just dont understand people anymore. why cant everyone is this world have a pet and treat it like a person i mean they are just like people except they dont talk. they are alive and need to be treated like it. im so sick of how people act. between having the perfect looking dog or throwing their dogs onto the streets if they dont want them anymore. i mean really whats next? people need more of a heart in them.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Why is the insititution of “petkeeping” unjust? Please read below. Commentary by animal rights theorist Gary Francione Question Does the institution of pet ownership violate animals basic right not to be regarded as things? Answer Yes. Pets are our property. Dogs cats hamsters rabbits and other animals are mass produced like bolts in a factory or in the case of birds and exotic animals are captured in the wild and transported long distances during which journey many of them die. Pets are marketed in exactly the same way as other commodities. Although some of us may treat our companion animals well more of us treat them poorly. In America most dogs spend less than two years in a home before they are dumped at a pound or otherwise transferred to a new owner more than 70 percent of people who adopt animals give them away take them to shelters or abandon them. We are all aware of horror stories about neighborhood dogs on short chains who spend most of their lives alone. Our cities are full of stray cats and dogs who live miserable lives and starve or freeze succumb to disease or are tormented by humans. Some people who claim to love their companion animals mutilate them senselessly by having their ears cropped their tails docked or their claws ripped out so that they will not scratch the furniture. You may treat your animal companion as a member of your family and effectively accord her or him inherent value or the basic right not to be treated as your resource. But your treatment of your animal really means that you regard your animal property as having higher than market value should you change your mind and administer daily and severe beatings to your dog for disciplinary purposes or not feed your cat so that she will be more motivated to catch the mice in the basement of your store or kill your animal because you no longer want the financial expense your decision will be protected by the law. You are free to value your property as you see fit. You may decide to polish your car often or you may let the finish erode. The choice is yours. As long as you provide the minimal maintenance for your car so that it can pass inspection any other decision you make with respect to the vehicle including your decision to give it to a scrap dealer is your business. As long as you provide minimal food water and shelter to your pet any other decision you make apart from torturing the animal for no purpose whatsoever is your business including your decision to dump your pet at the local shelter where many animals are either killed or sold into research or have your pet killed by a willing veterinarian. Many years ago I adopted a hamster from a law school classmate. The hamster became ill one night and I called an emergency veterinary service. The veterinarian said that the minimum amount for an emergency visit was $50 and asked me why I would want to spend that amount when I could get a new hamster from any pet shop for about $3. I took the hamster to the veterinarian anyway but that event was one of the first times my consciousness was raised about the status of animals as economic commodities. As someone who lives with seven rescued canine companions whom I love dearly I do not treat this matter lightly. Although I regard my companions as family members they are still my property and I could decide tomorrow to have them all killed. As much as I enjoy living with dogs were there only two dogs remaining in the world I would not be in favor of breeding them so that we could have more pets and thus perpetuate their property status. Indeed anyone who truly cares about dogs should visit a puppy milla place where dogs are bred in the hundreds or thousands and are treated as nothing more than commodities. Female dogs are bred repeatedly until they are spent and are either killed or sold into research. We should of course care for all those domestic animals that are presently alive but we should not continue to bring more animals into existence so that we may own them as pets.

  • Bob says:

    Well said Keri.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I understand many breeders here probably do all they can to give the best life possible to the dogs they breed I saw it with my own two eyes in the clinics! But respectfully guys you may be missing the point! Any time a breeder sells and unneutered or unspayed dog or cat rabbit etc to the public THAT is when backyard breeding happens. Most of the backyard breeders I worked with in vet clinics and shelters had bought from a breeder to begin with and had lied about getting them fixed. NO it’s not your fault if people lie on applications but the animals must be fixed before they’re sold or you’re gambling with the lives of shelter animals. These backyard breeders are the ones who brought us puppies with broken legs and told us to put them to sleep because “we can always make more” instead of paying the vet bills. Would you want to risk that? And even breeders who spay before they sell the cats and dogs they sell often fill up shelters. 30 to 40 percent of shelter animals are purebreds bought from breeders. It does not matter “whose fault” it is. The fact is every time one of these animals is sold by a breeder you’re gambling with a shelter animal’s life because the purebreds beat out all the strays unwanted and abused animals get put to death because people can’t resist buying a purebred at shelter price.

  • Marie says:

    I think that everyone has lost sight of the real problem….there are already too many dogs on this planet and millions are being euthanized every year. I don’t think breeders are trying to do harm but shows like Westminster glorify the breeds and thereby increase the demand for them thereby increasing the supply. I guarantee Beagle litters will increase this year. Everyone likes to cite the exception “my mixed breed has all sorts of health problems” “my pure bred has no health problems” etc. I doubt you will find too many professionals who wouldn’t agree that purebreds are more prone to health problems. I love Labradors and would love to have nothing but Labs. Unfortunately my conscience will not let me buy another Lab. My last two have been mixed breed pound rescues and are two of the sweetest dogs to ever walk the earth. I would HATE for dog breeds to disapear. I love the diversity. If you must have a purebred perhaps a compromise is in order….if you purchase a purebred make room in your heart for a pound rescue. You won’t regret it.

  • Vegancakes says:

    All of these probreeding people are missing the point. breeding promotes canine breedism. breeds shouldn’t even exists. we are all human not separated by race and they are all DOGS.

  • kelly says:

    Michelle come clean. You are involved with BREEDERS and the BREEDER LOBBY. The only people who oppose regulation of puppy mills are the BREEDERS and the AKC “reputable” breeders looking out for their own interests. AKC makes most of its money from puppy mill registrations so AKC breeders lobby to protect the mills from better laws. Purebreds have a MUCH HIGHER INCIDENCE of all these ailments thanks to INBREEDING. And as far as “reputable” breeders reimbursing people for vet bills for their defective puppies that is garbage. A common ploy of these fab AKC breeders that sell a pup with say bad hips before it’s 6 months old is a lot of doubletalk and an offer of a “free puppy next time.” Of course they know full well the buyers won’t take advantage of that offer after dealing with their dog’s problems for years.

  • Carla says:

    Tamara thanks for the info! I’ll look for the book!

  • Carla says:

    Just like the fad of the Dalmation when the movie 101 Dalmations aired. Too many people were quick to purchase and not realizing the health risks associated in coming up with a certain look breed like the Dalmation Rottwiler ect. ect. Too many are “BOUGHT” as a puppy and then “DUMPED” when realizing their in over their heads illnesses vet bills And thanks to Uno Beagles too will have the same fate and the cycle continues…!

  • Eva says:

    Tammy Given your proponency to breeding what is your suggestion on dealing with the millions of animals in shelters that have no chance of a good home? Why are you perpetuating a problem by breedingpurchasing a bred animal ? ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT ! DON’T BUY OR BREED !

  • Elizabeth Atkins says:

    Tammy you seem to have missed the point completely. No one is suggesting that you don’t care for your dogs. What is your rationalization for producing more animals? Every dog bred by a Breeder adds to overpopulation an ongoing holocaust of death suffering. I have worked in an animal shelter for 10 yrs come do my job for a day. You might change your elitist attitude. Elizabeth

  • Dlee says:

    In response to Tamara I believe that you may be an animal lover and you say that you are proud to be a breeder. I only ask why would you bring a litter of pups into this world when there are thousands and thousands of unwanted dogs in pounds on the streets in shelters etc.? I too work for a veterinarian and I find out the amount of money people pay for their purebred dogs and I just think about how many other dogs could be saved for the amount someone would pay for ONE purebred. And a lot of the times we end up putting these purebreds down because of so many health problems they have. My entire family supports PETA the ASPCA Humane Society and the Doris Day Foundation in donations and such but we are not “crazy PETA people that attack all antianimal groups”. We just do what WE can in order to make OUR difference. I have a purebred min. pin. I did not pay for him he just came into my life as a rescue dog. I also had a purebred poodle that was the sweetest dog anyone could have ever imagined. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for either of these dogs and I am thankful very much for them however my family and I saved these dogs we would not pay the thousands of dollars just to have them purebred. We loved the dogs for their personality not for their pure blood lines.

  • Tamara says:

    Read the book “For Bea” by Kristin Von Kreisler. It will tear your heart out. I read it a couple of years ago in one sitting it’s not too long and also riviting. I have reread a couple of times since. There are parts that never fail to make me cry. When Bea after YEARS of living with this family barks I cried for joy. “When von Kreisler author of The Compassion of Animals 1999 found a beagle named Bea whose traumatic past included a stay at an animalresearch facility she was determined to help the cowering malnourished animal. From the dog’s condition von Kreisler knew it wouldn’t be easy. She was right. Bea vibrates with fear rebuffs people and feels relieving oneself takes place more easily indoors than out. The first chapters of this memoir are the best readers bond with Bea just as Von Kreisler and her husband do and everyone roots for the dog’s slow but steady progress.”

  • Ana says:

    Tammy you would get your point across better if you would not begin your comment by calling “PETA people” crazy. Many of us are not so generalizing others says more about you than about PETA members and animals advocates. Your rude insults are both ridiculous and counterproductive.

  • Aleasha says:

    Tamara showing and breeding dogs is a terrible thing to do. Do you have any idea the number of dogs that die every year in shelters? Over 4 million! That’s 4 million dogs that lives could have been saved if it wasn’t for people like you. Showing is not a kind sport at all. Show dogs are routinely inbred have their tails hacked off their ears cut and spend far too much time in a cage. YOU are the one who needs to get their facts straight. Purebreds are highly prone to genetic disease. I have yet to encounter a purbred that in some time during their lives didn’t come down with a genetic problem. However my mix breeds all from shelters are happy healthy and rambuntious dogs! I have a 15 year old labshepherdstaffie mix that hasn’t got a gray hair on his head and has NEVER EVER been sick from ANYTHING. Plus “show dogs” are never spayedneutered. This contributes to health problems overbreeding and poor temperaments. Tamara if you really loved dogs you would rescue them not contribute to the overpopulation problem.

  • Maggy says:

    To Tamara the dog breeder there will come a day when people like you will be viewed by the majority as cruel people who have only one thing in mindmoney. Take away the money and you people might be doing something to contribute to a better world instead of contributing to more homeless animals. We live in an information world and it is this world that will eventually put out of business.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Breeders are responsible for the millions of animals who are killed in shelters every year due to lack of homes. Every animal bought from a breeder takes the spot from an animal that could have been adopted. Ignore the welfarist rhetoric from breeders they do not care about the lives of each individual. They only care about profit. Breeders view animals as nothing more than living commodities property to be bought and sold. Never shop from pet stores that still sell live animals always adopt and advocate spayandneuter. The killing of healthy dogs cats and ohter animals will end when breeding is abolished. This animal rights movement will not be satisfied with anything less than total victory.

  • Katie says:

    Well Tammy bc of people like you that will continue to breed we will never solve any pet overpopulation problem. YOU are contributing to the problem. I feel sorry for the poor dogs you own who have to breed themselves over and over again so you can have more pets for your “motorhome.” I love my sweet pet enough to not put her through that and take years off her life.

  • Tsunami says:

    Ms. Holland you must see that you are part of the problem. dogs are fur people. They have feelings. They smile and they hurt but according to you one’s pain is not as important as another’s. You are a “breedist”. You are not interested in equality of care and love for the misfortunates who are equal in their ability to provide companionship to a human. Stop blaming others and accept your role in this holocaust. Health problems and overpopulation are inherent in selective breeding. And it’s cheapened even more by the human reasons that drive it Vanity money fame. You should consider it correcting a wrong. Would you sell your son or daughter into a breeding program? Breeding them for the purpose of selling for money or to parade them around to say “look at this quality!” Wouldn’t you pay a lot of money for that! You are a misguided person in this and to think that only mix breeds end up in kill pounds.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    I believe one of the reasons for so many beagles being abandoned is their quality as a household pet. Beagles were originally bred for their brilliant nose and loud bark. They tend to be dullards as well and are much more difficult to train. As hounds they are awesome but you do not need to be particularly bright to course and bark loudly. These qualities do not make for a good neighborhood pet. I know there are exceptions and I do not dissuade anyone from adopting a beagle rather I am just offering my opinion to why the pounds are full of them. They are gorgeous creatures but having a beagle as an inside doghouse pet is a bit like hiring a jockey to play power forward. It is just a job they aren’t originally intended. I would avoid any breed that was bred to bark as a pet.

  • Ron says:

    I walk my pit bullbasenji mutt that I got at a shelter every morning regardless of the weather. That has been my routine for many years. Just recently I noticed someone new in my neighborhood walking a perfectly conforming greyhound perfectly heeled and as mechanical as possible. I said good morning only to get a look of disdain. I guess she thought I was an irresponsible bum for having a pit bull mutt from the shelter that never heeled a day in her life. I have nothing but disdain for an unhealthy peevish old women with such a dog that far eclipses her own capability to provide proper exercise and then to use the dog as though it were nothing more than a status symbol. I’m not sure how I feel about a world without dogs as it seems PETA is suggesting sometimes. But I’m certain a world without such ridiculous scenes would be ok with me.

  • Juneau says:

    I agree that everyone should spay and neuter their pets but I think talking like this is a little to extreme along with some other videos you’ve made on AKC KKK Wrong Meeting Buy 1 Get 1 Killed. Buying from reputable breeders and avoiding backyard breeders pet stores and millers is good. All my dogs are rescues and pound dogs and I’ve never owned a puppy before just full grown dogs. I don’t know why you guys attack AKC so much. Attack BYB and pet stores more often then the AKC.

  • Jan says:

    Thank you Tamara very well stated!!

  • John says:

    I don’t agree to breeding dogs just for shows.What I do agree with there is alot of wonderful dogs in Shelters. I adopted a dog and it saved my life 5 times. My dog is my best friend

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    I once had a friend named Connie. She had the most beautiful yellow Lab female. She was a delight to be around. Constant play. Well this past friend named Connie wanted to go on a cruise but could not afford itI told her we would loan her and her husband the money they needed. She said well I have an idea. Well I didn’t hear from her for about 2 months then one day she called out of the blue and told me she made enough money by breeding that sweet little Lab. We never spoke again.

  • CKC hater says:

    Tammy you are rediculous. Yes PETA is so powerful that they will succeed in eliminating all the dogs from the planet. Of course they don’t want that did you know that all PETA employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work? The issue here is the overpolulatation CRISIS. There are millions and millions of dogs being euthanized every single year because of puppy mills backyard breeders and AKC who breed and breed and breed. No matter what the reason as long as there are millions of homeless dogs in North America breeding for stupid dog shows is pathetic. PS I LOVE the movie Best in Show I think it sums you guys up well.

  • animalavenger says:

    Tammy Holland your inane straw man argument makes me want to vomit. With five million dogs and cats being killed each year in our nation’s shelters we really run no risk of not having companion animals. And quite honestly I would be willing to forgo companion animals in the future if that meant no more had to end up in shelters. The truth dear Tammy is that you’re selfish. You best friend is really your emotional slave. Heshe had NO choice about being with you. Certainly heshe has an affection for you but truthfully the dogs is there to satisfy you and gets some kibble and vet care in return. The fact that you support breeders because you’re worried you won’t have anymore dogs speaks volumes. Here’s what gets me about breeders. The high end breeeders the long fabled ‘responsible breeder’ want to separate themselves from the backyard breeders and the puppy mill breeders. Really though there’s no difference. Animals are property to them. Animals are a source of profit. Last but not least these cretins have an unwholesome fascination with dogs having sex. They like to watch it they like to facilitate it sometimes they’ll even get a few of the doggie family members in on the action. No amount of shrill arguments about how good the treat their animals and how the dogs like showing yada yada yada can convince me there is anything normal or admirable or necessary about these practices. These people are nastydirty perverts. If they were doing this kind of nonsense with human stock we’d lock them up for being effing crazy! So Tammy I hope you sleep well tonight knowing that you just defended forced doggy sex and doggy incest because it benefits you and lines people’s pockets.

  • Shay says:

    Tammy sweetie no one is saying they dont want dogs. peta loves dogs that’s why they dont want them to be a victim of numerous health problems they have no control over. Breeders encourage certain statistics and asthetic factors in dogs which can lead to certain health problems. all thay said i am deeply sory that you are so ignorant.

  • Aran says:

    Hi Tammy. I think your heart is in the right place but you dont seem to get the point. When a family buys an animal from a breeder it leaves one less home open to a shelter dog. This normally results in animals being put to sleep including the ones PETA puts to sleep because people are going to breeders not shelters. Besides breeding animals in a way that makes them have a higher risk of illness is just wrong. Whether you agree with breeding in principle or not now is an irresponsible time to do it. There are to many animals without homes.

  • Tamara says:

    One thing I’ve always wondered about those show dogs…do they get to PLAY and just generally be silly dogs? Like dogs are… Doesn’t make me for breeding them if they do get to be a “normal” dog I’ve just always wondered. The concept of breeding for “perfect” breed standard quality just kinda creeps me out. It’s one thing to let for example two beagles mate. which I do not condone BTW It’s another to tinker with all those genetics and all that scientific stuff like they do so the dogs ears reach the tip of his nose or whatever the “perfect” standard is. It sounds very Nazi GermanyAryan race to me…

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    I also thought the tone of this was mean spirited. The facts are accurate though. In the clinics we saw many purebreds with medical problems stemming from recessive genes they inheireted thanks to inbreeding and a so called “pure” lineage. What was really ugly about this is the severity of the problem when breeders breed these dogs and cats to have exaggerated “perks” the diseases and deformities become exaggerated too. It’s torturous just to watch especially when breeds have things like eyelid issues that make their eyes itchy and painful 24 7. Terrible.

  • kelly says:

    And there was even a NOVA special about the horrible genetic problems these purebred dogs have because BREEDERS created the problems!

  • kelly says:

    Jack you hit the nail on the head. This is the ugly secret of the purebred dog world. These breeds are horrifically affected by terrible genetic ailments and afflictions. Many of them are crippled with bad hips for example by the time they are 1 year old! And yes these are “champion show dogs” bred by “reputable AKC breeders.” These breeders claim to do “genetic testing” but that is a con. INBREEDING which is the basis for purebred dog breeding CREATES THESE PROBLEMS and they have been getting worse not better! These breeders CREATE problems for dogs just so they can win a silly trophy for appearance at an AKC dog show. They breed for LOOKS not health or good behavior. And yet these same breeders will claim that mixedbreed dogs are inferior and should be killed. The purebred dog world is a fake out.

  • Katherine says:

    One more thing. I don’t know how many of you know but many beagles are in lab where they have their spine broken for research purpose. Disgusting!

  • Katherine says:

    Tammy If AKC breeders are so wonderful then why do they promote to have deaf puppies euthanized. Some of them even have a statement to inform everyone if they have a deaf pupdog to euthanize it. To them it is all about greed and image. They dump these deaf pupsdogs at vet or shelter and have them euthanized. Some deaf dogs who got lucky went on to live a full life! No thanks to breeders. The purpose of breeding is to preserve them from going into extinction but it is not the case at all. It has turned into a money making machine for profit greed and image. Breeders licensed or not need to be ashamed of themselves given the current tragedy of homeless animals. Breeding needs to be banned until we are almost out of dogs and that EVERY dog has a home. Then only government monitored programs will control how many dogs get bred to ensure every one of them gets a forever home. If you are truly an animal lover then join us in this cause.

  • Tamara says:

    Beagles are already a mainstay in puppy mills. I don’t know how much more popular they could get. I volunteer for Stray Rescue in St. Louis. It’s founder Randy Grim rescues stray dogs from the street. He will feed a pack and gain their confidence.He also rescues single stray dogs. He is a beautiful man. A beautiful soul. When he feels the time is right he catches them and they are fostered or sheltered. When they are ready they are put up for adoption. I just finished reading his book “The Man Who Talks to Dogs” HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING!! It explains about dogs on the street vs. wolves in packs the breeding and domestication aspects. Why it is significantly more difficult for the dog to survive on the street. Basically those “old instincts” have been bred right out of them. But its more complicated than that. Read this book! But I seriously digress. The book tells that several years ago he and some volunteers were followed by a camera crew as they rescued some beagles in southern Missouri one of the big puppy mill capitals of the country. A lady bred them from her trailer and sold them at flea markets. They were abandoned and it was a gruesome sight… Point being beagles are already extremely popular. ALSO Stray rescue has just taken in a 2 year old “miniature beagle” from a puppy mill. I had never heard of a miniature beagle. This little girl weighs 10 pounds. TEN pounds and full grown. Bless her heart. You know she’s going to have all kinds of medical problems besides all the ones she is going to have to overcome from being a puppy mill slave.

  • elphaba says:

    Trey Jack isn’t wishing anything bad on the dogs he’s just pointing out the way various breeds suffer because ALL breeding is irresponsible. My own beloved rescued beagle mix suffers from a beagle specific problem herself and though I’ve learned what works so that she can lead a happy healthy normal life it breaks my heart that she had to spend so much time itching while I figured it outall because of irresponsible humans who overlook the welfare of their own dogs and the shelter dogs whose potential homes they are stealing by breeding so indiscriminately and selfishly. My point is I know how much you love your dogfriend because I love my angel just as muchwhich is why I agree 100 with Jack’s actual point that breeders are horrible for knowingly continuing to pass those ailments along while contributing heavily to the tragic overpopulation crisis. I hope anyone who fell in love with the breed because of Uno will rescue and not buy. There are hundreds of thousands of beagles and beagle mixes in shelters and rescues all over the country. There are plenty of them down here in the south and their rescue groups are desperate for good homes to save as many animals as possible from horrible backwoods pounds. Most will adopt to any state as long as you are a demonstrably decent human being so check out They’re loving wonderful dogs most of whom bond instantly with a family that treats them kindly. I know the tiny puppies are adorable but Uno and my little princess and your own lovely rescue I’m sure prove they’re adorable at any age. It’s so easy to find young adult or whatever age you choose adopting a mature or elderly dog is a wonderful thing and there are TONS of beagle puppies out there if that’s really important to you but adult dogs are usually either already potty trained or really easy to potty train whereas an eight week old puppy doesn’t have complete bladder and bowel control until six months. Potty training is no fun. No fun. Again if that awful dog show and the adorable Uno have convinced you to add a beagle to your family PLEASE go to your local shelter and if you can’t find the right dog there search for beagle rescues.

  • Kat R. says:

    I agree with all the comments about breeders and the ACK but don’t attack Beagles they need help and love too! My dog is a rescue from a shelter dumped because he’s not “breed standard” worthy of breeding or showing. He does have okay health but his later years will be tough. I don’t want people to not adopt and love a dog from a rescue because they are worried about their health!

  • Trey says:

    I agree with your points and I hate the AKC and breeding buisness. With that said I do not like the tone of this post. It seems to insult the animal Uno. I’m sure Uno is a sweet loving dog and I hope he lives a good life free of health problems. Lets attack the breeder not the dog. No dog can contol its bloodline no animal can. I know you are attacking breeders and do wish the best for all the dogs but I live with a rescued abused beagle that has had alot of health problems. His skin is terrible and he has gone into anabolic shock for no known reason. I love him very much so this article just caught me personally. I also wished that Uno did not win. There is going to be a huge rise in neglected sick beagles. Beagles are the sweetest dogs on Earth. They will never bite a human making them the perfect dog to be a victim of vivisection. While I post this Barney is here in my lap thankful that he has a human that he finally trusts.