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Public Outcry Gets Fired Woman’s Job Back

Written by PETA | December 7, 2011

After hearing the story of Lynn Jones, a baggage handler who, appallingly, was fired for protecting a suffering dog, we decided to do what her employer should have done—give her an award.

Jones was working at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport in Nevada when she spotted an emaciated dog inside a carrier in the cargo area who was covered with sores. The animal’s paws were raw and bloody, and he was too weak to stand. Jones doubted that he would survive the flight.

She refused to give in to her supervisor’s demands that she load the suffering animal onto a plane until, finally, airport police called animal control, which arranged for the dog to receive veterinary care. The animal was eventually transported to his original destination, much to the dismay of Jones, who said she would have been happy to adopt the dog.

“I wouldn’t have traded that job for anything,” Jones said “I wouldn’t have risked it for anything. But I just couldn’t turn my back on that dog. … My supervisor said it wasn’t my concern, but animal abuse is everyone’s concern who sees it.”

Apparently shamed by the international attention Jones’ story has garnered, her employer has now reportedly reconsidered and offered Jones her job back. We’d say a new policy regarding the transport of obviously sick and injured animals would be in order as well. Call it “Lynn’s Law.”

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  • Amber says:

    Divog, You don’t have to be a vet to know that raw, bloody paws (or hands), and being too weak to stand are symptoms demonstrating the need for medical attention. You think Lynn was overreacting? You think the TSA are veterinarian experts? If that’s what happens to hunting dogs, then maybe there should be guidelines in place to protect the rights of hunting dogs. I guess I don’t understand why you’re making such a big deal out of a woman standing up for someone in need..?

  • Rita says:

    Dlvog, I bet you were the person who fired her. You seem awfully defensive.

  • dlvog99 says:

    All of you people applauding Lynn don’t know the facts. First, there are two sides to this story and what sense does it make while she worked for a contracted company for an airline so maybe it was the airline’s call to allow the dog to fly or not (and the owner’s). TSA cleared the dog before Lynn even saw it, so we know tsa didn’t make a deal about it if they doubted the dog’s health. Second, I am against animal abuse and the dog was not abused – if you know how to read, you’ll see the dog was on a hunting trip. I know of so many dogs that go hunting and they are clearly fatigued. Third, it is ultimately up to the veterinarian if the animal was healthy enough to fly, not Lynn. She is not a vet and she blew it way out of proportion. Ask your employer what to do in that situation, if no luck, go to his boss. Find a source to have a vet examine the dog. Crying isnt going to do anything but give you attention. I find your “lynn law” hilarious, as if animal abuse awareness is something unheard ofin recent sources, the owner was investigated and no history of abuse was ever reported. The whole matter could have been handled without getting so many people involved. It not only embarrassed her airline, but she threw her company under the bus too! Now she is going to work there again?? I’m sorry, but everyone who does not know animal flying guidlines, has no room to argue against the vet papers. As for the sup, who knows if she really was fired on the spot or what happened. I just think this entire story was way out of line. An award for making a huge scene to get your job back is what I call it.

  • lisa says:

    Don’t really know what to say about this one, on one hand we need to say thankyou to Lynn for her standing up for this poor animal but what was it all for??? nothing actually because the dog was transported back to it orignal destination so basically back to its abuser knowing the dog was soo weak it couldnt even stand for an ex ray and even after animal control officers were appalled at the condition of the dog, typical America send it back not even looking into the history of the dog and why it is being shipped to Texas in such a terrible state, noone bothered to look into that and the reasons why, did anyone question the person it belonged to? asked them why this poor dog was in such a state in the first place?obvioulsy not so none of this actually helped to dog, if this had happened in the UK the dog would of been immediatly confiscated and sent somewhere safe what is wrong with your Country quite disgusting.

  • Melissa says:

    What an amazing woman! I love reading stories like these because it shows there is still a handful of selfless, kind people out there. Lynn defintly deserves the reward and the airport who fired her in the first place should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Angela says:

    She deserves the award. She is a model of compassion!

  • Joanne says:

    Lyn truly does deserve a reward. Especially in these tough economically challenging times to put her job on the line. BRAVO!!! Thank you too PETA. Does anyone know how to find out who the owner is? He deserves to have the dog removed from his “care” and all other animals too and be cited as well.

  • Kathleen says:

    This is a very nice gesture and im so glad that she did what she did, I wrote to PETA maybe a day ago with this story,(im sure they had already seen it) but It’s nice to see such fast action on the behalf of my favorite charity. I also think something needs to be done about the fact that this animal was sent back to his CRUEL disgusting “owner” we need stiffer laws and harsher penaltys for animal abusers–I have a neighbor who I am very suspicious of and I called the cops on them filed a report and frequently go over to there propery (without tresspassing)to take a few pictures and let them know that PEOPLE CARE AND THEY ARE BEING WATCHED. Silence helps only the abuser NOT the abused!!! get involved if you see something…..SPEAK UP!

  • Emily says:

    Fantastic!! If only everyone had lynns courage. The world would be a better place xx

  • Rev Leslie Ramsey says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This world is better because you are here to fight for those who can not fight for themselves. Namaste and Hugs!


    Lynn, for animal lovers everywhere, I would like to congratulate you. I want to tell you how brave you are, for standing up for what you believe in, and reaching out like you did. What you did shows selfless love. You are amazing, and I wish you nothing but great luck, in your future.