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Attack of the Killer Meat, Take 256

Written by PETA | August 28, 2008

Whoever said having just one hamburger can’t kill you obviously never considered the danger of microscopic spores—you know, those barely visible foreign pollutants that are all over animal products, even when cooked.

The latest attack of the killer meat has already killed at least six people in Ontario and has been blamed for two more illnesses. The culprit? Listeria bacteria, which apparently originated in meat products from a plant in Toronto … which just happens to be Canada’s largest meatpacker.

With the total number of known cases at 29—for now—and investigators looking into another nine deaths possibly caused by contraction of listeriosis, it’s understandable that eating meat is scary business. But recalling more than 220 meat products will not protect meat-eaters from contracting illnesses related to animal products.

That’s where we come in. Intending to roll out our brand-new “Eat Meat and Die” ad in Toronto, we want Canadians to know that you can go veg and live! The choice is simple—really. It’s senseless to put your body at risk over a hamburger or a bite of chicken thigh when you can have a veggie burger or a vegetarian “chicken” sandwich (sold in most KFCs in Canada) and avoid spending the night in the bathroom with stomach cramps—or worse, death. Check out our killer ad:


Eat Meat and Die


Repeat after me: Listeria, E. coli, campylobacter … if you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably not good for you. If you have meat in your fridge, the safest way to avoid contamination is to throw the whole fridge away with the meat still in it. We deserve a Nobel Prize or something. Really.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Mia says:

    I’m a new vegetarian and gladly so. It makes me happy to be one and know that no animal is dying on account of me. I’m not vegan but when I do buy eggs and milk I make sure it’s organic and not the kind that spends it’s life in a cage.

  • Daniel says:

    Are you people insane? All this goveg movement seems to me a puritan extremist sort of ideology with no real evidence whatsoever. You all think about it. We have eaten meat and everything else for thousands of years. Why are you trying to scare us so? This is ridiculous. All american style paranoid puritan movement. I woudlnt be surprised of finding some corporate interests behind. Of course not.

  • lynda downie says:

    And cheese! Big cheese recall in Quebec at the same time salmonella outbreak.

  • Nathalie says:

    TO SAMANTHA Sorry all for my being a little redundant I meant to reply to Samantha’s questions not “superstar” like previously posted! I’m near Ottawa on the Quebec side. Yves’ Veggie cuisine distribute their products all over our country Canada and in the states as well. I’m sure they would be delighted to assist you in finding a store that carries their yummy delis! Their canadian website is You can call them at 18004344246 8am4pm PST Pretty much every supermarket carries Yves’ goodies. Look for them next to the Tofu section in the veggie or organicvegetarian product specialty aisle. They are refrigerated products. Loeb Loblaws should carry Yves’ products they do in Ottawa and I know they used to a few years ago in Toronto. Any major chain grocery store will carry Yves’ for sure even if you are not right in Toronto. I hope this helps and wish you Bon appetit! Nathalie

  • Unknown says:

    Hey PETA The campaign must of sounded like a death threst as if you would kill somebody just by eating a steak. Which in your opinion is cruel.

  • Laura says:

    Perhaps it is just bad karma for the meat industry. Cows pigs chickens turkeys horsesyes horses are brutally slaughtered everyday to supply a “convenience” food to humans. I have always believed that someday humans will pay for the pain and suffering we inflict on other creatures. Perhaps this is one way of “payback” and making people change their eating habits. I am in Canada and most people don’t know that perfectly fit beautiful horses are slaughtered to send horse meat to Europe and Japan. People need to start educating themselves on what really goes on in slaughterhouses. You are what you eat. Who wants to ingest pain and suffering from an innocent animal? I have been vegetarian for 11 years and am perfectly healthy.I refuse to participate in the daily pain and suffering that slaughterhouses inflict upon innocent animals. Go Vegetarian!

  • Michele says:

    This unfortunate situation has nevertheless been a great way to talk to my fellow Canadians about the dangers of eating meat. Of course they always ask “but what about contaminated spinach?” at which point I tell them that the contamination of vegetables is almost always from an animal source such as a cattle ranch.

  • Nathalie says:

    Hey SUPERSTAR1995 I’m near Ottawa on the Quebec side. Yves’ Veggie cuisine distribute their products all over our country Canada and in the states as well. I’m sure they would be delighted to assist you in finding a store that carries their yummy delis! Their canadian website is You can call them at 18004344246 8am4pm PST Pretty much every supermarket carries Yves’ goodies. Look for them next to the Tofu section in the veggie or organicvegetarian product specialty aisle. They are refrigerated products. Loeb Loblaws should carry Yves’ products they do in Ottawa and I know they used to a few years ago in Toronto. Any major chain grocery store will carry Yves’ for sure even if you are not right in Toronto. I hope this helps and wish you Bon appetit! Nathalie

  • Stewart Millar says:

    Listen Brother and Sisters of the animal world wake up. Maple Leaf kill 12 people with acts and regulations in place. The Minister of Agriculture promised acts and regulations for our pets food but that won’t be happenning now with the lack of inspection with human food Get on board

  • Hannah says:

    Along with all the bacterial problems with meat there is an even scarieralthough rare illness mad cow diesese the five minutes it takes to eat a burger is not worth the life time of suffering or death meat can bring.

  • Samantha says:

    I have been hearing a lot about this as well living in Ontario near Toronto. Luckily me and my boyfriend are safe!our meals are always cruelty free My mom works for the company at another division and I am secretly hoping her plant gets shut down too I hate her working in a meat plant! And to Nathalie I went to the Yves website and they have some great looking products I have been looking for a good supplier of meat alternatives. What province are you in I can never find anything like that. My local stores have nothing but a few meatless burgers and we would like some variety.

  • superstar1995 says:

    heheheh being vegetarian is awesome

  • nicole says:

    dear 4 streegrrl you live in a dream world if you think that everyone can grow and store their own food!!! that is why i only eat vegetarian… there is a lot less of a chance of catching something from these than meat.. and by the way you cant get mad cow from veggies. i live in mt isa in queensland australia and this is a massive mining town and the lead in the ground is nuts!! we live here for the money and there is no way i would grow anything coz they recommend that we don’t play in the dirt. what is the real statistics of illnesses from meat vs illnesses from veggies? does anyone know?

  • ilovemeat says:

    A few people got sick from eating meat. Ok. What about all of the e. coli outbrakes in veggies? Nobody is saying to quit eating veggies because of an outbreak.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    The Canadian Press recently reported a newsbite “Consumers have nothing to fear as Ottawa begins making meatpacking companies responsible for some parts of the food inspection system and considers reducing tests for Mad Cow Disease the president of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association says.” Also the Canadian government just had to backpedal on their claim that meat inspectors spend 50 of their time in the plant and 50 on paperwork. The inspectors refuted that claim stating they spend only 25 of their time in the plant safeguarding Canadian meat.

  • Antoine says:

    Becky. Yes veggies can be contaminated but by what? while meat PRODUCES ecoli salmonella and listeria camphylobacter etc…vegetables are only CONTAMINATED by these bacteria if they are stored in a grocery storage fridge with raw chicken on top of them or if ecoli ridden manure is poured on top of them. the spinach and carrots that were contaminated with ecoli were contaminated because they were covered with manure from factory farms vegetables don’t produce ecoli salmonella camphylobacter or listeria. If ecoli is coming from jalapeo peppers it’s because animal products were put on the peppers either in the growing of them or in transit or in the grocery store’s back room. so it isn’t coming FROM the jalapeo it is coming from the MEAT and manure and carried by the jalapeo. You can wash your jalapeo well and it will be safe but no amount of washing will remove the bacteria from your meat. meat is rotting flesh and anyone who has watched even one episode of CSI knows that as soon as a body dies it starts rotting RIGHT AWAY. And the meats on the grocery store shelves are from animals that have been dead more than a week!

  • 4streegrrl says:

    I am a vegetarian for 18 years now and would like to echo Becky’s comment Listeria and salmonella and botulism and E. Coli and all those pathogens are NOT just found on meat and animals products. The last major Listeria outbreak in Canada was during the early 80’s was found on cabbage in Nova Scotia. 41 people became ill from eating a vegetable. A few years ago an organic artisan cheese maker on Vancouver Island had some of its products contaminated with Listeria. Organic and nonorganic spinach was pulled for weeks after the E. Coli scare. Heck I never eat basic bean or grain sprouts because they are highly susceptible to Salmonella because the warm moist sprouting conditions are perfect for pathogen growth. Yves veggie meat analogues are just as susceptible as regular meat they are produced in a factory environment where if sanitation is not done correctly a bit of moisture the right temperature and a nice nutritional medium like a slice of Yves fake pepperoni will create the perfect conditions for bacteria to grown. Vegetarians and vegans are delusional if they believe that they are NOT immune from the ill effects of foodborne pathogens. Food handling and santitation is the bigger issue and it doesn’t matter if it is huge centralised food processor a small local independent company or your own refrigerator. Pathogens are a natural part of the environment and it is impossible to isolate yourself from them you can only minimise your exposure. Eat no processed food grow your own and washstorecook everything as recommended that is the only way to keep the risk of food illness to a minimum.

  • D says:

    To Rex’s Mom “Food health experts say the germ can be spread a multitude of ways by manure by contaminated irrigation water by farmhands relieving themselves in the field by inadequate washing by processors by insufficient refrigeration that promotes the growth of bacteria in sealed bags of salad greens.” The article is here httpwww.cbsnews.comstories20060919healthmain2020591.shtml Veggies become contaminated from both manure and poisoned water both of which are byproducts of the factory farming meat industry thanks to some dumping waste in the water or nearby water sources. So if vegetables become contaminated its not at all a long shot to guess that some kind of humanfarmed animal product had an affect on it. Dump a bunch of foreign antibiotics in an animal to make it fatter give it unhealthy unnatural food to make it fatter and stress it out a significant amount by denying its natural instincts therefore increasing the risk of illness and you have a creature that can easily catch e.coli. Dump its manure in the water or on farmland and you have plants with weaker immune systems that can easily catch e.coli. I’m just sayin’

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I am not a vegetarian but I rarely eat meat. However you are saying how deadly meat is but what about the contaminated spinach from last year and the supposedly contaminated tomatoes from just recently? But now they are saying that the ecoli may have come from jalapeno peppers. So it isn’t only meat that can become contaminated veggies can too!

  • becky says:

    ouch. that is not a happy story. hopefully the ad will hit home for a few meateaters. maria i’m pretty sure leatherlook means fake. i’m not sure about the rest of the world but in england we have a symbol on all leather products to identify it as ‘authentic’ and if an item shoes belts whatever doesn’t have it then you can rest assured its plastic or similar. i can’t really describe the symbol but you could google image search for it and while you’re on google type in ‘vegetarian shoes’ there are some great online retailers for immitation leather. anyway sorry if that’s information overload .

  • Nathalie says:

    Hey PeTA Nathalie from Canada here!!! ALL THE NEWS COVERAGE I see pertaining to the listeria outbreak DISCUSSES MOTHER’S STRUGGLING TO MAKE INTERESTING LUNCHES FOR THEIR KIDS AS THEY ARE RETURNING TO SCHOOL. It seems to me they all say the same thing “there isn’t much option for lunch making and sandwiches on the market anymore the choices are slim”. Mothers are CLUELESS AS WHAT TO PACK in their kids lunches WHEN THEY HAVE TO SKIP THE MEAT. IT’S LIKE THEY’VE NEVER HEARD OF FABOULUS YVES VEGGIE CUISINE CANADIAN PRODUCTS!!! Yves’ faux deli slices could allow parents to continue to feed their kids the “usual” lunch box sandwiches minus the human and animal threats deaths that comes with eating meat! It’s just as quick definitely healthier and so much more nutritious. Plus the switch would go unnoticed to the kids because Yves products taste so great. People simply don’t seem to know there are readily available alternatives out there which allows them to continue eating like they used to. So having said all that… HOW ABOUT ENDORSING YVES VEGGIE CUISINE’S PRODUCTS IN AN AD. How about the entire add being a mouth watering picture of a lunch box and a sandwich made with Yves’ SAFE AND ALL CANADIAN deli substitute!!! I mean I love the “Eat meat and die” ad but PEOPLE THESE DAYS WANT AND NEED AN IMMEDIATE ANSWER TO THEIR DILEMMAS. Tell them what to eat right on the ad. LET’S FACE IT MOTHERS’ UNFORTUNATELY DON’T EXPECT FINDING HELPFUL LUNCH MAKING TIPS ON PeTA’S WEBSITES. Most people think PeTA is only about animals and they are right… they don’t realize that PeTA is just as well about helping compassionate human animals!!! Love you PeTA… …even though I strongly disagree with your endorsement of OvocontrolP pigeon pill something for which the pharmaceutical companies must love you for promoting!!! PiCAS approach is a much more humane cheaper and readily available alternative to pigeon population control!

  • Courtney says:

    Yep I just saw the commercial the other day with their CEO apologizing “sincerely” about this…I didn’t know what was happening until I picked up the paper. HA! It’s obviously tragic that people have died there is no denying that. But people need to WAKE UP…I am vegan but if people are going to put that shit in their mouths at least go to a local butcher where you know the animals had a decent life before “dying”…I prefer slaughter anyways and you know whats in your food. You buy that garbage and your asking to get sick.

  • Jason says:

    Yes! Amazing ad!!!!

  • Lola says:

    I am a Canadian and I approve of this advertisement I keep telling my coworkers “This is why you shouldn’t eat meat!” I’m going to put the banner on my facebook.

  • Maria says:

    The sad part is that in the cnn world the story either will never make the news or it will be twisted to make it seem that the meat isnt what went wrong i.e. every station is run by meat companies or fast food. Off subject for those reading my comment I need help finding vegie shoes I dont know the difference between ” leatherlook?” and other wordings for shoes is “leatherlook faux leather? I need cheap shoes but also dont want nasty cheap leather i dont want to walk with cow on my feet!!