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Atlanta Falcon Charged With Cruelty to Animals

Written by PETA | February 23, 2007

Jonathan Babineaux, defensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons, is facing felony charges in Gwinnett County Court, stemming from his alleged February 18 fatal attack on a dog. Evidently, after arguing with his girlfriend, the 286 pound lineman inflicted blunt force trauma on her dog, Kilo. According to news sources, Kilo vomited blood en route to an emergency vet clinic, and was pronounced dead there.

We’re calling on the Falcons to suspend Babineaux without pay until the courts can do their thing, and if he is found guilty we have asked the Falcons to release him from the team. But as if this case isn’t disturbing enough, there have been repeated instances of animal abuse by NFL players in the past. In December, six pit bulls belonging to the Chicago Bears’ Tank Johnson were said to have been the subject of public and official concern in Illinois. Leshon Johnson, who played running back for three NFL teams, faced felony charges with 21 others in 2004 stemming from their alleged involvement in a massive dogfighting ring. Former Eagles’ safety Damon Moore was accused in 2001 of abandoning his puppy in a soccer field in New Jersey, and former Eagles’ running back Thomas Hamner was twice convicted of beating his dog.

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Given the seeming pattern of abuse here, we’ve also written to Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, asking him to implement a strict, clear no-tolerance policy on players’ abuse of animals. Surely this issue deserves as much attention from the league as any other illegal or violent player activity, which he swore to crack down on in a recent press conference.

At least there are some NFL players who get it. Check out Giants lineman Michael Strahan’s ad here.

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  • Kondra says:

    Now that the Babineaux charges have been dropped will you apologize for making those accusations that you made against him before knowing the facts. I really want to support PETA because I think the organization is beneficial but it seems as if you choose what athletes you go after. What about those athletes that hunt for sport and not for survival. I’ve never seen Brett Favre ridiculed for hunting and he talks about all the time. Is it a double standard?

  • chris says:

    Get your facts right before posting! It was pure self defense. The dog that attacked Barbaneux was on prozac and had a history of violence. You and PETA owe him an apology. But you wont because you are in denial.

  • anthony de souza says:

    Take the Millions away from Michael Vick. Pet owners can take him to “civil” court and sue him for cruelty to animals. If it is possible to trace any of the previous owners of one of the tortured dogs you have enormous traction in a civil suit. Class Action options are also available. He should be sued for the 100 million he has coming to him. If any dogs were acquired through city pounds then the city may also file suit. Please puruse this. Anthony de Souza

  • Donna says:

    execution would be a good way to curb such destructive behavior.

  • Cheryl Evans says:

    We should definitely have more harsh consequences for the cruelty and neglect of any and all animals. But share with me how does not watching the Atlanta Falcons have to do with punishing people for these acts.

  • Michelle says:

    286 pound football players beating animals now how pathetic is that. They have more money than they do sense. I guess they think that beating animals will raise their self esteem and make them look tough.But actually it proves what wusses they really are.

  • AMK says:

    Wow I feel terrible for those dogs. Those guys are strong. It breaks my heart to imagine anyone getting beaten to death. That takes ALOT of beating!

  • Barbara Ryan says:

    I wish there were harsher consequences for people who abuse animals. Babineaux is one of the lowest forms that a human being can sink to. What kind of person can do that sort of thing? Flogging would be too good for him. Unfortunately Babineaux isn’t the only one doing these horrible things to animals. He just happens to be a socalled celebrity that makes news. I won’t be watching any Falcon’s games any time soon.

  • Nancy says:

    And kudos to Michael Strahan for showing his colleagues how to be a man. Here’s hoping it sinks in one day. Soon.

  • Nancy says:

    So these Neanderthals are celebrated in our society why exactly? Sorry but is it any wonder that people whose careers depend on their aggressive behavior can’t keep it on the field? That ad says it all. People who abuse animals rarely stop there because no one stops them. And if this isn’t domestic violence I don’t know what is.