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April Fools’ Round-Up: PETA Edition

Written by PETA | April 2, 2010

laughing dragon

April Fool us once, shame on you. April Fool us twice, shame on us. April Fool us thrice, and, well, we’ve totally got a list in the works! This year, PETA’s been the object of April Fools’ pranks galore, and now, in honor of our own rat-rabbit hybrid hoax, we’re counting down our five favorite fools-on-us:

  1. PETA joins forces with the WWF to battle tooth lice—hey, it’s a “worldwide oral hygiene crisis“!
  2. We don’t care whether you call them slankets, snuggies, or snuggles—though our favorite is of course our own snuggle blanket—but if anyone started using fur to make wearable blankets, we’d be campaigning against it faster than Liz Lemon fell in love with her slanket.
  1. Sure, “sexpert” Sue Johanson’s claim that “Vegetarians—vegans who only eat fruits and vegetables—their ejaculate is sweet and nut-like, whereas males who eat meat, their ejaculate tastes bitter, like burnt leather,” is a few years old, but that didn’t stop the folks at SuperVegan from turning the classic clip into an April Fools’ joke that had me thinking that the American Meat Institute really was serving Johanson with a lawsuit and that PETA Vice President Dan Mathews was leaping to her defense.
  2. True: Glenn Beck admires PETA for our consistency and steadfastness. False: Glenn Beck has actually joined PETA—though we would totally welcome him with open arms!
  3. Thought rat-rabbit hybrids would’ve caused an epidemic of cuteness around the country? Well, folks, here’s the not-so-cute side of April Fools’-related genetic engineering: cows who bite back! Grass- and blood-fed cattle? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Tell us: What was your favorite PETA-themed April Fools’ prank?

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Jackie says:

    Are you sure they’re not the CAVITIANS OF CAVITY 9?! It’s a episode of the Anime Sgt. Frog. They sell it in a English version from Funimation but that isn’t the one someone put up on YouTube. Remember kids take care of your teeth or else you’ll have a frog driving a tank on your tongue!

  • andi says:

    With a friend like Glenn Beck who needs enemies? Steer real clear of this turncoat Fox News shill who recently deliberately inferred that Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd was a dangerous domestic terrorist! see both Youtube and SS’s website for details Beck has a history of acting like he’s buddies with someone then insidiously making sure he smears them by painting their supporters as “lunatics.” And I’m sure that’s what he and FOX has in mind with PETA…

  • Stephanie says:

    number 3! lmao.