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‘The Apprentice’ Goes Vegetarian

Written by PETA | August 31, 2010

Darn my dyslexia! Make that: A vegetarian is going to appear on NBC’s The Apprentice. Brainy Brandy Kuentzel went from corporate law to cupcakes—and now the vegetarian animal rights supporter is ready to vie for the top spot next to Donald Trump.

Will The Donald comb over Brandy’s animal-friendly views in the boardroom? Will Brandy convince him to tell his own Trump Steaks, “You’re fired”? Answers are coming soon: The new season starts September 16.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Saucy says:

    On the flip side Sam you did get me thinking about a….BRANDY..SAUCE! Hallelujah! Normally I would mix a vegenaise mustard sauce for dipping my gardien fake steak which also works well with veggies or an already prepared vegan BBQ sauce by Annie. But mmm??? A vegan creamy brandy sauce. A casserole maybe with noodles baked with gardein fake steak bits and vegetables. Very Very Rich……how very very appropriate.

  • Saucy says:

    Sam I AM SAUCY!!!!!!!!! ………not Brandy……… Saucy PREACHES…….that what she does……… And who the heck are you anyway? Do you even live in NY? You’re probably one of those knuckleheads seriously confused individuals that thinks you can soak a piece a meat in salt for 24 hours and it absolves the blood……….and the sin. WRONG! On both accounts. Any criminal worth his “salt” pardon the expression will tell you that. You can soak that meat till the sun don’t shine and it still ain’t gettin the blood out. You can soak it in bleach if you want too and that blood’s not going anywhere but your belly. NO BLOOD MEANS NO BLOOD. Period!……….Leviticus And what makes you think Donald Trump doesn’t want to be preached to? Any man with that much ambition is surely LOOKING FOR GOD. Contrary to the religiously confused MOSES WAS NOT BIPOLAR. Somebody Lied. I Know I Know an unheard of gesture when Billions of Dollars are at stake. Stake Donald not steaks!

  • Shannon Martel says:

    I think Mr. Trump is smart enough to listen to both sides and make up his own mind.Even if he doesn’t go vegetarian or vegan maybe he can start by buying from animal friendly farms and buy organic and free range animals that are killed mercifully. That would be a great start and Mr. Trump is not an idiot.At least I hope so.

  • Sam says:

    I would advise this young woman to NOT preach to Trump about the morals of going vegan unless it’s part of their assignment or until she wins. Trump is a nononsense guy and I don’t want her to be eliminated for preaching to him.

  • Saucy says:

    Donald Trump is probably a pretty good bet for a vegan transformation. He’s smart he’s practical and he’s no snob. One thing I always liked about Donald Trump is he never turns people away from his establishments because of their dress. The Oak Room the Rose Room the bar at Columbus Circle. If you’ve got twenty dollars for a glass of champagne you’re getting served. It doesn’t matter how you’re dressed. I always thought that was smart of him and I’m certain he knows a growing market when he sees one. I think deep down he is a very caring and thoughtful person. He’s made some very smart calls. Though probably like most he doesn’t know the real “horror show” that is animals farmed for their flesh and skin. The devil keeps himself wellhidden and the Church sure isn’t telling him it’s an unpardonable sin to consume the blood of beasts for fear they might offend him. But the real offense is to God. Creator of Heaven and Earth. Think about it Donald. Look at it Donald. Do you really believe Moses was a man of two minds? Do you really believe there is no room for error when a man Moses is writing supposedly about another man Noah sixteen hundred years after the death of Noah……that took place on boat. Surely Donald God has shown you much Goodness. Enough to impart to you the Wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong. Good from Evil. God from the devil. Life from death.